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  • 609 Mount Pleasant Road
    Toronto, ON M4S 1P1
    4.0 Sterne

    The name is very cute just like the store!!

    I had an appointment at 1. I reached a couple mins after. There were two people working there and was asked to wait I didn't mind. There is a funny smell in the store but didn't seem to linger too long. They have a wall with stuff they sell and their promotions and what not. To sum up their look...vintage.

    So I bought the deal that they had going on and decided to try out shellac. Walking down on mt pleasant I was surprised to see how many spas there were. It's insane!!

    My actual experience was great! I actually really enjoyed it! (mind you I have an easier time talking to a random rather than a stranger I'm spending time with) After a while Alex(the one helping me) and I started talking and it was very real and she was great!

    Since I'm not so much into getting nails done I don't know when I will find myself going back but if I was I would definitely find myself making my next appointment!

    Also I LOVE shellac :)

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    So in reality you will walk by this place....even though you are looking for I know I did...even after I had been inside. It's right beside izakaya.
    This pace has multiple names. One stop seat/stop and seat/ tea shop

    So now the real review. The food is AMAZING!!!  
    Everything I've tried there my stomach has been very pleased. My favourite is the spicy chicken.  It's a meal it's self. It comes with well the spicy chicken, rice, green beans(best beans I've ever eaten) and tofu. The portions are huge and food doesn't taste like its the same sauce with different meat.

    They have a HUGE selection in bubble teas though I have a particular one that I always order, mango slushi with tapioca, year around. Note to anyone out there who likes slushi it's under the ice part of the bubble tea menu. (Had an issue the first time I went)

    The servers are very nice I feel like she knows the boyfriend and I by face. But sometimes there is the English barrier.

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    I'm not stingy with my stars I swear!

    So why two you ask?
    Well my good friend... because I feel like a restaurant should excel in all parts esp if its catering to as many people as Lin Garden does... and simply doesn't.

    I feel sorry for you if you are going/went for  sit down meal there, honestly one of the worst things you can do! I have done it a few times and I have definitely learned the hard way.

    But their food is pretty good I really LOVE the Chilli Chicken along with every person out there.

  • 3034 Don Mills Road
    Toronto, ON M2J 3C1
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    LOVE the poutine!!!!
    Yes I know the place looks kinda sketchy but the food is great! The service isnt too bad either and the prices are decent.

    Tip: small poutine is more than enough for one person.

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    Buttered Squid!

    Best Thing I've EVER Eaten...I think..

    Honestly I'm not even kidding I just simply am in love with it!
    I got introduced to it when I was pretty drunk and it tasted amazing that time i felt that the service was very fast!
    We went there again  and it still tasted AMAZING!
    And the service was still fast when I was sober :P
    We tried a few other things and many are still on the list to try out.
    My friend really liked the salmon wara yaki..I really didnt like that..
    I really want to try the unagi kaba yaki but they never have it :(

    I have come to the decision that I no longer want to share my buttered squid even with YOU!!!

  • 20 Carlton Street
    Toronto, ON M5B 2H5
    5.0 Sterne

    LOVE this downtown gem!!!
    I have been here a few times since the summer(that's when I discovered it). Tuesday is $5, you can never go wrong with that price!!

    It has a cute lounge/waiting area with benches and a piano where you can usually find someone [playing amazing music on it.

    The theaters are small and cozy that are not crowded. The movie selection is at par with cineplex and others.

    People that work there are really nice and the concession is cheap too!!
    Also being in downtown is a great is perfect

    Can you tell I'm in love with this place?

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    So everyone screams when someone walks in and when someone it bad that the thing that sets the place apart I found too loud. I swear im not old but for me it was too much going on.  Food was really great and looked cute too(always a plus). The place gets really crowded so expect to wait. We ended up sitting at the bar and it was nice. My friend loved everything that was going on so I guess it's hit and miss? The drinks are cute!!!!

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    I'm surprised no one has reviewed this place before!!

    I went there for a semester about three years ago and absolutely loved it!!
    I'm still friends with some of the people I went to school with.
    The food is good but WAY over priced.
    I found it odd that there are certain times that male and females can visit each other on the floors but Ive soon come to realize that its a lot better than most other Christian post secondary schools.

    I was commuting to and from school and I could feel the "christian bubble"
    Love the events that are put together by the staff and students :)

  • 5 Parkway Forest Drive
    North York, ON M2J 1L2
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    Convenient location to
    -school-Foresnt Manor Public school
    -TTC stn-Don Mills
    -walking trails-Betty Sutherland Trail

    -24/7 video surveillance
    -security on duty

  • 200 Advance Boulevard
    Brampton, ON L6T 4V4
    4.0 Sterne

    This place is amazing !!
    The food is really great!! I really like the butter chicken here.
    Their chaat and pani puri tastes amazing.
    The staff is extremely friendly.
    A couple years ago they did renovation to theirs halls and the difference is like night and day!
    If you get a chance to check out the big hall you must!
    Washrooms are always clean

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