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  • 1320 Saratoga Ave
    San Jose, CA 95129
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    Excellent food and very pleasant, inviting service.  Dining here makes you feel at home.  The dishes are well prepared and more than enough to satisfy the hungriest diner.  If you've never had Ethiopian food before, this is the perfect place to start.

  • 1358 S Winchester Blvd
    San Jose, CA 95128
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    Wow! Where do I start?  Tana Market is a local gem for anyone wanting to try making Ethiopian or Eritrean food as well as those who eat the cuisine every day.

    My Story
    After extensive research on various dishes including key wat, injera bread, and others I was prepared to buy what was needed.  Upon entering the store, the very friendly owner spent significant time with me personally guiding my purchases so I had exactly what I needed to make my first Ethiopian meal.  

    A few days later I made my dishes with their spices, spiced butter, and injera (made there - extremely good) and my family was really impressed.  Sure, I can cook but the owners at Tana made it so much easier by offering a lot of advice and guidance.

    - All the spices and ingredients to make great food
    - Exceptionally friendly service
    - Great prices
    - Pre-made injera that tastes great

    - Could use more/better labels (this is really a nit)
    - A bit more stock would be nice

    In all fairness, those are really minor items and I just had to throw them in there so I actually had some "cons".  I can't say enough good things about this place and highly encourage you to try what they have to offer.  You will not be disappointed!

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    I worked with Brooke on a recent project in Los Altos on behalf of a client who bought the home.  Brooke and his team were absolutely perfect for the project.  From navigating design and permit issues with the city to selection of materials, he was there at every step of the way.  His attention to detail is beyond question.  The level of expertise in such a wide range of materials is amazing.  He knows details of every component of a home including the latest technologies including green building standards and automation.  When thinking about pros and cons of each feature, he's got insight that helps make the process easy.

    Regardless of where you build, I highly recommend using Brooke Shaw Builders to get the job done at a standard of quality that will impress anyone.

  • 975 Clinton St
    Napa, CA 94559
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    Brand new restaurant with easy potential for 5-stars!

    My wife and I stopped by here and were very pleasantly surprised.  We'd been eating the past few days at many of the top restaurants in Napa.  This place is well on it's way to being a HUGE HIT!  Only open a couple of weeks, they're still working out the kinks as most new places do.  However, that deliver on what's important.

    SERVICE:  Excellent service and the sort of seamless, smooth, yet personal style you expect from a top-tier place.  We were attended by a great waiter who offered personal recommendations on the wine list as well as the many varied options on the menu.  Water glasses were always filled, wine flowed, and food arrived promptly.  You could not ask for more.

    FOOD:  Lots of flavor and creative interpretations of classic comfort food dishes with a nice touch of class.  Nice presentation and attention to detail by the chef and staff.  The only issue was it wasn't as hot as it should have been.  This was ONLY because they took the time to verify it was perfect before serving - a normal delay in a new place.  Again, quality is great so this wrinkle WILL go away as time goes on.

    WINE:  A nice list of wines that are not the usual selections.  My pinot noir was tasty and the price per glass very reasonable.  It's not an extensive wine list but I think that'll change as time goes on.  

    PRICE:  This restaurant should get 5-stars if rated on value alone.  The food quality is easily on par with the better restaurants in the area but at VERY reasonable prices.  Our bill was one of the lowest we'd had the whole trip and we had wine and dinner (no appetizers or dessert).  In retrospect, we really should have had the desserts...great prices and they looked incredible.

    OVERALL:  4-stars for now while they get off the ground but they are easily on the way to 5-stars.  This is definitely THE place to check out in Napa right now.

  • 1801 First St
    Napa, CA 94559
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    The epitome of luxury in a gorgeous bed and breakfast!

    Check-in:  We were met by Felice who was very gracious to seat us in the parlor while she got our room ready (we were a bit early).  She offered lots of recommendations on great restaurants, tasting passes to wineries, and local tips.

