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  • 123 Baronne St
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    My last trip to NOLA, I had an opportunity to get super classy with one of my meals. Academic conferences are a great time to schmooze and network, and everyone knows that's best over delectable dishes shared with colleagues. So here's a tip: If you're going for class, head into the Roosevelt Hotel and go straight to Domenica (bonus points if it's from 2-5pm for half-price happy hour) and don't skimp on trying as much as you can. For instance, we started with vegetables.

    Fried Tuscan Kale with pine nuts, tomatoes, and Parmigiano Reggiano - If all kale tasted like this, the french fry business would go bankrupt.

    Wood fired eggplant filled with olive oil braised vegetables & tahini- that housemade tahini just WOULD NOT QUIT. It was like a rich, creamy, blend of all that is right with the world. Who needs the bread when the eggplant tastes that good? Me. Eat all the bread.

    Simply listed on the menu as Roasted Cauliflower with sea salt & whipped feta... this was just so much more. We learned the head of cauliflower undertook some sort of brining process before roasting. A coworker referred to this dish as "The type that ends friendships". I get it.

    We got one pizza, roasted carrots with goat cheese, red onion, Brussels Sprouts, beets, and hazelnut, it kind of tasted like a salad on top of a crust. Would've preferred the ingredients off of the crust, but who am I to tell John Besh how to top a pizza?

    Lasagna bolognese with pasta verde, bechamel, mozzarella, pork ragu - Couldn't believe the dish that came out was a SINGLE SERVING OF LASAGNA! Major props to the individual that eats this all on their own. The pasta verde was PERFECTLY al dente, and, unlike so very many lasagnas, it didn't sloppily give up after one cut into the cheesy mass.

    FInally, my one true love: Black squid ink tagliolini with blue crab & herbs. If I could put all the fish and wave emojis into this post, I would, but you're just going to have to believe me when I say that I've never known what "tasting the sea" would be like. Until Monday afternoon, when I lived it. If mermaids made pasta, they would make this for Christmas under the sea. Triton would request it for his birthday. And Ariel would convince Sebastian to dabble in cannibalism for the crab bits flecked throughout.

    Please, life, fate, my own free will, whatever.... bring me back here soon.

  • 3180 Chestnut St
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
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    Wahoo's Tacos, California's premier fish taco joint, has somehow found their way to Philadelphia. Recent graduate of UPenn and current employee in University City, I'll let you know that few things excite me more than a new lunchtime opportunity nearby.

    The story is nothing new. Just your standard Bro meets bro, one of those bros meets taco guru at snowboarding events, taco spot inspires bro, bro brings delicious taco spot (and guru) to City of Brotherly Love. We've all heard it, so I won't bore you. But let's get to the good stuff. The vibe is super Cali cool, skater and surfer and all that jazz.

    The menu is simple and all about freshness. I learned that they literally only keep one small freezer in the back (for fries and onion rings). The rest of the stuff is straight up never frozen. Proteins, vegetables, slaw... All about that. How is the food, you may ask? Well, luckily, I was able to try a bunch! The taquitos and quesadillas are tasty, but nothing world-rocking.... BUT: Can we just get on a new level about that spicy fish and that crunchy slaw? I really feel like slaw is what's MISSING in my taco/burrito/bowl life. Great service, super friendly, and dealing with the "new resto" crowds like champs.

    So come for the tacos.... stay for the atmosphere, the incredibly flavorful slaw, the Kona brewskies.... Whatever you stay for, just stay.

  • 1616 Walnut St
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
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    (to the tune of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor)

    Because you know
    (I'm all about that beer
    'bout that beer, no cider) x3
    I'm all about that beer
    'bout that beer.

    Yeah, it's pretty clear, this event's E-lite
    the glitz and glamor says
    Yelpies are bringing heat
    Course we got that status that all the Yelpers chase
    Reviewing the right spots, checking in at the right places

    This event had it all, Something for everyone
    The veggie kids were pleased,
    Us meat folks had our fun
    And cheesesteak eggrolls baby, come on now raise em up!
    Every inch of them was perfect,
    from the bottom to the top

    Yeah those tacos, I tell you, Wahoo is the word for them!
    I say, "Twelve Baskets, the cupcake gal, what a total gem!
    And when Sbraga merged arancini with b.nut squash
    Well that's what I'm into, espesh while I'm looking posh....

