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  • 2200 Hilltop Mall Rd
    Richmond, CA 94806
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    My feedback to Simon (the general owners of this mall):

    WHY DID YOU REMOVE RICHMOND HILLTOP MALL IN YOUR NAVIGATION? There used to be a store directory that you could navigate through. I'm assuming you removed because that mall is horrible. FIX THE MALL instead of being embarrassed that you own it. It's as if you guys have no affiliation with this mall. If you don't like what Hilltop has turned into then change it. As owners you are the only ones that have the capabilities of any and all changes.


    Please look for this post on YELP.

    Thank You,


    Please leave feedback on their site and let them know what you think.

    Hilltop M.
    Kommentar von Hilltop M. von Hilltop Mall
    9.11.2012 Hi Alicia,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. The mall is now under new management and we are…
  • 5644 Bay St
    Emeryville, CA 94608
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    The clothes here are pretty awesome! I would always walk pass this place whenever I'm in Emeryville, until last Sunday. We were walking by and a green shirt caught her eye. I'm so glad that we tried this place out. I love that they have a boutique vibe without the boutique price. You can definitely snag some cute, trendy and inexpensive clothing that not every single other female will be wearing.

    One thing I wasn't appreciative of was the customer service. One of the girls wasn't very helpful and had a bad attitude,  but the other two were fairly nice.

    I will definitely return with hopes that I come across more cute clothes and better customer service.

  • 2232 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne
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    The best part of this restaurant is their naan.

    We ordered the chicken tikka masala and the lamb curry. Neither dishes were impressive. The portions are teeny tiny. Usually, at other Indian restaurants one order of chicken tikka masala would be enough for the both of us. Both dishes were also bland.

    I don't think this place is worth checking out. There are other cheaper and better Indian restaurants.

    I will NOT return.

  • Muir Beach Overlook Rd
    Muir Beach, CA 94965
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    There's absolutely nothing to do here except inhale all of it's beauty and simply appreciate it. It's one of those places you don't wanna leave because it gives you some kind of inner peace. It is absolutely lovely.

  • 3.0 Sterne
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    I've been here a few of times always hoping it was better than the last and I continue to be unimpressed.

    The last time the bf and I went for lunch, we spent about $50, maybe even a little over than that!! I ordered the fried duck plate and he ordered the lamb. The duck was overcooked and lacked "duck" flavor. As for the lamb, it was soooooooo good, but for 20 something dollars the portions were fairly small. He was still hungry after that.

    Our $50 something dollar lunch also included an order of Thai ice tea and FBI for dessert.

    Honestly, it's not worth it. I recommend you go elsewhere. Only problem is there aren't many other spots in the area.

  • 5.0 Sterne
    8 Check-Ins

    Chicken tikka masala!!!!!! That is the only thing I order when I come to this place. It is sooo good. Usually Ryan ends up eating my food and not his. Yupp... it's that good. And I have to mention the free chai tea!! I looooooove it here :)

  • 5.0 Sterne
    3 Check-Ins

    Super clean
    Good ceviche

    I don't speak Spanish fluently :(

  • 4.0 Sterne
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    Places like this always deserve a good rating. There's nothing that can compare to the history that a lighthouse can comprise of. There are so many things that make you appreciate its aesthetics. Perhaps it's the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, or maybe it's the amazing view of endless miles of water that lead up to the Gold Gate Bridge. For me, it's the appreciation of all things beautiful and free. Nothing that money can ever buy can compare to the feeling of peace and serenity.

    I took down a star, because I felt like this place was missing a sense on nostalgia. Possibly because it was newly renovated?! It being renovated is definitely not a bad thing tho. It's very well kept! It's pretty interesting that they have phone tours. You dial a number and enter a code that's given at each stop. We didn't try it, but it's nice that they have that feature available.

    One thing I do wish was that we could of done was go upstairs in the lighthouse. Unfortunately it was closed during our visit (4.30.20).

    For those who are concerned about the "hike" to and from the parking lot to the lighthouse it's really not that bad.

  • 3.0 Sterne
    1 Check-In

    If you're a fan of falafel's you have to try the falafel wrap! It's deliciouso and it's gigantic.

    We came in 15 minutes before closing and the lady told us that they'd leave a table and 2 chairs outside for us, but they didn't. Once our order was done, we had to drive down to find somewhere to eat. Luckily, we found a little pier to sit at to enjoy our food and the beautiful weather.

  • 2.0 Sterne
    2 Check-Ins

    This place is almost identical to Kome in Daly City. They have the same interior and set up.

    The best way I can describe it is mediocre. It's a buffet and the food is obviously not going to be the best quality. If you wanna try this place out I recommend to go during lunch. I wouldn't go here for dinner just because I think it's too expensive (20.90/person including the 20% off promo) for what they have to offer.

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