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  • 8702 Keystone Crossing
    Indianapolis, IN 46240
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    Took a Tesla Model S for a test drive!

    My experience from this store was the best I've ever had from a test drive.

    From the person that answered the phone to schedule an appointment to me walking out of the dealership/showroom was very pleasant.

    I was excited about test driving the Model S, but dreaded having to have a yet another sales rep sitting next to me trying to figure out how to sell me the car.  My experience at Tesla was everything I hoped for and didn't have any selling pressure.

    The salesperson allowed me a test drive, and he was extremely friendly and professional.
    Explained everything as needed and just let the car and I talk.

    I like the car, but more amazed with the customer service here.
    It's a strange feeling to walk out of a dealership without any selling pressure.

    As for how the Model S was, I think it's different for everyone.
    Which car you come from, your needs, your situation.

  • 3720 W Jefferson Blvd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46804
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    As far as fast foods go, this location is clean and quick. The food is great. I have never been disappointed by Arby's and this was no exception. The curly fries and the Roast beef sandwiches are always delicious. I will definetly recommend this location.
    Not bad for typing on an I-phone, hugh*GRN*

  • $$ Pizza
    215 S Main St
    Auburn, IN 46706
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This is the closest to Greek/Chicago fusion pizza in this part of Auburn, and they have done a sincere-and effective-reproduction of the excellent fare in Chicago.  I like it.

    I ordered a large with basic pepperoni for way less than I could have in an average city. And it fed two adults and 2 young children.  

    The sub-style of this pizza is alike to Giordanos in Indy, not Lou Malnatis or Unos, if you have tried these Chicago pizza chains.  This means the sauce is flavorful, slightly sweet, and doesn't have chunks of tomatoes in it.  I actually prefer no chunks in the sauce, so it was perfect for me.  It was so good; a picky six year old daughter just spooned the sauce off the top and ate it direct, much how she does frosting off a cupcake, to my dismay.

    The crust is dense, like a pie crust, not "bready" like a standard chain.  It's buttery and flavorful.  This one was cooked a little too much, hence 4 stars, but almost good enough to be five.

    The service was terrific.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    This is the same place as Dawson's Famous Coney dogs:…
    Look at address and pictures.
    Just closed and changed name.

  • $$ Outdoor
    4723-A S Emerson Ave
    Indianapolis, IN 46203
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    5.0 Sterne

    This IS the best survival/outdoors place in all of Indy.
    They manufactue all of their own products, from a survalts veiwpoint.
    Nothing I have seen in Indy can compare(even dare I say Fort Wayne)?

    Look at my pics, and see for yourself.

    Yelp, note I just had my second laptop 'lost" stolen. Along with a backpack.
    Am writting this with a tablet with pics. Sorry!

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    Looking for a place in Downtown Fort Wayne that carries the whole gamut of Tin gear and memorabilia?  Parkview's Store's/ shop is the place to grab everything that is red and silver!  It is a small shop - about a third of the size of what a main store should be.  They don't even have free gift wrapping available. Strike one!
    Two years ago the first Tin Caps game in the new location. Versus whoever (they weren't very important). Took place at the new Parkview Stadium, so get out there and show that Tin Pride!


                              GO!                            TINCAPS  
                                |                               /       |       \       tinners!  WOOF!
                              \O/                           \O/   \O/    \O/      |      |         |
                                 |                               |       |        |      \O/  \O/     O__
                                / \                             / \     / \      / \      / \    / \       /      \  

  • $ Burger
    1402 S Harrison St
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Much better service than Culver's on West Jefferson. The layout of powers is more conducive to a hangout than it is over there, however.  

    I really like the creative burgers and chilly options at Powers. My burger had grilled onions and cheese on it. I mean come on.  And nobody can tell me that their shakes aren't the bomb. Because they are. Where else can you get a shake with your meal? Then be too full to throw in a piece of pie or a cake? Genius.

    I left happy as a clam and full as a bull.

                                                           |     POWERS   |
                                                           |            __        |
                                                          |            |    |       |
      O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O  |             |    |       |
     / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ |            |    |       |
      / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \  |_____ |__|___ |
       |                                                |

  • 1015 Lawrence Drive
    Fort Wayne, IN 46804
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I drove a rental car 800 miles, and paid $220. For three days.

    I think I got my moneys worth!
    A year later they did remember who I was. And I did take a second rental to Indy. My original rental location, on Lima road did close. But I did find the same great service the second time at this location.

    Enterprise has spent a lot of time training their employees. I believe it is a newer forum of "customer satisfaction". Where they will kill themselves serving the customer. Even to the point of taking a loss. Just to "keep the customer happy".

    And yes, they still do offer customer pick up and drop off. Just like in the ads.

  • 256-309 Coliseum Blvd
    Fort Wayne, IN 46805
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    When you're in the market for something in between a Wal-Mart's Chinese made junk. Or even Gander Mountains (overpriced 2nd's). Dicks is probably just what you need.

    They are like the Best Buy of sporting goods stores, with a little bit of everything. This Dick's Sporting Goods location is not the biggest but the selection is adequate.  Also in particular, this stores north side location (they load it up with more expensive high end things) unlike the south side location.

    On a few occasions when I visited their fishing section, the associates provided great service and expertise.  We actually listened to a story about a fishing trip and the cool catches he made recently.  Reasonable prices and don't forget to look for coupons in their weekly newspaper ads.

    They do have adequate winter jackets and skiing clothes. I look mostly to the higher end brands. As they tend to buy "end of production" line type things. Even those will tend to outlast, stay in style longer than the Columbian, and first run anything other stores sell.

    From what I have seen Dicks places employees in charge of areas they enjoy working in, or at least have some knowledge of the subject!


    Wow, I suck that I                Yes, you do!
    don't have cool gear.                 |
               |                                        |
              O                                      O
             / I \                                   /13 \
              /  \                                     /  \

  • 2115 Lafayette St
    Fort Wayne, IN 46803
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne
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    This used to be "Griffins ribs". The original owner built by hand the building. And used to compete in Rib-fests nationwide and locally. He won! Then he retired from that, in order to pursue other interests.

    The new owner couldn't just quite get it just right. I couldn't figure out why. He was shown how to by the owner. How hard is it? After trying it twice I couldn't go back, it just wasn't up to pare, have the kick whatever.
    Then I had to read about it in the newspaper. The owner was accused of using food stamps to buy from Sam's Club. Including (dare I say) Gordon's Food Service?  

    The Original owner used to shop at Albrights butcher shop. In fact he was the one that told me about it.
    The new owner has offended the area, using lower grade cuts of meat. Pre-mixed rubs?

    It reminded me of a Penn and Teller's T.V. show. The time they went to an exquisite restaurant in New York. Took some fancy water bottles, filled them up with a garden hose in the back. The classy-high-end dinners praised the refreshing drink.
    Whatever until he gets "his act together", it's not worth going.

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