    Suite 3:  Upstairs and overlooking the street, this is a gorgeous room with oversized tub, sitting area, fireplace, big-screen TV, and more.  The decor is befitting the style of the inn - cozy, classic, tasteful.  First-class amenities in the bathroom plus two luxurous robes top it off.  

    Evening wine/cheese reception:  On the first night we were hosted by the owner who was an absolutely joy to talk with.  The food and wine served were carefully selected by the staff and all extremely tasty.  This is the perfect way to start the evening before heading out for dinner.

    Breakfast:  5-star dining by a private chef.  Trust me on this, this is better than you'll find at many luxury resorts around the world (I've been to several).  No detail is left out and the service is warm, friendly, and seamless.  Our wait for breakfast on our first day was...0 minutes!  It was ready upon arrival!  Timing for day 2 as about 2-3 minutes.  Llike I said - perfection!

    Staff:  We met with Felice and Blair.  Both were amazingly helpful at every point.  What I like about this place is that it's small enough to make your experience very personal.  It's the kind of experience you get at a world-class resort but in a cozy B&B.

  • 11332 NE 122nd Way
    Kirkalnd, WA 98034
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    Activerain is the leading blogging platform for the real estate industry.  I've been writing on their site for years and my blogs routinely drive business leads, media contacts, and interactions with other agents around the world.  When used properly, it is one of the best investments a real estate agent can make.

    The proof in how effective they are can be found by simply doing a search online using common terms for "homes for sale" and the name of the local town or major metro area.  The search results frequently showcase the articles of Activerain bloggers who have written everything from neighborhood profiles to market reports.

    As with any online tool, this platform takes time to build a following and it takes a while for content to rank highly.  However, that's perfectly normal and Activerain ranks higher for real estate articles than any other site.  By investing in proper writing, most agents see results in a fairly short time.

    I recommend this platform to friends and colleagues all over the country and encourage them to invest the time and money in the platform.

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    This gem of a restaurant is a real treat.

    We stopped in on a busy Saturday afternoon and while they were short staffed, the waitress was friendly and set our expectations as well as anyone could.  Our drink order was taken at the same time as our food order and delivery was actually quite fast.

    The margaritas are awesome!  You get to choose which tequila is used which means what you get should perfectly match your taste.  Yes, they're strong and you should have some food before getting too far into one!

    We started with the chips and Cowboy Caviar (special beans mix) which was hot, tasty, and plenty for four people.  There was also some salsa served that was clearly house-made and delicious.

    We ordered two different quesadillas - the potato one and a chicken one.  Both were cooked perfect, lots of great flavor, and well presented.  These were appetizers and yet we fed four people who just came back from a hike!  Granted, we didn't want a full lunch but the portions were spectacular.

    Prices are very reasonable considering the quality.

    Comparing this to other top-end restaurants in Silicon Valley (as a reference point), Coyote Bar & Grill definitely delivers the service and quality food to keep up with the best of the best.

  • 755 Silverado Trl
    Calistoga, CA 94515
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    I've been to some truly legendary restaurants and what I always like is a place where I can eat well, experience perfect service, and have fun.  That's exactly what this place offers.

    We arrived 30 minutes early and had only hoped to find a spot at the bar.  Instead, the hostess kindly seated us and our fun night began.  Our waiter, Stefan, really knows how to serve.  He gave us that ideal mix of insight into the dishes, recommendations, and friendly interaction that made indulging in the fabulous food all the better.

    Drinks:  We started with a margarita (my wife) and wine trio (me).  I was not impressed with the wines I ordered.  They offered to replace them immediately with anything I wanted.  But, I decided to wait, let them warm a bit, and voila! the flavors kicked in.  I was a happy drinker and the service just got better from there.

    Food:  Exceptional and a bargain at the prices posted.  The chef really knows how to mix things up a bit and the quality is phenomenal.  The calamari - perfectly cooked, light, and tasty.  Kobe beef - even better.  Cooked to perfection with intricate flavors.  For dessert, get the donuts.  This is a foodie paradise.

