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  • 5572 Newpark Mall Rd
    Newark, CA 94560
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    Just finished up my $30 for 30 day trial today and figured it'd be a good time to write a review.

    This was pretty much my yoga experience. Never really tried hot yoga, or even just regular yoga before. I have terrible balance, am incredibly impatient, and am not a super spiritual person...but still somehow ended up giving this place a try.

    The place itself is clean, accessible, and the people are very accepting and open to new people. I felt no judgment that I wasn't decked out in Lululemon/Lucy/etc. or just even yoga-esque clothing. Everyone was very welcoming and positive, and had this unspoken mutual understanding/respect of personal space.

    I only attended a small variety of classes but ended up enjoying the (same) classes enough to come regularly after work and enough to drag my ass outta bed on Sunday mornings. There's a plethora of instructors that teach classes here so you'll find what you're looking for no matter what it is. Justin's Vinyasa Flow Heated class on Wednesdays @ 8 and classes taught by Jolie or Gabriela were my favorite. I went to a few other classes that I didn't really jive with, but it's all personal preference.

    Some tips I picked up in my short time here (for the hot yoga virgin and Xplore etiquette):

    -If you've got long hair, throw it in a bun. I showed up to my first class in a ponytail and learned real quick why I was the only one with one. You'll be questioning your life choices 30 minutes into class while contemplating breaking your pose because it'll be sticking onto your sweaty neck

    -Don't be late. I called ahead to ask about the late policy and showed up 5 minutes late and was still locked out. (Luckily this place is next to the mall so you can kill time waiting for the next class)

    -Take your shoes off in the front. I've never been reprimanded for this but I always feel like an ass for not taking my shoes off when I realize it and I'm already at the second cubby. I have no idea why, this has happened to me probably 13/15 times. I don't even have an excuse because I'm asian and don't wear shoes in the house.. Sorry Xplore.

    -Don't wear loose clothing. I discovered the reason why swimsuits are skintight...wet, saggy clothing is a sweaty drag. Literally.

    -Bring a large towel if you main it rain when you sweat. There were times I felt like I needed a wet floor sign on my yoga mat. It's almost impossible to hold any pose if your mat is slippery. They provide unlimited little sweat rags, but those won't cover much ground.

    -Bring a jacket...or a change of clothes if you take a nigh class. Wet clothes + cold night air = 10,000 years of regret.

    I'd recommend this place to anyone who's interested in hot yoga. I feel refreshed and collected after each session and feel subtle improvements (aaayyy my head is almost on the floor for forward folds) and it's just a great change of pace for someone who usually just goes to a regular gym.

  • 6287 Jarvis Ave
    Newark, CA 94560
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    Done playing phone tag and appointment roulette with this office. I've had so many points of contact, and none of them served any purpose.

    I'm actually supposed to be at my appointment, but since I no longer have one due to excellent communication and scheduling (ha, jokes), I have time for a Yelp review.

    Made an initial appointment for a sports massage, the doctor was out of town for the week. That's fine, I go ahead schedule an appointment the following Monday. Come that following Monday, got to the office, only to find that 1. They'd booked me for a "new patient exam", 2. The massage therapist wasn't there, and 3. I had to reschedule. I was disappointed because I'd driven from Pleasanton straight after work, and I had explicitly said I had a chiropractor and a general physician... but whatever, mistakes happen. I get an appointment card from Fritzy (?). She also tells me insurance doesn't cover anything/the usual prices, which I'm aware of/more than down to pay for.

    Fast forward another week, I've gotten over 5 freaking calls for my one appointment today, NONE OF WHICH ARE INFORMATIVE, OR SERVE ANY PURPOSE. Honestly. it seemed like they were calling me to have me tell them about my appointment. On Saturday before my Monday appointment, I get 2 calls from DeNae (?). She left a message saying she had questions about my appointment and I call back, and it was just a confirmation...and she literally had one question, and if it was the length of my massage. I ask her specifically, do you have any more questions, because the number of calls I've been getting for this one appointment is excessive--please ask all of your questions now...nope just had one question.

    It's now Monday and I'm at work and get another two missed calls from the office. I call back and it's the front office calling to "confirm" my appointment...again? And to tell me that, oops, they had scheduled me for a different time...and that their massage therapist was no longer on the premises, but was "around". There seemed to be a "miscommunication" again.

