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    Do NOT have a party here!

    I just had my 30th birthday party at La Nacional and was very disappointed to say the least. I had talked to the manager beforehand to reserve the space and she told me that with a large group (there were 20 of us), we would get to choose whatever tapas and paellas we wanted for a set price. I was a little skeptical so I specifically asked the manager how many tapas and orders of paella we could get and she said that no one would leave hungry and that we could order as many as we needed. However when we showed up it was a different story. After waiting and waiting for menus, I talked to the waitress about ordering; she told me that the tapas were already ready. She then showed me a piece of paper where the manager had written out the items we were going to get for dinner. We had no choice in the matter!

    There were two price packages one for just sangria and a more expensive option for "unlimited" sangria, wine and beer. We choose the more expensive option and then were told that we were only allowed two bottles of wine and 10 beers as part of the package. How is that enough for 20 people???  

    Basically, the manager is a dishonest person and ruined my opinion of the restaurant. I will never go here again. Unless you want to get ripped off, I wouldn't suggest you go here either.

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    Do NOT have a party here!

    I just had my 30th birthday party at La Nacional and was very disappointed…
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    This place has always been a staple of the neighborhood....that being said, it has gone downhill in the last few months.  I just ordered a tortilla soup for delivery (that used to be $5 and is now $7 for some reason) and it is the most watered-down soup I have ever eaten (almost completely transparent). If you order the soup in the restaurant it is amazingly flavorful (and dark red). I guess they assume the delivery people have never been there. Bull$#@.

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