    Service:  Flawless and responsive - exactly what a five-star place should be.  Drink orders taken in seconds.  Drinks to our table in a couple of minutes - even with a busy bar.  Water glasses always filled.  Food delivered hot and prompt.  Plenty of advice, helpful tips, etc.  We asked for a special helping of the ratatouille and they got it for us.  Now THAT'S how it's done!

    BOTTOM LINE...of the handful of top places to go for fine dining around Calistoga you definitely need to go here.

  • 1711 Lincoln Ave
    Calistoga, CA 94515
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    This wonderful B&B is the epitome of seamless, world-class service and quality.  Guests enjoy private cottages that run the length of the property, each offering a consistent package of a large, very comfortable bed, fireplace, entertainment center, spa tub, and impeccable decor.  There is plenty of sitting room both inside by the fireplace or outside on the private porch.  Some units, like ours, had an additional outdoor sitting area.  Units 1, 2, and 3 all offer this little extra.

    Service - Friendly, helpful, happy, and on par with the concierge at a high-end resort.  Trust me, I've stayed at some of the worlds top hotels...these people do it right.  The few things we asked for were done fast and right - no questions asked.  Reservations at a top restaurant on Saturday night? Done.  Enough said.

    Price - Well worth it.  It's not a bargain but it doesn't need to be.

    A few of the great perks...
    Breakfast - Everything from a latte to coffee (fresh ground!), OJ, and more along with quiche, scrumptious pastries, cereal, fresh fruit, and more!  It's a feast worthy of the most demanding foodie.

    Wine and cheese in the afternoon - Served with VERY good wines, artisan cheeses, more.  This is a nice way to end the day.

    Free DVDs -Yup, and a nice collection too.  Current titles and big hits.

    Free bikes - This will enhance your experience.  Borrow a couple of bikes and ride to several local wineries, the geyser, town, whatever.  You'll have a LOT of fun.

    BOTTOM LINE...this is the best place to stay for a luxurious, very comfortable, relaxing, Calistoga experience.

    Donna J.
    Kommentar von Donna J. von Cottage Grove Inn
    13.8.2012 Thank you so much for the high remarks and rave review. We're pleased to hear that you enjoyed your… Weiterlesen
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    I've been here before with my wife and another couple.  That experience was OK - great food, mediocre service.  However, yesterday was a laughable experience at best.  My wife and I decided to stop by for Happy Hour.  Big mistake!

    - The sign on the door says "Happy Hour - 5-6PM"
    - The staff doesn't offer any menus for happy hour
    - We asked 3 different staff about what the happy hour specials were - nobody knew
    - Finally had a woman tell us they don't do happy hour anymore
    - They offered "some kind of deal" on 3 appetizers but weren't specific

    So, clearly happy hour isn't their thing.  Fine, but the place was nearly empty at 5:30 with plenty of staff so we should have at least had our drink orders taken (we were in the bar) and delivered quickly.  Didn't happen!  We ordered two wines by the glass and after nearly 5+ minutes watching the bartender do nothing - we're left wondering what she's working on!

    We placed an order for two appetizers.  Turns out, after nearly 10 minutes neither had been started.

    We asked if we could order the burger with a side other than fries because we had ordered that as an appetizer.  The answer "The chef doesn't like to make substitutions."  Really?  I've gotten substitutions at Michelin rated restaurants - happily.

    Here are a few hot tips for Restaurant James Randall:
    - Nearly empty restaurant?  My waitress should have been there in 1 minute with a greeting and taking drink orders.  
    - Substitutions?  The answer is always "yes".  
    - Processing drink orders?  Order to table in 2-3 minutes, less when you have nobody in the place.
    - Appetizers not started after 10 minutes?  I should have had them in 10 minutes.

    A 5-star restaurant has a seamless system of timing, service, and quality so that I'm always getting what I want.  Having been to numerous such restaurants around the world, I can say this place has seriously missed the mark.  Service has to be done in the order of arrival, prompt, and smooth.

    BOTTOM LINE:  We left and found superior service at another place up the street.

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