    At this point I'm kind of like areyoufreakingkiddingme and ask if I should even come in at this point, and she says she'll call the massage therapist. I get a call while I'm on the way saying that "Unfortunately, she can't stay that late, do you want to reschedule for next Monday?

    Whoa. No. My back hurts but at this point I'm thinking it's more likely that a monsoon hit California than me actually getting an appointment/being seen by the ~elusive~ massage therapist.

    I give up--if anyone knows of a good massage therapist...lemme know!

    Michael T.
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  • 7631 Edinger Ave
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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    This place legit has EVERYTHING gift related. Popped in after grabbing dinner at Eureka.

    Bought some candy and while it honestly wasn't that good, this piece of information that I got from the cashier alone warrants all the stars ever.

    After I bought my candy I was asked if I tried the chili gummy bears on the floor. I was And the cashier said that they don't mind if you sample as long as you don't stick your fingers in the bins. At that point I was so excited I would've pushed all the kids at the candy store outta the way if there were any (luckily none were so no one was hurt) and went back to try other candies. I only took a couple but the freedom to do so was liberating (maybe it was the sugar rush messing with me, who knows).

    One thing that I feel like might confuse people is that they have bath salts and bath bombs in the middle of the candy aisles, close to the jawbreakers and gumballs. I feel like that's playing with fire since it looked like pixie dust and more jawbreakers from a casual glance.

    In addition to buttloads of candy they also have ice cream, specialty treats like cake bombs and fudge, a lounge area, and all sorts of novelty items. Woo!

  • 1010 1/2 Fair Oaks Ave
    South Pasadena, CA 91030
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    Ice creaaaaaaaaaaaam. This place is awesome! They have cookie samples for you to try at the counter (something C.R.E.A.M, Diddy Riese, or most cookie+ice cream places normally don't do!), and of course let you try whatever ice creams flavors they have as well.

    The girl and the owner were super nice--she was super friendly and didn't rush us while we were trying things out (they have a lot of unusual and unique flavors) and the owner allowed me to use the Yelp offer on my open-face cookie (1 free cookie when you check in).

    I ended up getting the taro nutella (tasted up like straight taro ice cream to me, nothin' wrong with that though!) with the Jakarta cookie. The cookie was nice and chewy and tasted mostly like a sugar cookie, but went really well with the ice cream.

    They definitely know their clientele...they have lactaid on hand for those of you who can't play the dairy game and I think most if not all of their ice creams are dairy-free (most of my friends get bubbleguts when they do dairy so they pay attention to that...not lactose intolerant ftw!).

    Cute place owned by warm people. Definitely would come back.

  • 651 W Duarte Rd
    Arcadia, CA 91007
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    I was a pretty big fan of this place until my last visit. As in, if I'm in the area I'd stop by for lunch--Taiwanese places aren't as common in the Bay.

    So...long story short I bit into a pretty large green dead beetle (see photos). After I realized what it was, I kinda shat myself in bewilderment. I think if I had a weaker stomach/was remotely squeamish I would've projectile vomited across the restaurant, made a scene, and demanded a refund (I don't so I kept eating the other dishes after 'cos that wasn't comp'd hahah). I flagged someone down and they took the dish away after I explained what happened. They took it off the bill (didn't comp the rest of the meal/my friend's exact same dish) and offered boba on the house as an apology (not much at all but I was honestly surprised they even bothered since no one speaks English at this restaurant).

    I ain't even that mad because I feel like this is kind of a gamble you take eating at cash-only authentic asian restaurants (or any restaurant in general) but I'm definitely...300% done with this place.


  • 565 Abrego St
    Monterey, CA 93940
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    Popped into this place for...surprise pre-dinner? on a journey between leaving Monterey Bay Aquarium, and walking back to the car.

    I think my friend chose this place because he got googly-eyed at the large depictions of Indian food on the windows. He ended up ordering chicken marsala + basmati rice and two samosas (damn people with high metabolisms). The portions were pretty generous, and the food came out after around 10 minutes. I took a few bites of the curry and it was pretty good/tasted fine. The samosas however, were no bueno. I'm pretty sure they'd gone bad because both of the samosas we got were aggressively you-know-you-need-to-throw-it-outta-your-fridge sour. Didn't finish those.

    I probably wouldn't go out of my way to come here again, if you have a hankering for indian food while you're near the aquarium for decent prices, this place is definitely close.

  • 39210 State St
    Fremont, CA 94538
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    I went to Teresa a few months ago because my back was bothering me and didn't go away after 2 weeks. She was my first chiropractor experience.

