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    Great, good food.  I came here on opening day and I tried
    the "Signature Bowl".  The dish 'popped' with taste.  I'm a sucker
    for a good sesame dressing and in my humble opinion,
    they really nailed it.  The braised beef was very tender and
    it complimented the kimchi and baby bok choy nicely.  Price was pretty affordable as well...only a 8.50.  All-in-all, i would recommend.

  • 75 Christopher St
    New York, NY 10014
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    this is definitely a no frills place...let me summarize:
    1) its in the basement (you'd completely miss the entrance except for a small white 'fat cat' sign.
    2) the time i went i listened to a 15 pc jazz band
    3) there are at least 10 ping pong tables, 10 pool tables, 2-3 shuffle board, 2-3 foosball tables....and probably some other games that i missed.
    4) my first reaction when seeing the size of the place was, why haven't i heard of this place before?
    5) anyway, its worth checking out.  fun times, no frills.

  • 247 W 42nd St
    New York, NY 10036
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    18.9.2009 about to let you in on an amazing secret, but first let me review this movie theater...its big and its on 42nd street, so it gets 4 stars.  ok now for the secret.   the next time you go to a movie try the following recipe with your popcorn

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    1 Package Sapporo Ichiban - Chicken Flavor (green package)
    1 Large/Medium Popcorn (lots of butter, but NO salt)

    Instructions: crush up the dried noodles in the package
    before entering the movie theater (so people don't
    think you're crazy).  crush up the noodles well.  take
    half of the flavor packet and sprinkle it to the noodles.
    (if you want salty, then apply the whole flavor packet).
    mix up well.  next dump the contents onto the buttered
    popcorn and enjoy.  i guarantee that the taste will
    be quite addicting!  
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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    NYC is a hard act to follow...

    The local economy has...
    1) a dozen universities
    2) world class tourism
    3) finance capital of the world (arguably)
    4) top legal, advertising, entertainment, finance companies
    5) growing technology industry
    6) film, entertainment, broadway etc
    7) restaurant capital of the world

    and culturally we've got
    1) the best museums
    2) most diverse groups of all ethnicities from around the globe
    3) world class music, comedy, opera, live shows etc
    4) tolerance for all opinions and lifestyles (for the most part)
    5) a long, incredible history

    I'd challenge anyone to name a single place on earth that comes close to nyc.

  • 153 2nd Ave
    New York, NY 10003
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    i'm not too much of a ice cream or yogurt person, and i've only been in to 16 handles 2/3 times because of my wife insatiable craving for sweets.  i suppose as far a yogurt and toppings are concerned this place has it all.  the "16 handles" are literally 16 types of yogurt flavors and the toppings are pretty diverse, but what you would expect (almonds, orioles, assorted fruits etc.)  i think what makes 16 handles a bit different from say a pink berry or red mango is the self service set-up.  after all, 16 handles charges by the lb so portion control is out the window.

  • 808 Columbus Ave
    New York, NY 10025
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    i'm actually a bit surprised that no one has rated this huge new whole foods market on 97th and columbus avenue!  the only reason i know about this store is because its on my jogging path on the way to central park.  today, labor day, i finally decided to take a peak into the store after my run.  it is a fully functioning, fully stocked whole foods grocery store.  i was a bit of a snob and didn't at first like its location on 97th and columbus, since parts of the neighborhood are sketchy, but it was crowded everyone seemed to be having a great time, as whole food shoppers tend to do.  i plan on going back for a bit of shopping or a bite to eat

  • 901 Ave Of The Americas
    New York, NY 10001
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    i shopped at this particular jc penny on their opening day and i did notice really good service.  i don't know that they'll be able to continue this level of energy every day but i did find that the store had lots of good deals and a wide assortment of jc penny stuff.  if i'm in the area, i'd go back

  • 3 Times Square
    New York, NY 10036
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    i've stopped into sketchers a few times, but today was the first time i decided to buy a pair of shoes.  i don't really know how to rate a shoe store as i normally only rate restaurants.  the shoes that i got were nice and the service at the store was as you would expect in a busy store on 42nd street in the middle of times square.  the prices, surprisingly, weren't over inflated.

  • 220 W 42nd St
    New York, NY 10036
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    i have nothing against mcdonalds and having read the business biography of the business itself i'm actually quite a fan of their overall history.  however, if you open a mcdonalds on 42nd street that can seat 250 people at least, couldn't you have made a men's restroom with more that one toilet.... i mean please, who wants to wait in line for 45 minutes?

  • 20 Elizabeth St
    New York, NY 10013
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    first let me say that this place is sooooooo busy that it hardly matters what reviewers on yelp write.... the place seats probably around 300 comfortably.  if i had to guess, i would say on a busy day they probably generate between 40-70K...that is extremely impressive!  i'm really not a big fan of dim sum since because the food tends to be too exotic and greasy for my palette.  i appear to be in the minority considering how busy this place was.  we had several types of shrimp dumplings, chicken feet, shark fin dumplings, some kind of intestine soup, a taro hash brown, some great little desserts and a fried tofu get the picture.  service was great and prices very reasonable.  Overall, i'd say its definitely worth the experience.  i'm probably a once every 3 year customer.

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