    Real talk, I don't know if I love the Elite Events more, or the next day when I get to goof around with songs for the review... That said, this event was, IMHO, the best one of 2014. Truly, all the stops were pulled out and every vendor brought their A-game. We started at the top (well, the 25th) floor and worked our way down, leading to a particularly efficient and delicious path. Wahoo's fish were my first bite, and I'm so glad they're in town! The egg rolls from Davio's were unreal. And, though my initial reaction was to just park it next to them for the evening, I knew I had to make the rounds. Short trip over to Twelve Baskets for just THE BEST CUPCAKES OF ALL. Truly the absolute tastiest cupcakes I've ever put in my mouth. Bravo, and clearly a crowd favorite as the next time we went up they were GONE!

    Our descent to floor five resulted in immediate confusion. WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE CUPS OF CHEESE?!

    Oh. Wait. That's mango lassi. ....bummer. I almost wish it had been nacho cheese.

    But, it was no surprise (of course) that I spent most of my evening loitering around the beer folks, renewing my fondness for Sam Adams Winter Lager and canoodling with the gang downstairs after the top floor got mobbed.

    (Truthfully, it was mostly to escape the magician. GOD, I hate magicians.)

    Beyond that SINGULAR moment of "EEK A MAGICIAN, RUN AWAY!" I loved every single bit of this event. BRAVO Michelle, Icon apartments are swanky as hell, and I felt like a truly classy broad hob knobbing with you sexy folks.

  • 1425 Arch St
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
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    (to the tune of T. Swift's Shake It Off)

    I stay out too late....
    Fatigue, it makes me lame.
    And that is such a shame (mmm-mm)
    Such a total shame (mm-hmm)

    I'm working out at Sweat
    Perspiration, yeah you bet!
    Gotta up the refuel game (mm-mm)
    Yeah up that refuel game (mm-hm)

    So Ryan's juicinggggg
    can't stop, won't stop juicing
    it's like he's got this juicer
    in the back

    Cause the gym rat's running round round round round round
    And exhaustion gets us down down down down down
    RC brings to town town town town town
    Best juice yet, best juice yet!

    But truly: RJ Crown's Juice Club makes the best juice I've ever had. Hands down. The price isn't outrageous, especially if you join the "juice club" it evens out to almost the same cost as the Trader Joe's cold pressed juices.... and, having suffered through those a few times, these are WORLDS tastier and more refreshing.

    I'm not big on juice cleansing or anything, but every now and then a breakfast of juice is just what the doctor ordered, and RC totally delivers. Also, if you have ANY questions, he's super easy to reach by phone and responds almost instantly. When you're splurging on juice, it's nice to know the man who's running the show takes juicing seriously. Almost as serious as Taylor Swift takes shaking.

  • 1415 Locust St
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
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    I get that folks have experienced a mixed bag of times here, from good to bad. I've been lucky enough to only enjoy the former, as every trip to the Vous for MOI has been a solid one. I've got to commend them for tolerating the boozy folks who always seem to stumble in here, in addition to the men and women just rolling up for some cheap tasty dinner. It toes the line for me between feeling divey and feeling not terribly divey, which I'm fully into. Sure, the moonshine cherries might not be too strong, but they're an experience. The beer options have never disappointed, especially with a hint of $3 Abita options every now and then.

    My first experiences eating here were all about the Spanish fries topped with Onions, Jalapeño's and Melted Cheddar Cheese. My very favorite. The other day, we left an event that was a little light on the food and headed straight to the Vous. A single quesadilla was large enough for three of us to get some hearty cheesy goodness in our bellies to continue with the rest of the night out!

    I'll also say that, if you can get a table, they do a great job dealing with a large party. We had a farewell gathering where we brought a set of Cards Against Humanity to play, took an entire corner of the bar with about 15-16 people coming in and out over the course of the night. It might not be the first place I bring a guest from out of town, but I inevitably end up here rather often. And I'm a-okay with that.

