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    So I'm 5/6th done with Digital 101 at Showcase, which I think makes me qualified enough to write a decent review. Decent probably being the operative descriptor of my Showcase experience.

    I wanted SO badly (and still do!) to be in love with this place and I'm just not. Here are a couple of opinions, in no particular order:
    - The school is tiny, but in a great location to my house. The convenience is top notch.
    - The cost is very reasonable, $160 for a 6 week class.
    - The staff is pretty friendly and went out of their way to help me when I had a technical question.

    So about the class I took. As I mentioned, it was Digital 101. I was concerned right off the bat that this would be too basic for my baseline knowledge, as I had already done a lot of independent DSLR fact-finding and practicing prior to the class. But I also didn't want to be the idiot girl in 102 that skipped the basics. So there I was, my first day, patiently listening to questions on how to remove a memory card, how to change the settings on your camera, you name it. It was frustrating to say the least. But I had made my bed, and I was gonna like it, by golly.

    So 5 weeks later-- I can probably say that I've learned something. Something... not sure what that is. Nothing probably that I couldn't have learned for free on the interweb. I will say though, I did sign up for 102 on the first day of registration... so I will be updating this review in the fall to let y'all know how that went.

    A couple of vents:
    - The teacher was really self-deprecating, to the point I think where it wasted time and lessened our confidence of his ability to teach. "This isn't interesting, you probably don't care.." Umm...? I paid you $160?
    - There was one obnoxious guy in the class that kept bragging about all his lenses, and how he had "read the manual," and how he knew everything already. That's fine, I did too, but I expressed it in writing grocery lists during class. Just a PSA to people with that tendency: shut your trap. Thanks.

    The end!

  • 3655 Roswell Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305
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    Oh Flip.. why are you so famous? Pretty sure the reason starts with a Richard and ends with a Blais, but in any case...

    Buckhead location- lots better organized than Howell Mill location. I don't think the wait is as bad now in general as when it opened, but at the Buckhead location there's actually a decent waiting area and bar to sit at while awaiting your table. And if you get impatient, you can walk over to Tin Lizzy's and have a margarita. Even better.

    Food is good, same as the Westside location, but I really never think it's anything that special. They have good flavor combinations together, but honestly there are better burger places. All my friends think it's the coolest place on earth though, and swear by the butcher cut burger. It's pretty good, I'll have to admit :-)

    The milkshakes though.. you've got to try that Nutella one. Did I hear correctly they aren't splitting them up between two people anymore? If so, that's bullshit. I haven't tried the Patron milkshake, but I really want someone else at my table to order it, so I can have a little sip. So curious!!

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    I am not sure if this is the correct address for MFC- but since the other address had no reviews, I think this is the right one.

    ANYWAYS. Maryland Fried Chicken... soooo good. Actually, it's probably not really THAT good but it sure tastes it after picking it up from MFC at Pollard's Corner, heading to the lake, and chowing down on the water.

    Let's break it down:
    Chicken- awesome. Get it.
    Mac and Cheese- not super awesome, but still get it
    Gravy- awesome
    Mashed Potatoes- meh, but still get it

    The staff is random but nice, and they take credit cards, and they have tshirts and used to have coozies for sale (I bought one and lost it on the lake, sadness).

    Who wouldn't love a place with the tagline: "our breasts taste the best?"

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    So... let me preface this review by saying that I love stir fry, or mongolian BBQ, or whatever you call it. When I lived in Chicago I literally went to Flat Top Grille (similar concept) every other weekend and it was amazing. I always got the same thing and left fat and happy.

    Big Chow Grille, by Cobb Galleria, is a lesser substitute but will do in a pinch, especially for workday lunch. My bf Joe (you may have met him at one or two events) introduced me to this place, and it's a great option for when you have a little more time for lunch and can do the wait. You know- you've gotta go over there, park, get the spiel, get your drink, pick out your food from the stir fry buffet, and wait. And wait... and look around and see everyone else getting their food. And wait..

    Not complaining about this place itself, (I don't think) just the nature of the food. Once it finally came (btw order roti from your server- just do it), it was good, hot, and had everything on my plate that I had picked out.

    For the record that is: broccoli, chicken, pineapple, a heaping amount of peanut sauce, some soy sauce, tofu, rice, spinach, potatoes, garlic. And roti!! ORDER IT!!

    Hmm.. I'm hungry now. Also, it's really not that expensive for what you get. Go ahead and pile it on.

