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    Judging by the epic line a couple nights after opening, Pieology is clearly filling a need for customizable foods. Like Chipotle or a host of sandwich shops, they do pizza exactly how you want it...and for cheap.

    The line I mentioned moved fast and the staff was totally on point. Despite an indecisive crowd shouting out ingredients, they kept big smiles on their faces while manning a complex assembly line near a hot stove. The real selling point is that the price is the same for a special or customizable pizza (around 8 bucks) with as many ingredients on it as you like. I made a version of a personal supreme with artichoke hearts and jalepenos and it was as tasty as anything you'd wait 20 minutes for at a sit-down competitor. We also ordered up some cinnamon bread which is basically plain pizza dough with cinnamon and sugar on top. It was also mighty tasty.

    Despite the hoards, the place was clean and employees even came to our table and asked if we needed anything. The enthusiasm for customer service may dip after the new gloss wears off, but for now Pieology is a welcome choice for all pizza lovers. Especially if they stay open late.

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    You get what you pay for. Megabus is a reliable, cheap and relatively safe way to back and forth. With that said, it's also a public bus and, depending on when you decide to ride or your luck, comes with some of negatives associated with that transportation.

    I've used the service a couple times now. As far as getting me from point A to point B in comfort and safety, they do the job. The bus itself is in pretty good shape and the seating is comfortable with enough leg room for a big guy like me to sit down without scraping his knees against the seat in front of him.

    Megabus's biggest fault is their patrons, and you can't really blame them for that.   When I rode down for a Giants game, the passengers were a mixture of excited but polite fans and people who were already drunk at 9 am. I rode down again on a Sunday afternoon and spent most of the time trying to drown out the very loud conversation behind me. These are the downsides in the territory of "public transportation."

    The price of a ride (sometimes as cheap as a couple bucks) is really what keeps enticing me back. Megabus does cheap good.

  • $$ Bar
    39 New Montgomery St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
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    House of Shields rivals any SoMa bar in drink quality and overall atmosphere. Between the high shelves behind the bar, the mixology skills of the bartenders and the colorful mix of business casual and just plain crazy patrons, it's hard not to have a good time here.

    Slink to the back and you'll find a second level that is usually dark and barely occupied on weekdays. I like to come up here and people-watch, although I know that sounds kind of creepy. It can get loud downstairs so this perch is better for small groups and conversations.

    A shout out as well to the bartenders. Good attitudes are contagious and on my multiple visits I've always seen smiles from these guys. Keep up the good vibes and drink-slinging and I'll keep spreading the word.

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    In a head-to-head match up between Nugget and Whole Foods, I would choose Nugget for price and Whole Foods would edge out on selection and deli offerings. Really, they are both at the pinnacle of luxury grocery shopping. It's hard to return to Safeway after a visit here.

    I love this particular Nugget because it's rarely crowded and it's always well stocked. Never can I not find what I'm looking for, never is there not someone close by to help me, and never am I looking at labels and thinking items are overpriced. For those who think Nugget is a pricier store, it's because of the selection of goods they carry, not because the same products you can find at Save Mart or Whole Foods are pricier here.

    I tried their deli for the first time and was disappointed in my chicken meatball sandwich. Between the bread, the skimpy amount of sauce and the meatballs, it was very dry. Still, the service was friendly and the selection, while not quite that of Whole Foods, was enough for me to be satisfied.

  • 6510 Antelope Rd
    Citrus Heights, CA 95621
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    Stones is brand new on the scene and, in this casual gambler's opinion, one of the best gaming spots in Sactown. Why? They've got the trifecta that keeps me coming back for more: plenty of tables with low minimums, a sleek, modern and most importantly clean facility and friendly dealers. It brings out my inner Rat Pack. I have to resist the temptation to walk in with a tilted Fedora on my head, snapping my fingers and tossing chips and winks to strangers.

    Pair the gaming floor with Sammy's and you've got yourself a wonderful evening in Citrus Heights. Watch out, Lady Luck!

  • 1510 16th St
    Sacramento, CA 95814
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    14.11.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    I was enticed back against my better judgement because of their Tuesday flight specials and I wish I hadn't returned. Once again, this University earns an F grade in my books.

