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  • 765 S 4th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    Love this place!  Been coming here for years and it has only gotten better over the years.  They have delicious gluten free bread for their fresh sandwiches and quite often their soup of the day is gluten free.  The coffee is delicious, so are the shakes.  The decor is warm and local art is always hanging on the walls.  Staff is friendly and helpful and dogs are welcome, so that's always a plus!

  • 1108 Chestnut St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    Since Armands is one of the only turntable repair stores available in Philadelphia, I have been going here for the last 4 years.  Each time I need assistance or repair I am treated rudely.  Today I called to get an estimate on getting a ground wire replaced and new legs for my tech 1200s.  I was told that I could not get an estimate over the phone and I had to come into the store personally to get the quote.  When I explained that I just needed a rough idea to know whether or not I could afford to bring it in right now, I was again rudely told that I had to personally appear before him before he could tell me the price.  I wonder if what I look like has an effect on how much I get charged?  If I didn't know what I needed fixed, I could get that, but knowing exactly what I need and what turntables they are, this is uncalled for.  Now I would have to waste money getting there to appear before this person personally to get a quote before even bringing in my tables.  I feel awful knowing that I have given this business well over a grand in the last few years in product purchases and repairs.

  • 937 E Passyunk Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    One word for this place, Burger!  If there is one thing on the menu that you have to try, it's the burger.  The flavors are amazing.  The fries are the best I have ever had, mainly due to their dipping sauce.

    You will have to wait most evenings, on Friday and Saturday after 7, expect an hour wait.  I recommend going early in the week or before 7.  The food takes forever to come out, but when it does, it's to die for.  If youre looking for a long date, this is your place.  If you're looking for a quick in and out, not your place.  I have waited over 30 minutes for my food multiple times, even when there was no one else in the place.

    The servers are pleasant, but often forget the small things, probably because there are only two for the whole place, even on a packed night.  The decor is nice, but sometimes a little too dark for me.

    This place also carries Vegan Treats for the desserts.  Vegan Treats will trick even the most anti-vegan food person out there.  If you see vegan on the board next to the desserts, don't let that deter you, they are fantastic!  PS - I hate vegan food!

  • $$$ Tapas, Lounge
    114 S 20th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
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    If I were to sit here and type of a review of everything I have eaten at this place, I would be here until tomorrow and it would take you forever to scroll down the page.  To keep it short and simple, everything is delicious.  I recommend the chefs tasting.  They provide two options, $55 and $70/75 (can't remember which one) but I recommend doing the $70 chef tasting.  With this, you can sample the most expensive items on the menu, and if you had just ordered 9 of the most expensive dishes, it would run you about $200, so it's really a good deal!

    For the average person, Tinto is a special occasion restaurant.  Once a year won't break your wallet but will leave you excited for next year.  Perfect date place.  Maybe not perfect for a first date, as it might be awkward debating which items to order and share as you don't know the other's food preference.  Also not a place to bring someone who is a picky eater - not good for kids.  Also, make a reservation.

    But, I love this place.  It's one of my favorite places in Philly and I will continue going every year!

  • 423 S. Second St
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
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    I think opening Stella was a brilliant idea for Stephen Starr, I think he just missed on a few things, mainly the pizza.  But before I write a review on the pizza, I would like to comment on the staff and atmosphere.

    When walking into the newly renovated Cosi, you instantly feel as if you walked into one of your favorite low-scale restaurants when you were a kid.  Not to stay the decor is bad; it's actually the opposite.  For someone like myself, walking into an upscale restaurant that attempts to make you feel like you aren't dressed formal enough, can be intimidating.  Walking into Stella is a breath of fresh air, nothing special about it, humble and attractive.

    Each time I have been here, the staff is always ready to greet you, super friendly, but not overbearing.  There has been one occasion on which our server, a male server, neglected our table for about 20 minutes, but compared to the other excellent service I have experienced, I guess everyone has their bad days, just like the rest of us.

    I enjoy sitting at the bar, you get to watch the sous chefs work on each individual pizza as if it was their first day, trying to impress the chef.  It's quite amazing how carefully they handle each pizza.  I ordered a margarita pizza once without basil, and it came out with basil.  I watched as the sous chef caught this before it was brought over to me, and instead of taking off the basil, they prepared a new pizza.  The sous chef, not the server came over and apologized and within four minutes, I had my new pizza.

    If you are lucky to go there without a crowd, your food comes out fast as lightning, as each pizza takes about five minutes, start to finish, due to the wood burning stove. If there is a crowd, you will wait a little longer, but if you make it known to your server that you are sharing everything that you ordered, it will come out one by one as it's done so you're not just sitting there waiting for everything.

    Ok, the pizza.  I have tried the margarita, the four cheese, the pistachio, the picante, the clam, the pepperoni and the tartufo (truffle).  The crust is perfect and the amount of olive oil drizzled on the crust and the top of the pizza is perfect.  The flavors, need some work.  Painter has the four cheese and margarita down to a well executed science.  I am a huge fan of clam, however, this pizza was almost inedible.  The clams tasted like they came out of a spaghetti clam sauce jar - they were tuff and had a foul flavor.  It seems as if the clams were baked, which leaves them pretty tough, especially sitting on the line all day.  If Painter was able to figure out a way to steam the clams, maybe drizzle a spicy butter sauce of the pizza, I think it would rock my world.  

    The picante pizza had a great flavor, a little spicy for me, but I can never handle heat.  I think one of the most exciting pizzas on the menu is the tartufo, the truffle pizza.  This has obviously truffles on top, and what most people find interesting is an over easy egg cooked in the middle.  The server comes to break the yolk and smear it over the pizza.  I was so excited for this pizza, but I was left only tasting egg - the rest of the flavors were lost.  The pepperoni was pleasant, but nothing too special about it.  The pistachio had too many onions which lost the pistachio taste.

    The appetizers were good, I recommend the asparagus.  I also recommend the gelato.

    I'd love to see Painter put out a mushroom or pineapple pizza.  I'd also like to try the other 4 pizza's on the menu.  Either way, I will make my way back soon!  All in all, a great place to take a date or the family for a smaller budget.  Hope this helps!

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    I'll have to check out their burger!

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