    I busted my back....putting away an empty barbell after doing deadlifts. Not during, but I felt a weird twinge when I was about to put the bar away. Womp womp.

    Anyway, I was referred to Teresa from one of her current patients and they were able to squeeze me in within a few days. The receptionist, Brandy, was very friendly and helpful when setting up an appointment/explaining everything in preparation for the initial exam.

    After going through paperwork Teresa got to work on my back--immediately after the  session I felt a lot better. I got the green light for my back in less visits than originally anticipated, which is always great. I actually had a neck+shoulder problem I never thought about and she addressed that as well (crack...all the things!). She gave me a referral to a specialty pillow/mattress place that was doing a liquidation sale to check out for the latter issue.

    Overall, my experience here was great. She actually doesn't take my insurance, but I've heard that bad chiropractors may aggravate and cause more damage so as a precaution went with someone that was highly recommended by a friend. Definitely would recommend her and her practice!

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    Came here with a friend around 8:30pm for dinner on a Saturday night. I didn't have my phone with me and I can't seem to find my favorite things on the website menu, but they were so good I'm gonna try to describe them anyway.

    This place was a lot fancier than we anticipated--I think I was imagining the kitschy restaurants in SF's Fishermen's Wharf when I came across it on Yelp.

    Anyway the food was pretty frickin' good. We took a while to to order because the menu is so vast, and had to ask the server to help us pick.

    My friend ended up getting a half rack of baby back ribs, and by recommendation I got this seasonal salmon dish (I wish I had my phone with me! It's on the separate menu) with onion risotto and roasted vegetables. The ribs were super tender and fell off the bone--I personally dislike BBQ in general and thought it was good (it doesn't have that generic overpowering BBQ sauce flavor). It comes with a plastic bib + towelettes but they weren't messy in the least.

    The salmon dish was aaaaamaaazzzing. The onion risotto was perfectly cooked and flavorful and the fish was fresh and flakey. This was on a separate special menu, definitely try it if you see it.

    The appetizer we ordered doesn't seem to be on the website menu either (CTRL+F'ing the dinner menu, nada) It was a bruschetta-type dish with smoked salmon and baby greens on top. You need to try this bruschetta ever. I believe this was recommended by our server too.

    Our food took a little while to come out, but it was worth the wait (wine gets to your table ASAP though)! Our server was extremely helpful and even though they close at 10pm, the restaurant was in full swing beyond that. There wasn't any rush at all.

    If there are any ladies in your party, you get a single red rose at the end of your meal too ;p

    Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this place!

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    Lord have mercy on anyone who has to come here.

    I had to do a switcheroo with my dad because my little brother had a driving appointment at 2:30pm. I got there around 2:20 because I figured he'd be done around 3pm at the latest (from what I remember, it's not a very long test).

    OH HO HO I was beyond mistaken. 2:30pm comes and goes, he's still waiting. 3pm, still waiting. 3:30, I had enough I went around the building (I was waiting in the front of the parking lot) see over a dozen cars wrapped around the building with random employees corralling them (suddenly telling everyone to turn their engines off...after 30 minutes of slowly moving forward, then moving again, then ordered to turn engines off. Not sure if this is standard procedure or random power trip). There were only 2 test administrators. He ended up taking the behind-the-wheel test after 4pm.

    This is definitely one of the less desirable DMVs. Another issue was that the test administrator was a bigger woman  left a lot of sweat and body odor in the car, and the passenger seat was moist after the exam. I'm sorry it's a little personal, but I found it pretty off-putting...since it was my car and I wasn't expecting it when I sat in.

    But, on the upside, brother passed his test!

  • 1027 NE Alberta
    Portland, OR 97211
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Literally stumbled upon this place...

    My friend and I got dropped off the side of the road  without any idea where we the rain + hungry.

    We were pretty cheesed off (bahah) but luckily this place was just a few blocks away. Didn't bother checking Yelp beforehand since it looked pretty cool and just went up to order some food!

    You order at a stand next to the school bus and the people are friendly and helpful. We grabbed a menu but ended up ordering one of the meme-themed grilled sandwiches they have on clipboards outside (I think it was the....Bree-otch?) and tomato bisque. Definitely hit the spot on a rainy day. The inside of the bus was awesome. The tables were covered in photos and the ceiling was a giant continuous mural. Kinda trippy, but I enjoyed it!

    Totally regret not having pictures to share! (Didn't get to put up pics before wiping my phone :()

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