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    In from Nebraska to backpack Mt. Rainier.  Finished backpacking, coming down from the Mt. my brakes start making a grinding noise.  We called AAA and they recommended Les Schwab.

    Brought the van in at 9:30, the were done by 9:40.  A rock was lodged in my brake... They fixed the problem, topped my tires off w/ air and told me No Charge.

    Big thanks to Mike for taking care of me and getting me back on the road!

  • 502 Commercial Ave
    Anacortes, WA 98221
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    In from out of town, food was phenomenal... place was packed so service was slow, as long as you expect that everything was great!

    I'd recommend the cheesecake!

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    This is my first time eating Korean, arrived at 11:20 on a Wednesday.

    The other reviews piqued my interest in the beef bulgogi & bibimbab so I promptly ordered the lunch beef bulgogi & bibimbab.  

    I wasn't expecting the service to speedy based upon the other reviews but it was excellent, attentive and my food arrived within 10 minutes of ordering.

    The bulgogi was hot & phenominal... the pickled dishes were tasty as well.  This being my first time all I can say is that it tasted wonderful.

    Tthe bibimbab... don't know what this was supposed to taste like... it tasted good but I greatly preferred the bulgogi.

    I'd definitely come back, several more dishes I'd like to try.

    I took a pano of the interior... the place was clean and has nice decor.

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