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  • 4233 Fairfax Dr
    Arlington, VA 22203
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    This review is for the non-buffet, authentic Chinese menu.  

    Hunan Gate offers up some of the best authentic dishes from the northeast region of China.  Their spicy dishes are incredibly good.  Here were some of our favorites :

    -braised pork belly
    -spicy boiled fish
    -lamb soup
    -cumin lamb
    -kung pao chicken
    -marinated intestines (totally delicious; this was the unanimous favorite at our table of 8 people)

    Just about anything that we ordered was a hit.  Even the dumpling appetizers were very tasty.  As for the scallion pancakes, they were fine but nothing compare to those at A&J's.

    Skip the buffet if you want to try something truly special (I actually think it's hurting them); you can get that stuff just about anywhere.  I don't mind eating the American Chinese food occasionally, but it's the authentic menu that make this place a must-visit for foodies.

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    The galbi sub was extremely delicious.  Not only was the portion much larger than expected coming from a food truck, but the galbi boneless short ribs were perfectly cooked and super tender.  Very satisfying and delicious.

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    While trying to rush and do an oil change, I tried to raise my car with a jack but unfortunately missed the jack point, which caused the bottom 3 inches of the fender to collapse inward as well as a ripped liner.  This was one regrettable oil change that I wish I was more patient with.  

    After researching on Yelp, I quickly stumbled upon Jack's.  Upon meeting Jack Kim, he was very courteous and briefly walked me through the process and provided a very fair quote.  I proceeded to go forward with it and of course had my share of doubts.  I was about to be pleasantly surprised.  

    When it came time to pick up my car a few days later, I could not believe the incredible work that was done.  The fender was virtually perfect and they were able to get the liner repaired without needing to buy a replacement.   This reduced the final total by about $75.  Moreover, they applied some touch-up paint on residual scratches and gave the car a nice wash.  It was gleaming happily when I saw it there waiting for me in their garage.  

    Overall, this was a very pain-free process and I wholeheartedly recommend this honest, courteous body shop to anyone!  Thanks for the great work, Mr. Kim.

  • 2946 Sleepy Hollow Rd
    Falls Church, VA 22044
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    Excellent little diner to get some Filipino comfort food.  We had the longanisa with eggs over easy and garlic fried rice for $8.95. Delicious food and warm friendly service

  • 7867 Heritage Dr
    Annandale, VA 22003
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    So glad that one of my favorite Chinese bakeries from Rockville is now also located in Annandale!  It's only been a month since they opened and we were excited to pay a visit.  

    We were ecstatic to find that the selection is virtually identical to the Rockville location's.  From the awesome Danish milk loaves to the Taiwanese style breads and coconut tarts, the variety is fantastic.  They even have the bubble teas too!

    The unfortunate thing is that this place suffers from being in a relatively quiet location in a shopping plaza that also has an Hmart. Be sure to stop by here on your next grocery shopping trip and pick up some of their baked goodies.  

    Glad to see a quality Chinese/Taiwanese bakery finally set up shop in the area. Highly recommended.

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    A small place with a big focus on fresh seafood and friendly service - Ga Bo Ja is worth a visit for those loving raw fish/seafood along with reasonable pricing.

  • $$ Dim Sum
    748 Black Horse Pike
    Pleasantville, NJ 08232
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    I've had dim sum all my life and have a passion for finding great places for it.  It is rare that I come across a place that does every dim sum item well and this place did just that.  My whole family was impressed , along with my extremely picky father, who's the best cook I know.  While they may not have every single dim sum item available, what they do have is extremely well done.   From beef tripes to spare ribs and shrimp dumplings to sesame buns, everything was amazing.  The only tiny gripe was the lack of plentiful dim carts flowing around. There weren't that many and this is likely due to lack of business so I'll accept it.  But how is this kind of quality available in southern NJ??  I can not understand why there was not a line out the door for their dim sum.   Definitely coming back here!

  • 2400 Mount Vernon Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22301
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    Great cozy little place with tasty tacos.  Tried the duck carnitas taco and mahi fish tacos ; both quite good with a nice sized portion and priced complaints at all.  As a bonus the soft flour tortillas appear to be handmade.   Definitely will return.

  • 16515 S Frederick Ave
    Gaithersburg, MD 20877
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    No need to echo the full set of terrible reviews. We arrived just before noon on a Sunday and saw only 2 tables with customers.  That was a very bad sign.  After trying many items, we can firmly say it was the worst dim sum we ever had.  A coworker told me it was as if she was given dog food. I thought maybe she was just too picky but I would have to agree...this is dog food among dim sum.  I have never left a restaurant so angry and insulted. I have a very high tolerance and can truly eat just about anything, but I understand quality and this place served none of it.  This may have resembled dim sum but it's clearly some kind of imitation.  Taste and texture are not where they should be. How does this place survive among the competition present in the MD area, an area with a relatively high Asian population?  I don't even think my dog would eat this.  

    For comparison, Oriental East is my favorite dim sum in the area.  The line speaks for itself. Silver Fountain is said to be just as good so I'll be trying that next.

  • 1003 Black Horse Pike
    Hammonton, NJ 08037
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    Not particularly memorable BBQ.  Uninspired.  If this is the best in southern NJ, a lot more works needs to be done.  Sad to say it but it felt like we were eating cafeteria BBQ.  It's a shame since the outdoor smoker was a good sign and we liked the dive feel of the place.

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  • Nur so...

    Thanks for the kind words, so glad you enjoyed your visit! Jeff

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