  • 909 N 2nd St
    Philadelphia, PA 19123
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    Growing up, my uncle had two moods. Jovial and bowling. Jovial was silly, goofy and all about laughter. Bowling was a hyper competitive, intense, wildly focused dude that somehow turned a fun afternoon with family into a knock down, drag out tournament of terror.

    I say this to explain why I, as a 27 year old woman, hate bowling. As a general rule, I avoid it like the plague but when 10 of my best buddies joined a league... well I didn't have much of a choice but to become their #1 supporter. Sure, I wasn't hitting the lanes myself (is that the verb one would use?), but that just goes to show just how fantastic North Bowl can be, even for a non-bowler. Tasty tots and pretzel bites (it's the simple pleasure) are just the tip of the edible iceberg, and I've enjoyed salads (especially a winter kale one, delish), sammies, and mac and cheese (heavy, but nice to split with a few folks). There's a decent, reasonably diverse selection of beer options, which is always great for me.

    And every now and then (but practically once a week), they'll have a wild party or something where the upstairs becomes a dance floor. Those are my favorite nights, I think. For me, a self-professed non-bowler, to enjoy a spot that has the word "Bowl" in the name.... well, they've gotta be doing something right.

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    And yet another day where Yelp saves hoards of hungry family members from starving in an unknown part of town... We were in Abington for my sister's championship volleyball game and, after screaming our faces off for an hour and a half (and getting that W!!) found ourselves starving for more than spikes and aces. Yelp steered us in the direction of Vintage, less than a mile away, and we left wishing desperately that this establishment was closer to home.

    The sweet waitress brought over some bread and house-made butter (amazing garlicky goodness) before taking our drink orders. Our food orders were taken shortly after, and she didn't hesitate when we asked for more bread (we're carbivores, my family). The food came quickly, our drinks were kept fresh and full, and every check in (from bartender to waitress) was welcome and polite. I enjoyed the broccoli rabe and sausage, a side that very well could've been an entree, a spicy and filling treat. But, since we all need a good #treatyoself day now and then, I indulged in a chalice of INCREDIBLE French onion soup. Seriously, this soup.... I'd put crock-to-crock against any soup in Center City.  I'd love to say I got to enjoy the chips, signature side with most sammies, but my brother and dad DEVOURED them before I even got a chance to snag a few! This probably is higher praise than I might be able to give. They were also elated when we were able to pick and choose the football games playing on the numerous big screens around our table.

    When our bill came for the five of us, we were pleasantly surprised at how affordable everything was considering the tastiness factor. The bathrooms were clean and fragrant, there's ample parking, and a darling little back patio that the rain and chill in the air didn't really allow for, but I'd jump at the chance if I was ever in the area again. If a restaurant alone can leave me wondering "Is there anything else I need to do in Abington so I can come back?", that's a restaurant worth visiting!!

  • 26 E Oregon Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19148
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    In Yelp's very official, science-based rating system, five stars is Woohoo! As good as it gets! At four, you're saying "Yay, I'm a fan." Three stars is simply A-OK, and at two, what you're saying is "Meh. I've experienced better." One is reserved for Eek! Methinks not. I feel as though I'm being generous with a two star rating here.

    Now, before anyone calls me out on being a harsh witch, I'll explain myself. I think that being a Yelp Elite is pretty incredible. We're a proud crew with a borderline obsession with this site that informs the masses of what they're getting into when they visit Philly's numerous dining, drinking, dancing, dental, delivery, dogsitting, daycare, and dim sum establishments. We have a community manager that rocks this group like it's her job, and often goes above and beyond to make sure everyone's having a great time. And every now and then, Yelp decides to treat us with some sort of themed event. Unfortunately, while 99% knock them out of the park, this one fell flat (I think I'm mixing metaphors, but you get it.) Far away from the rest of civilization requiring cabs, cars, or UberChoppers, Flat Iron was not a convenient spot. But, with the promise of burgers and fig and brie... I'm on board. Alas, as Michelle mentioned in an in-person conversation, what was offered was not delivered. I recognize that any free snacks and bevvies are more than generous, but there was nothing remarkable or, honestly, even very good at this venue. Other members mentioned the issues with grouchy staff and long wait times, it just generally felt like (with one or two exceptions), no one at Flat Iron actually wanted us to be there.