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    Came here with the bf's fam one night this summer, and overall had a tasty meal. Kathleen M's right-- crazy predominance of older folks at French Market!

    From what I had heard about the restaurant, I was expecting something semi-formal, dressy, etc... so you can imagine my surprise when I checked out the red table cloths and casual atmosphere. No problem, I roll with that stuff. Just so you know though- Augusta version of dressed up is not Atlanta version of dressed up.

    The food itself was pretty good. Big portions, filling, relatively quick from what I remember. I ordered the she-crab soup and it came with a little shot of brandy on the side... I'd never seen that before but it was heavenly in my soup! I also got the fried oysters... so good and so fatty at the same time.

    Our server was a super nice lady who made our meal really fun and took the time to chat earnestly with the grandparents.. I thought that was very admirable and so sweet.

    I'd definitely come back-- it's a little out of the way so I think the West location is closer for us, but definitely good for a 'date night out' in Augusta.

    P.S. I don't think they take reservations?! Which is ridiculous in my opinion.

  • 4199 Paces Ferry Rd SE
    Atlanta, GA 30339
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    13.8.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Since I reviewed Canoe two years ago, I've been back several times.. it's just a consistently awesome place. I love the new-ish outdoor bar on the river... great place to chill out after dinner and listen to some live music with a post-dinner drink or coffee.

    Food- they had this asian scallops special a few visits back that I just cannot get out of my head... it was amazing amazing. The trout I had a couple nights ago was sort of ordinary, so I wish I had picked something else, but I think I just really was wishing they offered those scallops again. I am obsessed with their corn soup. Also, their creme brulee is awesome, though extremely rich (it's not a splurge meal for nothing!).

    It's a great place for a business dinner or a romantic evening out-- and the staff makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and is always attentive to your next drink. What more could you ask for (especially at a work dinner)? Kidding...!

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    10.7.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I came with my boyfriend to celebrate his 25th birthday on the 4th of July and it couldn't have been… Weiterlesen
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    I've been here 3 times- once for a baller work Christmas dinner and twice on the Buckhead Life Dine Around series of discounts. I love the sushi here-- fresh, uncomplicated, and just delicious. The restaurant vibe and formality of the service is a bit too pretentious for the food, I would say. All in all though, a dependable "fine dining" restaurant to have close to home!

  • 3290 Northside Pkwy
    Atlanta, GA 30327
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    Def a fan! Never had a chance to make it over when this restaurant was Joel, but happy now that Local Three's here. Came for a work dinner a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at the eclectic and creative menu. Myk, our server for the evening, was GREAT--  knowledgeable and friendly, and helped us navigate through the food and wine list. It was so much fun the first time that I invited all my friends for dinner the next week!

    1) SO EXCITED that they had deviled eggs on the menu. I love them but hate making them for myself since it takes forever... so sure, I will pay $4 for some!
    2) Hopping party atmosphere: both times that I've been (both Wednesdays), it's been crazyyy! You will need a reservation. So make one.
    3) Cool location: Not sure if Joel was similar but I loved having to go through a random building to get through to the restaurant
    4) Food was good overall... everyone enjoyed their choices and I loved that there was a variety of plate sizes to choose from!

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    Monsoon! So good. I would have come back during my week and a half long stay in sunny SD but there were so many others to try... overall thoughts: loved the giant throne chairs in the restaurant, made the restaurant a little more special and eye catching as you walked down Gaslamp. Great service and presentation as others have mentioned. The food was pretty good actually, cocktails were strong and they had a decent wine selection. It was a little pricey I thought, for a walk-in kinda place (with wine it was around $100 for two people). But still, I had a great time and would definitely recommend it to other out of towners!

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    Hey San Diegans... I visited your beautiful city for a work event last month, and truly, could not have asked for a better food city to be dropped into. Currant was on the front end of a weeklong smorgasbord of good times in eating. I picked it out of the blue on Yelp (thanks my little Android app!), in favor of two other more famous and MORE expensive area restaurants, for our group of seven. It was awesome. Great distinctive atmosphere, cool music but not obscenely loud, great service. Over a month ago, I still remember that I had the pork chops with red wine risotto, and it was fabulous. I am not a big eater, but gobbled those chops up! Good wine selection as well. All my work friends gave me props for my restaurant choice, and I must say, thanks to Croce's for pricing yourself out of my corporate card dining limit, because I'd never have found this perfect little place otherwise!

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