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    We really enjoyed our abundant wine tasting at their winery. Cozy location, nice view and plentiful shade. The owner and his family were nice and the wine kept coming :)
    Dog friendly, and plentiful parking.
    Kids? Well, it is a little small, they might get bored or roll down the hill :/

  • $$ Hotel
    4th Ave & Mission St
    Carmel By The Sea, CA 93921
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    What a dirty room! I have never encountered a hotel with such low standards for cleaninlness. Awful. Someone ought to give these people a health code check.

    Why? Here's why:
    Bathroom was disgusting. From dirty faucets, spotty mirror, misplaced toilet paper, etc. Went to front desk to get another towel (they provided less towels than the number of people occupying the room!), staff responds with "we're low on towels", but still handed me an extra one--later I wished I had brought my own! The towels(both of them!!) were covered in long dark hair..NOT MINE! I counted 11 hairs on one towel alone. No kidding. It was hideous.  The sight of these dirty-white/grey towels is forever engraved in my eyes.

    Kitchen. Oh my! The mugs&glasses were glued onto the shelves with their own dirt. And while they did place a coffee maker on the counter, there was no coffee for it! Now, I usually don't carry my own stash when traveling, do you!?
    And as a safety note; hot water from faucet is boiling hot! Major burn hazard! Just as a side note.

    There was a simple standing fan in our room, but the electrical outlets were so loose that the plug kept falling out! Annoying.
    Another outlet had a hole next to it...No comment.

    Beds were decent, firm&comfortable even(matter of opinion). However because of the room's overall disgustingness I wonder if the sheets have been washed and changed in-between guests!? They sure smelled like they've never met a detergent.

    I can't tell you just how disgusted I am. The worst experience and lowest standards for cleaning. All we needed were roaches to roam the room, but I'm sure even they are to grossed out to stay here!

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    15.4.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    We just had a baby!!!!!! And we wanted to have some special memories from when our baby was still in the belly, so when we found out about pregnancy, we got in touch with Bojana and made plans for our maternity shoot.

    Photos turned out amazing. So much so, that they will be featured on one of the classiest baby blogs, called On To Baby.

    We chose to have the pictures taken in the comfort of our home. I felt very comfortable with Bojana as our photographer. She came prepared with photo suggestions in her folder, she included ideas I wished to incorporate and most importantly, she guided us through the posing. The whole shoot was very relaxed and photos speak for themselves!

    I wholeheartedly recommend this photographer for your occasion.

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    30.1.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    We had a wedding photographer that took awful and non imaginative photos, and after months of crying… Weiterlesen
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    Great food! Attentive staff, place to sit when dining with your canine in a narrow alley along the restaurant.
    Fresh food, as expected :)

    Looking forward to another visit!

    Place is on a small side, your kids won't have room to run around(and they shouldn't in a restaurant), but don't let that stop you. Parking on the street - Carmel in general.

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    Great place to enjoy fresh and delicious foods/desserts/coffee. There is a big outdoor seating area, on weekends especially busy! Lines go by fast, as their smiley-faced cashiers are super efficient!

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    9.4.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    Today's incident was enough for me to re-write my previous review.
    Overcooked meat & soggy fish. But the issue was their  dessert. It was covered in green mold, absolutely covered, and served to me..
    Manager apologized, as expected, but this was something a restaurant should not allow to happen.

    Taking my business elsewhere.

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    29.8.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I have been here several times, and each time the food was fresh & good tasting! Organic and locally… Weiterlesen
  • 401 Columbus Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    20.1.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    Save yourself a disappointment & potential fish bone in your ravioli!

    Several years ago I enjoyed this place, but they have since failed to keep up.
    For a 30$ plate of pasta the cook, who was chatting it off on his cell phone, threw some frozen tortellini in hot water. The salad that came with these lower-than-Costco-quality tortellini was wilted and included several gooey, rotten leaves!
    Bread served at the table has seen its fair share of that week, ie not fresh!

    The last complaint I have is that despite the restaurant being empty, the restrooms were a disaster! It looked like instead of mopping the floor, someone layered toilet paper on top of the dirty floors. (Mens urinal was ripped out of the wall, so no surprise it smelled like pee pee covered the entire restroom, floor to bottom).

    With that said, good luck to you if you have the stomach to proceed with this choice!

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    20.2.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    What ever I had here was good. Very good. I love Italian food and eat lots of it in many different… Weiterlesen
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    Here is why the 2 stars (service that day on our table was 1star!).

    I ordered a salad, which took 1hour and 20minutes to arrive. Meanwhile my party at the table has finished their food, and the rest of the restaurant table's were turned at least once. But I waited...flexible work hours allowed me for that, I am not sure that the rest of the work lunch crowd there would feel the same.

    A polite lady comes by and apologizes, she states that since it took so long the salad is on the house and so is the dessert and she encourages us to look at their dessert menu. Our male waiter was nice and apologetic as well.. and since I understand that these things can happen to anyone, I was really understanding. After all it wasn't the waiter's fault. However, the 1.5 hour wait time for a salad was inhumane! And here is what sank my bad experience even more - they charged me for both the salad and the dessert, which I was told by the second server (manager lady?) was on the house. Bad communication among the staff? I don't know and I don't care. I will not be likely to return, for I fear that a quick work lunch may again take up an hour and a half. Not cool.

    I would love to give them a higher review, because once I received my food it wasn't 2-stars. But the overall experience with the wait, miscommunication and full bill was insane.

    Manuel M.
    Kommentar von Manuel M. von La Viga Restaurant
    25.10.2013 Thank you very much for sharing your experience and allow me to apologize personally.  Your review… Weiterlesen
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    What a disappointment this was. Was served by preoccupied waiters, food that was heated up from lunch leftovers and covered in black pepper for presentation. The meat was so horribly chevy, stringy and plain out inedible.
    While the sampler tray seemed to have some positives to it, this place will not be recommended nor visited by us again. Too bad as well, since we're locals and would love to find a nearby Indian to frequent. Well, not Saffron; because of their lack of friendly atmosphere and the steep prices they charge for lunch buffet leftovers. At their price I'd expect FRESH food and polite service (referring to an Indian server/boss? that lacked hospitality).

    Parking available on the street, no outside seating available and while I think kids should be fine, the grouchy waiter/owner? may give you an 'evil eye' for bringing them.

    Overall sadly a poor, but costly experience! We also won't be using them for office lunch deliveries any longer..

  • $$ Sushi
    400 Main St
    Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Good food, beautifully presented..And the interior of this place is very tasteful.

    A little stressed staff, but we didn't mind the wait. However they gave us wrong order(to go)..Downer, because I wanted to try the prawns-instead they added another salmon roll. I truly hope it was a one time mistake due to the staffing shortage.

    They have a few tables outside, but they can't serve food or drinks there. So, if you have a wet canine like we did, you can order to go and still eat there..

    Prices are not bad, so overall this was a good experience, minus the order mess up..

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  • Cool

    Thank you for posting this! It was great to have you at the new studio!

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