    I'm glad to see folks writing honest reviews, because that's the only way that issues like this can be resolved in the future. I think that while this event was kind of a bust, I've no qualms with the folks of Philly Yelp or my fellow Elites, and will rest easy knowing that accurate and timely feedback from those Yelpers who Yelp hard and Yelp often will go towards future events that will be more "on par" with what we've grown to know and love about Yelp Philly. Thank you, Michelle, for being patient and understanding in a time when emotions were running high. It was obvious there were problems, but I have to admire the cool head you kept about you, especially dressed as the always-dreamy Jessica Rabbit!

  • 1828 Callowhill St
    Philadelphia, PA 19130
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    New kid on the block, Priya, is in good company in a city that has a pretty strong yoga game going already. Maybe that's why this studio didn't stand out especially in my mind, putting it up against the many heavy hitters that already exist in the city. I also attended on the first day opening, but just generally wasn't too impressed. Visually, it's a very lovely space. Clean, simple lines, relaxing colors. But there are a few issues that seem problematic. The cubby area where folks store their shoes/bags/etc has many spots, but the position is immediately next to the check-in counter. If you've got a full class, it's basically a cluster of yogis all trying to jam their junk into spots and can be difficult to escape that nook that has been created. There are two bathrooms in the back, but no changing space, which is especially problematic when your studio is a hot yoga studio. I left the class relatively drenched and would love to have changed, but the line for the bathroom after class put me off that dream pretty quickly.

    They offer some goodies up front for sale, typical fare like fresh juices and healthy stuff, but it seemed to be all sourced from elsewhere. Not that that's a problem, more just.... it almost looked like there would be some sort of juice bar back there or something, but it's mostly like the checkout region of Whole Foods. Didn't check the prices of the beverages, so can't comment on that. The room wasn't very warm, but I'll attribute that to the fact that they were opening and closing the doors often (full class, as well as pictures being taken for the grand opening). They had plenty of blocks, and mat rentals if you need them. I wish there had been something to wipe off the blocks with afterwards, I can imagine they'll get a lot of sweat on them in the future.

    I think if I lived closer, this would certainly be an option if I wanted to take a class, as there aren't a ton of studios in that neck of the woods. But it wouldn't be my first choice and considering my current proximity to a lot of other fantastic studios, I doubt I'll be back.

    Eve D.
    Kommentar von Eve D. von Priya Hot Yoga
    27.10.2014 Hey Jordan! Thanks so much for coming out to the Grand Opening class.  We are definitely still fine… Weiterlesen
  • 1029 Race St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Checked in preemptively, so I can't say I have physically been in here. That said, I feel as though writing this review is essential to help future visitors.

    Having tasted Lee's cocktails twice before when he has guest bartended at some of my favorite spots (Volver and Jamonera), I figured it was time to go to the source. So I can say, confidently, that the cocktails are fantastic. The Saigon Flip just rocked my world and I was pumped to give it a try. My only mistake?

    Being a single woman.

    I showed up to HSL at a little before 11 to join the ranks of a small but enthusiastic line, maybe 13 deep. Groups ranged from 3-5, while I was the only individual. Never before has being a lone wolf entering a bar warranted a punishment. When I got to the front of the line, I informed the owner I was riding solo. He said he wasn't sure if he could accommodate an individual yet and would check the bar. I believe what this may translate to is only wanting larger parties... A business plan that makes sense, but I would argue has ethical flaws.

    The trio in front of me was eventually informed they were up. They asked if they could go in as a foursome, considerately thinking to add me to their party. This consideration cost them entry, as they were promptly soup-Nazied out by Lee, who said they could join their "new friend" on the sidewalk. To these kind strangers, I am sorry this prejudice stopped you from enjoying cocktails. But thank you for standing up for me.

    After giving them the boot, Lee went back in briefly before coming out, pointing at me, and saying "There is no way we will be able to have you in tonight." I followed the rules. I waited silently. I dressed appropriately. I also didn't sass him, saying I would wait my turn.

    I was shown littler than zero respect. I have never felt more insulted by any establishment.

    I know they're great cocktails. I know from trying them. But I don't think I could ever attempt another visit after that slap in the (well-mannered, unfortunately single) face.

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