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  • 3350 Stevens Creek Blvd
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    I seriously don't know how this dealership stays in business. Earlier this year I was in the market for an Audi R8 and went to Audi Stevens Creek to look at one. They wouldn't even acknowledge my existence even after I said hi to a group of 3 sales people standing outside. So I just left and went to Rector Porsche Audi. In the end I decided against the R8 and instead I bought a 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet. Then last week I gave Audi Stevens Creek a second chance because I need to get a more practical vehicle to haul around my dog and kayak. I wanted to look at an Audi Q5 and Q7. So I drove over there in my brand new 2013 Porsche 911. You would think that someone driving a Porsche wouldn't be there to waste their time. But did anyone even acknowledge my existence? No. They couldn't be bothered by me. Well, that is their loss and another Audi dealership's gain. I will never set foot on that dealership again.

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    It is a very rare thing to find a doctor that is both knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Bob Nishime has to be, by far, the best doctor I have ever had in my life. As I explain to my friends it is like having a really good friend who just happens to be a doctor as well. He seems to care for his patience on a very personal level more so than any doctor I have been to in the past. That makes going there so much more enjoyable.

  • 740 Sierra Vista Ave
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    Peter is awesome. What a very nice business owner. My Mitsubishi DLP died on my birthday of all days. I called Awake the next week and Peter was able to come out the next day. He was very polite and really knowledgeable. He also told me that the "air flow" message that had been plaguing me for a couple of years was still covered under warrantee. He suggested that while we waited for lamp replacement to come in that I get authorization from Mitsubishi to fix that as well. I was excited to find out the air flow issue was still being covered. Now not only does my TV work perfectly I no longer get those annoying messages and occasional shutdowns. He did that all for an extremely reasonable price. So I could not be happier.

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    I would really recommend not using this company. I had them come out because my dad was working in my attic and said he saw mice/rats. The guy that came out was very nice person but I don't think he knew anything really about pest control. He suggested I had "cats" living in my attic or maybe squirrels. He then said Killroy wasn't licensed to trap animals and that I should purchase a Havahart trap. I just kind of smiled at this and thought to myself "ok that was a waste of time, I took off work for this." What really put the icing on the cake was when I received the $75 dollar "inspection" fee. Great not only did they waste my time but they then proceeded on wasting my money.

    It turns out that I did actually have roof rats but I was able to get rid of them on my own. Thank god I didn't follow their advice and try trapping the imaginary cat or squirrels.

  • 1875 S Bascom Ave
    Campbell, CA 95008
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    It will be a cold day in hell before I set foot again in El Burro. First, the person seating us was not very friendly. Second, we were seated at a table where there really shouldn't have been a table. I had to keep moving to let the servers and people by. Third, one of our party was vegetarian and according to El Burro's "no substitution" rule they cannot make a meat dish without meat according to the server. Come on people substitution means replacing something with something else not removing it. They have a vegetable enchilada on the menu but our server couldn't tell us what vegetables where in it. So I guess it was meant to be a surprise. So my friend went with a salad. The oil and vinegar salad dressing was served on the side in a bowl that they use for the smaller salads. Can you say "messy". This is my first and last experience with El Burro. There are a lot of places in the bay area serving Mexican food and I see no reason to subject myself, friends and/or family to that again.

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    At one point I was staying just down the street on El Camino Real from Udupi Palace while I closed on a house and always wanted to try the food there. Unfortunately each time I went the place was hella busy and I could never find parking. I finally got a chance on Thanksgiving day to try the food when my mom and I just happen to be going by there. We didn't order off the memo but instead had the buffet. The food was really good and the dosas they brought out weren't the best I have ever had but they were definitely good. My only complaint about my one visit was that the service wasn't very good. It took me forever to get someone's attention so I could order a lassi. Besides that I left there very stuffed and very happy.

  • 211 Jackson St
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    I actually like the ramen at Kumako. It is typical of what you get in Japan. I think that and the fact that it makes me feel at home is what draws me to Kumako. That and the older gentleman (owner?) that works there is so nice. You got to remember ramen is your everyday salaryman food in Japan, quick and easy with restaurants everywhere. It is not what I would call fancy food. I was lucky enough to live near one of the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo, Shiodome Ramen next to NHK. Although Kumako is no where near on par with them it isn't bad either. The staff has always been nice to me and I like that fact they serve shochu in a glass masu (square drinking cup).

    If I remember right their ramen is sho-yu style but I am not an expert on the different types.

  • 10 E Hamilton Ave
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    I really like this place. I eat there about once a week (since I live so close to Japan Town). I have to admit I cannot attest to most of the sushi but the other Japanese dishes are good and authentic. I find the staff always nice and very helpful. That could be because I speak Japanese but I kind of think they are like that with everyone. I took my dad there about 3 weeks ago when he was visiting and he enjoyed the food and was so appreciative of the help they gave him in ordering something that he would like.

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