    We walked in around 6 pm and there was a birthday celebration going on. It was crowded but not unusually so. We sat at the bar waiting for a bartender to serve us. Never happened. Almost ten minutes later, while sitting directly in front of the register and without so much as eye contact from a bartender, we left. The first time I cam I chalked up the bad service to them recently opening. Many months later, the servers still looked befuddled and overwhelmed.

    My recommendation? Check out a cozy little bar called Karma Brew with some fantastic beers on tap and an even more fantastic staff. It's right next door.

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    Unfortunately, 100 beers on tap does not make a successful watering hole. If this were a real… Weiterlesen
  • 323 Geary St
    San Francisco, CA 94101
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    You're not going to find a better place to capture the essence of downtown San Francisco than Union Square. Besides plenty of tourists, you'll see plenty of quirky locals, performances, impromptu speeches, protests, parades, tours and anything else you can think of. It's the ultimate place to people watch. All you have to do is take a seat, sit back and enjoy.

    Since I was a tiny kid, I've always loved coming here. It's a historic central hub, a bustling centerpiece to the vibrant city around it. There is always LIFE happening here. Spend a couple hours here on any given day and you'll witness so many of the people that make the city by the bay so great.

    Besides the human element, there is also plenty of architecture to admire. The Westin St. Francis, one of the most beautiful hotels on the west coast, is on the west end.

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    Lucca is a quality option on the sorely lacking Sacramento Italian dining scene. If it weren't for some extremely slow service, I'd have more to recommend.

    I made a return visit for dinner recently and at first I wondered why it had taken so damn long to give them another try. We sat out on their lovely and spacious patio, the late summer sun peeking through the ivy, and proceeded to salivate over the many menu options.

    Unfortunately, that was the peak of our experience. After swiftly receiving a heaping plate of fried zucchini chips as an appetizer (wonderful, by the way) and getting a detailed rundown on the specials from our enthusiastic waiter, we waited to place our order. A good 15 minutes later we put in our order and let him know we had a show to attend after. Almost 30 minutes later, and after having considerable difficulty getting him to pay us any attention, we reminded him of our deadline and asked where the food was. He looked flustered. The food came, but the dining experience had to be rushed. On a bright note, the chicken piccata was delicious.  

    Maybe they were understaffed. Maybe he was overwhelmed by the dinner crowd. Whatever the case, it's an issue you should never see in a supposedly higher end restaurant. Fix the service and delays and you'll have me back more often.

  • 2005 Town Center Plz
    West Sacramento, CA 95691
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I'm a little shocked to be giving any bog box store a four-star rating, but this Target is probably the best of the three I've visited in Sacramento.

    Why? Compared to Broadway and the one off 65th, they always seem to be cleaner and better stocked. No floors strewn with clothing and other goods when there is no holiday on the horizon to justify such madness. There seem to be enough employees on shift where I can actually find someone when I have a question, too.

    They also have a nice big accessible parking lot with ample spaces, which already adds a star for me. The downtown lot has plenty of space but crazy, clueless drivers and the 65th lot has few spaces and a nonsensical lay out for main road access.

    You're not going to see a lot of difference when it comes to our local Target selection, but if you have a choice during the holiday rush, I recommend this one over the others!

  • 1820 29th St
    Sacramento, CA 95816
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I'm someone who avoids gluten-free anything on the assumption that it automatically won't be as tasty as something with more fat and dairy. Well, Pushkin's blew right through my prejudices and introduced me to another world of pastries.

    Don't get me wrong. My preference is still baked good made with ingredients like butter and eggs and, well, gluten, but if I had to live without those things (and many people do) I would be perfectly satisfied subsisting on what Pushkin's has to offer. Anything on their cookie shelf rivals what you'll find at more traditional bakeries. I just tried the banana walnut bread for the first time. For $3.75, I got a healthy-sized mini-loaf packed full of spices and sweetness, with that perfect "tear apart" texture. It was all I could do not to sit creepily in front of the store and eat it like a ravenous animal.

    As an added bonus, the lovely ladies who work the joint are always nice as spice.  They add an extra warmth to this warm little shop.

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