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    Went in at 1:30am to check out a killer metal cover band. Good mix of locals and visitors. A well poured guinness and a healthy dose of jamisons later, we were blasing off. Lots of fun and you can smoke inside which is refreshing for some of us. I loved it and will return. Mahalo, Kelley's!

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    3138 Roosevelt St
    Carlsbad, CA 92008
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    I was looking for a same-day appointment and wanted some radical change (since I just moved here, I didn't have a go-to salon yet).  I called Randall and he was available right away.  We took about 10 inches off my hair and went to a super short pixie cut-so exciting and Randal did a great job.  The prices are out of this world-I honestly thought he was kidding it's so cheap.  I love this place-I have found my salon!!

  • 3529 Cannon Rd Ste 2A
    Oceanside, CA 92056
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    I really like this place. I went to 3 different salons when I moved here and this one finally presented me with a regular option.  The ladies are all quite nice and I appreciate that they don't force me to gab with them, as I prefer to read my book and relax in the massaging chair.  I usually get just a pedi and eyebrow (albeit the "spa pedi" which includes salt scrub and paraffin peel) but last time I got a full set of acrylic nails for a special occasion. Not the best acrylic set I have ever gotten (kinda thick) but satisfactory.  I recommend the pedi's no doubt.

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    We ordered an organic, free-range turkey from here for thanksgiving and it was quite good.  We also got butternut squash soup-it was good but needed ALOT more salt.  Thew environment is nice albeit a little hoighty toity, and the prices reflect the location (La Costa not being the most frugal area).  Employees seem happy thus give good service.  I wouldn't shop there regularly because I could never afford to, but for special occasions it is an excellent choice.

  • 2508 El Camino Real
    Carlsbad, CA 92008
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    This place was packed on a Wednesday night when we got there-luckily we didn't have to wait long.  It seems like a hip joint where cool young people come to hang out.  The special sushi rolls were very inventive and excellent-we totally pigged out!  The prices were a little high but I associated that with high quality so I didn't care.  Good sake, too, and I I noticed everyone else in the place had some sort of special cocktail-so I assume that they are good, too.  We will definitely go back.

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    I used to work a few blocks from this place and I love it!  They have an affordable happy hour and their food is decent, too.  I especially love the small batch beers that one can only get at this location.  I appreciated that I could take home a growler as well.  One of my faves.

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    This is our go-to for birthdays and special occasions. I especially love the in-house made sausages-venison, no less.  Also the crab and wing nites in the skellar are excellent.  Oh, right, the beer is great, too.  The owner is usually poring in the skellar and is easy to make friends with.  Sometimes it can take a while upstairs to get your food, but that's just because it is busy; we just eat the excellent warm bread with honey butter to get us by while we wait.  Family place or bar environ-at the same time. :o)

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    This place is excellent and a real surprise given the location and the look of the place. It's a secret great restaurant. Everything is fresh and the family that runs it is super courteous.  We were regulars before we moved to southern California and believe it or not, I do miss it!

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    1625 Post St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
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    I love this hotel-have stayed there twice.  Fist time was in an Executive sauna suite on the first floor-had a cedar sauna and a traditional deep, square Japanese soaking tub.  Also tnjoyed the shoji screens with a view of the zen garden.  Could have done without the gardenere using a leaf blower at 9am to (get this) move the pebbles around the zen garden.  Room service was awful-don't bother (I really wanted to try a traditional japanese breakfast but they were so bad I cancelled my order after waiting two hours.)  Second stay was also in an executive sauna suit but on the 7th floor-unfortunately the sauna in the second room was a modern type (not made of wood) and the tub was Maerican style (though it did have jacuzzi jets).  I  will definitely be sure to book 1st floor again next time.  Japantown is cool, too: great food and the mall connected to the hotel has rad japanese stuff that is way overpriced anywhere else.  Don't miss Japantown when in SFO!

  • 2183 Vista Way
    Oceanside, CA 92054
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    I dig this place.  Their tacos and burritos are very good, their salsa is very good, and the prices are excellent.  It is perfect for families who want a quick bite but don't want alot of hassle or to spend alot of time at dinner.

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