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  • 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave, Unit 7101
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
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    I really enjoy this place. It is easily the cleanest froyo place I have ever been to! Going into a self serve place where the topping bar is a mess an all the bins are contaminated is a huge disappointment and I have NEVER had that issue here.

    I also appreciate that they always have at least one non dairy flavor in stock at all times. I don't eat yogurt, but frequently go with people who do and it's nice to know that we will all have options.

    I don't really understand a lot of the complaints about this place. The whole issue of overfilling your cup happens at pretty much every self serve froyo or ice cream place I have ever been to. Almost everyone takes too much at these places and that's part of the fun and the indulgence of going.

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    I love this place and the food is always yummy, but it seems like every time I'm there they are way understaffed. The last time I went I waited almost 20 minutes before anyone even came over to my table to fill my water glass and then 45 minutes to get my sandwich. The time before that I ended up eating at the bar (which I don't really like to do) because there weren't many waiters available.

    It's not enough to make me stop going, but with so many other vegan choices in town the Laughing Seed isn't high on my list especially if I'm in a hurry.

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    I'm deducting a star because of my first few visits here.

    The first few times I came in here, I was pretty annoyed with the staff. They made it seem like it was a big that a girl was shopping at a hardware store. Not only that, that I was buying "real" supplies and not just stopping in for decorative tape or something. On more than one occasion I was if I knew how to use what I was buying at check out in a way that was really condescending and not really a helpful customer service question.  

    After a while, the staff stopped making comments about my purchases and have just been friendly sales people.

    The selection is pretty good. It's certainly not a Home Depot, but they keep a little bit of everything in stock from construction supplies to Christmas lights.

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    The smoothies and veggie juices I ordered here were really yummy, but I have not tried their food.

    My one complaint is that the layout is confusing. There is only one cash register but two places to order food and standing in line is kind of awkward. Both times I've been here, I ended up getting in a passive aggressive confrontation with another customer about who was "in line" and who was "cutting." I think They need to make all the food be ordered from the same spot so foot traffic in the stores flows the same direction.

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    The staff is really nice and helpful when I was booking my large reservation. They also went over my group party options to help me pick the lowest priced option for what I wanted to do.

    We were a group of adults and I was nervous about doing something with a bunch of kids. It was our group of 8 adults playing against a birthday party of about 10 kids and I think that made it all the more fun. The course is awesome with lots of places to hide, balconies to shoot targets running on the ground floor, black lights, fog, the works.

    It's definitely suited for little ones, but if you're looking for a fun option for a corporate group or team building activity for adults I would highly recommend Laser Quest.

  • 75 Mount Auburn St
    Watertown, MA 02472
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    I can't complain too much about the drinks because well.... it's Starbucks. It tastes like every other Starbucks. I give it 4 stars like almost every other Starbucks.

    However, the customers here are AWFUL. I don't know what the deal is with Watertown, but the first time I came here the place was flooded with moms and strollers. Some kind of meet up group I'm guessing, but I wish the store staff would have asked them to fold up the strollers and put them in the corner or something. There was no space for anyone else to sit and I found it really inconsiderate to other paying customers.

    The second time I was here, I hesitated when ordering my drink because I changed my mind and got yelled by the customer behind me. "Are you ordering or what?!" Chill out, man! Jeeze. I paused for maybe 2 seconds.

    Then in their couch/lounge area a customer was sitting in one of the comfy chairs and moved another one to the middle of the room to prop up his feet. He didn't appear to be drinking or eating anything. He was just sort of there and awkwardly blocking up the comfier chairs and floor space.

    I recognize that none of these issues are about Starbucks itself, but in all situations the staff never did anything to try and facilitate the interaction. If people come into my work place and are being rude or inconsiderate to another customer, I usually step in and politely handle the situation. I just think it's good customer service.

  • 370 Broadway
    Cambridge, MA 02139
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    I have always wanted to learn how to sew, but never knew where to begin and never seemed to find any kind of class setting that worked for my schedule. Finding Gather Here was a godsend! I'm only mad at myself for not knowing about it from the moment they opened!

    When I mention how nice the staff is, I should mention that I had a lot of anxiety about coming here. Learning new things is scary! Change is scary! Ack! The staff is always really patient and helpful and they don't make me feel like a moron for asking the most dumb questions (which I ask a lot of).

    I've read through some of the reviews here and I have to say that some of the people who left some of the nastier reviews clearly don't have much of an understanding on how a small business like this works. Believe it or not, being late for your reservation and then wanting to change your project on top of that is actually extremely inconsiderate.

    I can see where people might say that they don't have the selection that they were looking for, but as a beginner they have more than enough supplies for me to keep myself busy for quite some time!

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    As a vegan, I had never before had a crepe. This was a first for me and it was delicious! They also have the BEST seitan that I have ever had. Apparently it is made locally, but not in house. I tried to get the recipe so I could try to make it at home.

    My one issue is they seemed to run out of items a lot. I went here while on vacation and I ended up going twice in the same weekend. The first time I went for lunch and they had a few "sold out" signs posted. The second time I went for breakfast and had much less of an issue, but then some friends who went not long after I did couldn't get what they wanted.

  • 37 White St
    Cambridge, MA 02140
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    The store is really nice and their selection is great, but the staff seemed very lax when I was there. There was a lot of staff sort of wandering around while I was shopping and not one of them really acknowledged that I was even there. Not that I needed a ton of help, but I just feel it was a bit lazy for not one person to even say hello or ask if I needed help with something.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this new location and their selection seems superior to the one in Everett. I'm glad I don't have to make that trek anymore!

  • 100 Ikea Dr
    Paramus, NJ 07652
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    The furniture is okay, but the staff at this store is AWFUL. It's like they can't be bothered to help you. When you ask for assistance they act like they are annoyed with you. Plus there is nobody to help you when you're getting a lot of stuff. I'm not a big muscular person who can carry a huge stack of furniture around and I went to drop a few thousand dollar at Ikea to stock my store not a single person could help me????? Really Ikea?

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