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    I've given this place many chances. I have so many friends that rave about Taipei Tokyo, and it is always crowded at lunchtime. Why? The food isn't that spectacular. That's not to suggest that it's bad... it's just not great.

    The menu is really big, but I'd expect that from a restaurant that has both Japanese and Chinese food. Sometimes the choices are overwhelming, though.

    I like sushi, and no matter how much you doll up a roll with sauces and roe, the most important thing is the freshness and quality of the fish. That simply doesn't come across in Taipei Tokyo's food. This restaurant purely exemplifies the two-star "meh" review.

    The saving grace of Taipei Tokyo are their bento box lunches. Ranging from 8-14 dollars, they have a nice portion of food and includes a soup and salad. Service is nice, but can be slow, especially during the busy lunch hours.

    All in all - not a bad place, but I'll be going elsewhere for my sushi.

  • 1531 RR 136
    Eighty Four, PA 15330
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    I have so many great memories of The Spring House (TSH). When I was a kid, our youth group organized hay rides and bonfires on autumn evenings. And trust me, the fall is definitely when you want to pay TSH a visit.

    On the weekends, they have everything from pumpkin patches to corn mazes to hog roasts. The secret's out, though... so expect long lines for the breakfast buffet and hay rides. If you have kids or even if you're a couple looking for something to do on the weekend, TSH is the place to go.

    TSH also exists when it isn't fall. Who knew. During these months, you can take advantage of the shorter lines for home-cooked and hearty lunches (on the weekdays) and breakfast buffet (on the weekends).  They also have a nice little shop that sells seasonal food items and milk. Oh, did I not mention the chocolate milk? TSH's chocolate milk is the nectar of the gods. I'm quite sure the cows from TSH have magical properties and the dairy farmers went to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Agriculture. Try. The. Chocolate. Milk.

    Yes, the prices for the food and activities at TSH are a wee bit pricey. But you get what you pay for - quality. Go and visit the good people at TSH for some fun fall activities and return for the chocolate milk.

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    My family was on a fall day trip in Washington when we began to feel a bit peckish. We drove by a PACKED Mr. Big's Sports Grill & Tap Room and decided to give the place a try.  I figured, something had to bring all those people to Mr. Big's when no local sports were on! The place looks like your typical sports bar inside. There are two main areas, a bar with many tables, and a dining area. Every wall has several TVs.  It can get noisy with so many people, but the best sports bars always are.

    We started with cups of Mr. Big's delicious sour cream & onion potato soup. Warm, creamy, and very tasty. All of us ordered a sandwich or wrap, each of which came with a side of fries, cole slaw, or chips. I had the southwest turkey wrap. Oven roasted turkey with tortilla, pico, cheese, and spicy ranch sauce. Yum! My mother said her 'shroom and steak wrap was one of the best things she's eaten. Sister loved her french dip. Portions are large, we all took home leftovers.

    Despite a packed house, the service is friendly and quick. This place is really great. I can't imagine what it's like during a Steelers game! If you are in Washington and have a healthy appetite, definitely give Mr. Big's a try.

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    Monroeville, PA 15146
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    Big ol' important EDIT: Frankly, there isn't a lot of true "Mexican" food in Pittsburgh and everyone from newspaper critics to newcomers complains. I've heard so many people say "Mad Mex is the worst Mexican..." Guess what. It isn't really Mexican. And a restaurant that blatantly uses Spanglish (Booze y Brews) in its menu KNOWS  it.  That being said, enjoy the food as you would the menu: American fare with Mexican influence.

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    Mad Mex is my boyfriend's favorite place on earth because it's his "comfort food," margaritas… Weiterlesen
  • 601 Amity St
    Homestead, PA 15120
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    Blue Dust is one of those "hidden" Pittsburgh gems I bring people to if they are visiting the city or can't figure out "hey, where should we eat?"

    It really has something for everyone. First, the beer selection is great. There's about two dozen seasonal beers on tap, plus loads more in the cooler. BD also has a small menu of handcrafted cocktails, some of which include their homemade liquors!

    There's a monthly list of specials which always includes seasonal and local ingredients. You will also find a handful of vegetarian (and sometimes even vegan) options.

    The soup changes daily, and almost all of them are winners (try the curried crab bisque!).  As for my favorites from the main fare, I simply cannot resist the Homestead Surf and Turf, a half pulled pork, half crab sandwich which comes with barbecue sauce and horseradish sauce respectively. As a side, one can choose from the yummy fresh coleslaw or chips and salsa. I will also add that this, along with just about everything else on the menu, is a very healthy portion of food.

    The food and drink really make up a four-star review. What I like about Blue Dust is the atmosphere, the diverse clientele, and the service.  Patrons range from athletes fresh off the Homestead bike path to elderly folks coming from a day of shopping from the waterfront. Servers are always attentive, friendly, and have interesting stories to tell.  Did you know Frank (the bartender and manager) is an incredibly talented comic book artist? If you ever need to have a meal or drink alone, never fear about heading into Blue Dust solo. Pull up a seat at the bar and meet some wonderful people.

