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    Because I enjoy this kind of food and it's close to home I ate there on a regular basis. It was okay despite being overpriced. I won't go there again after a recent incident. I ordered a gyro and a bowl of lentil soup. The soup was chalky and awful but I wasn't going to make a big deal over $4 worth of soup.

    Then the rude owner walked by and asked me how I liked the soup. I told him I didn't and he kept insisting that I didn't know what lentil taste like. I've eaten many. Never did he offer to refund the price of the soup, finally shrugging and walked away. What could have been the food cost of a bowl of lentil soup? Less than a dollar? But he was willing to lose a regular customer over that. My guess is that this is his first time working or running an eatery.

    Now I get my fill of kebabs at the Baba Ganoush on Harrison Ave. Nice people and the lunch buffet is awesome.

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    With so many good BBQ joints around you can skip the electrically "smoked" meats at Danny's. It claims to be Florida BBQ whatever that is but is areally a poor approximation of Texas brisket. The meat lacks the smokey flavor of a wood pit BBQ and the sides are mediocre.

    The servers seem okay but Danny is very difficult to deal with. I bout over $100 in food for a business meeting and asked for a few paper plates and forks. He said a "place setting" was $1.50 each. When I said that an additional $15 when I had just spent $110 seemed a bit much, Danny got very agressive and made some ridiculous and profane remarks about me expecting something for nothing.

    There are many much better BBQ restaurants around and they treat their customers with some manners.

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    So many great barbecue places in the area, there's no reason to pick this one. But an auto repair… Weiterlesen
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    This company has no concept of customer service, After receiving several thousand dollars for one of their machines they refuse to answer technical questions on the phone. Prepare to be subjected to profanity from the the owner of the company if you complain that they won't put a technician on the phone. And their management has no idea of how their machines are used. I regret buying an N-C binding machine.

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    This place was terrible--mediocre BBQ and some of the worst service I've experienced. The meats were Texas-style, an unusual choice in NC--and didn't have a wood-smoked flavor. That was likely because they use an electric smoker instead of a pit in this suburb that would frown on a real smokehouse. The hostess was indifferent, the waitress slow to serve and check drinks. A an older, proprietor-looking guy picked his teeth and scowled from a back doorway. There are many better BBQ places to visit.

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