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  • 448 S Hill St
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    This place is AMAZING, great views, wonderful french interiors.  The lobby area coming in was very nice, felt like we traveled through time....  

    Staff & MANAGEMENT SUCKS.... Worse Customer Service EVER
      I made a reservation on Open Table for 7:15, Monday July 1st. (which they canceled so I couldn't do a review on Open Table after we left, hopefully this one sticks)  It was my girl friends birthday and I wanted to take her somewhere new and classy.   They  had a great score on YELP.

     In my Open Table notes,  I requested a outside table with a good view, as it was my girl friends Birthday.

       On the day of the reservation,   I called at 3:30pm to again request a nice table with a view, telling her it was a very special Birthday dinner for my girlfriend, she replied with let me see what I can do for you.  She came back on the phone in a couple of min's and said no problem, they already have you at a table right by the glass edge.  I said  great thank you very much.
       We take the elevator ride up, as we walk in the hostess stand had a couple people waiting so we sat on the couch, we waited for a few minutes and when I noticed no one was going to ask if we wanted a drink, I went to the bar.  There was a girl bartender sweating very badly ignoring me as she made drinks for the servers, I waited patiently and after I couldn't get her attention (even thou she was right in front of me, ignoring me), I got the other bartender to help me.    At 6:45pm  I went to check in at the Hostess stand  to let them know we were early.   She asked if we wanted to be seated now and replied yes we are ready when you have a table.  I reminded her that I requested a table by the glass. I watched for the Hostess to come over and let us know that our table was ready, but she never came over to us.  It's now 30 Min's later our reservation was 7:15 so it was no problem, by this time, I'm letting my girlfriend know that it's going to be a bit, because we are getting a glass railing seat.  
       Still the Hostess doesn't come over or call our name.  7:30  I again go up to the Hostess stand and ask, what's going on?  She shows me a couple tables that are getting up soon and that we can have one of those tables.  Again I see other people come in and get seated by the railing in the seat that she promised, I then complain to her that this is to be a special night for my girl friends Birthday.  She throws her arms up and says I don't care there wasn't any special requests in the reservation book...  I reminded her that I had no only told her, but that I had called earlier making the request.  
     Now 7:45 I went to look for a manager, finally I get a sever to get someone that could help.   The so called manager comes out (Jude, by the way NEVER would give her name, I had to call the next day to find-out, she's the one with the huge Tattoo on her neck, watch out for her), asks whats the problem?  I get up to talk to her myself and she walks away saying that she will see whats going on.... She returns and when she does I ask her to talk to me so that we can work out the situation.  She refused and wanted to talk right in front of my girlfriend, getting her more upset The manager "Jude" says that "we don't take special requests" to sit by the glass railing, but we could wait for one and most likely it will be 9 before your seated... what a Bit%h...          
       So, we agree that we will wait to get seated by the railing and after the so called manager "Jude" still wants to argue,  again walks away.  I decide to go outside and take a breather.  I look inside and shes back again arguing with my girl, she then brings us to a table right at the door way between the Hostess stand and the patio area.   Still wanting to put up a fight the manager girl keeps up her attitude, she gets so upset for what ever reason tells my girl, I'm going to get you kicked out of here! she turns to me and says your girl just hit me your out of here.... I was there the whole time and there was never even a hand jester of the sort.  
     10 min's later the real so called Manager "Erik Sorenon" (he doesn't give his name either, just his first, even when I ask for his card he hand rights comes out and tells us to leave and when I ask why?  He says because your girl hit my employee.  I asked for proof and he replied we have cameras, I tell him to press charges then and he replies just leave..  OK then lets see it, he of coarse doesn't have the time and can't explain why he couldn't come out and take care of the situation in the first place...  
    Perch your management has a lot to learn !
      I have never been so insulted, humiliated, embarrassed and plain old treated like crap...
     When I said we will leave, but we will make sure we leave a comment on YELP about this, he laughs and says, it will just be removed.... Perch is an Advertiser on we will see

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    On July 1st, I was trying to repair what happened earlier in the evening on my Girlfriends birthday.  As we drove away from downtown LA we headed toward Culver City

     Fords filling station is TOP NOTCH.  After a very bad experience at Perch LA, we headed home and on the way we decided to come to Fords filling station, we have come here a couple of times and has always been a favorite relaxing place for lunch, but never took the time to give a review.

         Last night changed for the better, because of Evelyn (Manager) and her staff.  When we walked in we were pretty much done... and not willing to deal with anything bad happening.   We were greeted at the door and were asked if we would like inside or out.  We were grumpy from the happenings earlier, my girlfriend went to freshen up and I took the chance to talk to the manager and letting her know what happened at Perch LA and that I don't care what it costs just please let tonight go smooth.  We right away ordered drinks and they hit the spot.   Evelyn jumped right in and delivered 2 glasses of champagne and wish my girlfriend Happy Birthday, with such sincerity.

         We ordered a Cesar Kale salad that was very good, I don't normally like kale other then Kale chips.. but their kale Cesar was outstanding   I had the flat iron steak and asked for blue cheese on top, they used Maytag blue cheese yum... it was so tender and so satisfying.  My girl had the burger.  We finally calmed down and were now relaxing and enjoying a special night.  Evelyn made sure everything went smoothly and checked on us often.  We ordered a couple more drinks and had a wonderful relaxing time.
     At the end of the night when the bill came, all of drinks were comped.  That was such a nice jester from Evelyn, we had no problem paying and didn't expect it, but she wanted to make the night... which she did...  Managers that care make all the difference

    Perch LA has a lot to learn.. they don't care one bit....

     Ford Fillings Station customer service is Top notch and they are very lucky to have someone like Evelyn as their Manager.

    Thanks again... for making the night special

    PS... Love the squash blossom flat bread too, when in season.

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    Very happy with this place... I have taken (girl friends car, daughters) a few others vehicles to Sterling of Lomita. Each time they have repaired like they were new again.  I was there a few months ago, I damaged my driver door and didn't have the funds to get it repaired, but I couldn't open door and window.  They were quick to resolve the problem and was able to operate the door, so when I was ready it could be repaired.  I have been in the Lomita area with my business for over 20 years and have recommend all my customers and friends there.

  • 1852 Lomita Blvd
    Lomita, CA 90717
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    Working on many projects, I always need a computer that has great speed and performance.  The guys at V3, not only took care of my computer needs, but made sure everything worked with the different programs that I used.  They didn't try selling me more then what I needed..

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    They have a facebook page. Write on that page instead of yelp. I will weite… Mehr »

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    Happened to us too! Worst experience ever!!

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