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  • 330 E Hamilton Ave
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    If this place was still under the management of the original owners (Sato and Kim) I would be giving this place 5 stars. My family and I have been long fans of Sato's cuisine and have been to all 3 of Sato's sushi bars (Sushi Express, Sato's Sushi and Sato Sushi) before he had sold them. The other 2 sushi restaurants were able to maintain the quality of his original sushi creations, such as the James Bond sushi dish.


    After the change in management at this location, it seems as if they have cut costs and have resulted in smaller portions and lower quality of the food. I have not been back since a one time experience after they had sold the business; sushi was prepared sloppy, didn't have the flavor as before, spicy bbq pork was not cooked all the way (very liquidity too) and much smaller portions but charging at the same price.

  • 2905 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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    I don't always write a review on yelp. But when I do, it's because a place is at an A+ status or F-. In this case, Vape Affair is on track and on their A+ game.

    I'm new to vaping, so I went in because this place is close to where I live and they are open till 12AM!

    I've been going there for awhile now and have seen them grow from when they had first opened to their current progression; more products, juices and their customers know that this is a really relaxed/ community type establishment.

    They also recently built a Build Bar for your mechanical vapes/ mods.

    To my friends looking for a vape shop to try, I highly recommend Vape Affair. Ask for Mitchell, Stanley, Jeff or Tao and tell them Chris the photographer (who always buys the Mr. Miyagi juice) said to go here. You won't be disappointed with this place.

  • $$ Barbier
    1064 Kiely Blvd
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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    Didn't even know I lived so close to spot like this. If you want a Man's cut, fade, taper, shave and etc; this is the spot. See Brian and he'll take care of you!

    Chill atmosphere, big screens with sports for you to watch while you wait or getting cleaned up. Never going back to any of those chain owned spots again.

  • 3467 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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    I've been coming to Tony (speedy smog) for couple of years now and as a one man smog shop, he does the job better than any other smog shop I have seen. He is precise and quick to get the job done and send you on your way.

    Although there is only to smog testing machines, he works both of them at the same time like a pro! I watched as he offered myself and his other customers water or something to drink while waiting, which I have not seen any other shops do.

    One year, one of my vehicles didn't look like it was going to pass due to a check engine light it was throwing. Tony diagnosed it, said it might be that the fuel cap seals had gone bad, sold me a new fuel cap and the check engine light went off after running it a bit; came back to Tony and passed.

    My smog/ DMV renewal were due just the other day. I had Tony do the test, I asked him how fast would the information be processed to DMV because I wanted to renew it online to avoid the line at DMV. Tony recommended that I go to the AAA office if I was a AAA Member and they can process it there.......duh I had forgotten that AAA provides that service.

    I did read one of the reviews on here about a lady making complaints about how his smog test machines had gone off/ reset and was frustrated. That is totally beyond his control. I've even seen systems go offline at dealerships, to where orders had to be done through paperwork instead of using a computer. There's just nothing you can do at that point and just wait for the system to reboot.

    In the end, make the right choice and go see Tony at Speedy Smog for a fast and reliable smog test. You won't regret it. Mention that you went there because of his reviews on yelp and he'll knock off $10 too.

  • 1998 Russell Ave
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
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    This is my 2nd yelp review and have not done one since 2011, but because of my experience here at CK Auto; a postive rating of 5 stars and a big thumbs up is what I promised to do for Ken and his staff.

    I had recently bought a GC Subaru Impreza, yet the windows needed new tint. Also I figured my family car (Honda CRV) could use the tint too, So after reading the reviews on yelp, I gave this place a try. I was more than satisfied with the tint job on both cars, the timely matter it was completed and the venue's dedication to their customers.

    I did have to take the Impreza back in to fix an issue with the tint getting caught from the door panel seal. THIS WAS ONLY DUE TO: my car door is a little misaligned, putting more pressure in that spot where it was getting caught. Ken fixed it with no problem what so ever.

    2 weeks later, went back to CK Auto Image and had a Viper alarm system with auto start installed, they did a great job on that as well.

    2 weeks after that, I went back again because someone had broken into my car. I did not hear my alarm pager on my keys go off, because I was working out and the keys were in my backpack. When I had got back to the car, nothing important was stolen and the car was still there. The alarm worked so well, the only thing the thief could do was rip out the siren from the car. The thief probaly thought after he disabled power to the alarm, he could enter the car quietly. NOPE, alarm still sounded due to the backup battery I had installed, thus the thief having to rip out the siren and taking off probably because he had attracted too much attention (speculating there). I was more greatful the car was still there.

    Ken and his crew fixed that right up and replaced the damaged parts to the alarm system. * I would recommend having a backup battery installed on your alarm system.

    -More than decent prices.

    -Quality of work + knowledge of the products they sell and what is out on the market.

    -Dedication to their customers.


    When I decide to upgrade my stereo system, I will be coming back here again. I will also be sure to send anyone I know, who needs tint and audio/ stereo work done here.

  • 39401 Fremont Blvd
    Fremont, CA 94538
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    My ex use to work at the Red Lobster in East San Jose, so I have had my fill of Red Lobster. I would say I know the taste of the dishes, the quantity/ quality of the food and of the service they provide very well.

    For this red lobster location, big time FAIL. I took a party of 8 out to eat for dinner at this location. It took a hour and 15 mintues for the first plate to come out. The crab alfredo dish looked dry and the sauce lean. We had to flag someone down to get our refills and by the time my dish came out, I was so full on bread.

    I asked to speak the manager and said I wasn't looking for a discount after my complaints, I just asked for my food to be boxed to get out of there.

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