  • 4366 Old William Penn Hwy
    Monroeville, PA 15146
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    I dine here a few times a year for lunch. I really like their roasted red pepper and vodka sauces on any of the pasta options (but do try the ricotta gnocchi!). Add a meatball or two and you have the makings of an excellent meal. All pastas are between 7-10 dollars and are decently portioned for lunch servings.

    I also very much enjoy their paninis with the chicken/goat cheese/roasted red pepper being my favorite!

    I never enjoyed "beans and greens" before I tried it here. I'll admit it is very tasty, with fresh tomatoes and white wine sauce.

    The dinner menu is larger and slightly more expensive, but lacks the lunch paninis (I'm not sure if they are still available, so ask!) Large plate stars include the flank steak and the pork shank.

    The place is BYOB and corking fee is a modest $4.

    Keep in mind, however, that the place is tiny (probably only twenty tables total)! So either make a reservation or go during lunch. They also do several "wine dinners" over the course of the year.

    One strange thing - it's an Italian restaurant with pictures of Prague everywhere. Not necessarily a bad thing ... just slightly out of place. Samozřejmě je mi jedno. Česká Republika se mi líbí!

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    Murrysville, PA 15668
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    I've already written a review of what I will call Pasqualino's I. This is Pasqualino's II, located in Murrysville on route 22, about 25 minutes from the father restaurant. And that is precisely the relationship between the two places! Papa Pasqualino runs the Penn Hills restaurant while his sons run the other two (there is another in Irwin I have yet to visit).

    Many things are the same. The most important of which is the sweet, delectable marinara sauce. You will be happy that almost every pasta dish is smothered in it because you will want to use the complimentary rolls for dipping. All locations sell jars of the stuff. Treat yo' self sometime and pick up some.

    Some things are different. P2 has a slightly larger menu with more pizza options including hand tossed, thin crust, and Sicilian. P1 only serves Sicilian. P2 also has a large full service bar.

    I love this place every bit as much as I love the father restaurant. It can get a bit crowded on weekends and service on those days can be slow. But usually it's a pleasant meal for EXTREMELY fair prices.

    I will note that P2 is moving to a new and larger location about a mile west on route 22. I am looking forward to it!

  • 2000 Smallman St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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    I've visited Kaya several times now, both for lunch and dinner. This review is a little bit biased in that I'm generally not a big fan of the "island cuisine" that Kaya serves. It's one of my least favorite "Big Burrito" restaurants.  As such, I've never independently chosen this restaurant as a place to eat,  I've only met people who are already there.

    Nevertheless, I always receive friendly and knowledgeable service from the waiters. In terms of the appetizers, I enjoy the calamari and the tuna tartare. My favorite entrees (the only ones I can order, really) are the kaya burger and the crispy fish tacos.  The burger is huge and packs a punch, but for some reason has a sunny side up egg on top of it. I don't understand where the egg fits into island cuisine, but ok. The fish tacos are less substantial but still very tasty.

    I'm don't like "jerk" spicing, but if you are, you will have a great deal to choose from on the menu. EVERY category of food from the tapas to the appetizers to the main courses has SOMETHING "jerked." Hey, did I mention "the new phone book's here!?"

    All around, Kaya has quick and nice staff but few offerings for a lady who doesn't like the cuisine theme, so three stars it is.

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    More people need to know about the glorious food of "OIP 22."  In Huntingdon, there are two OIP, or "Original Italian Pizza" shops. There is one in the town proper, which has limited hours and a small menu.  Then there's  OIP 22,  which is open until ten daily and has a huge menu.  It's also creatively named for being right on Route 22.

    When I went to Juniata College, we ordered pizza from here at least once a week.  The pies are a generous size and well-cooked.  But my FAVORITE thing at OIP 22 is the lasagna.  For ten dollars even you get a huge serving of the pasta, a side salad, and a LOAF of freshly-baked bread! For a dollar more you can add a large side of meatballs or sausage to go with the lasagna (although the pasta itself does have a meat sauce). In my opinion, the sauce is the best thing.  It's slightly sweet and completely covers the pasta.  After all that, they bake a thick layer of mozzarella on top. Brilliant.  I've tried several of their other pastas and they are all top-notch as well.

    If you're ever in central PA, give OIP 22 a try! You won't be sorry!

  • 1209 E Carson St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203
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    Went to the Urban Tap for the first time on a Thursday night. Very friendly bartender gave us a draft menu with a decent number of selections.  Slightly overpriced, but I don't expect cheap craft beer in the South Side.

    I wasn't feeling that hungry so after boy ordered his lamb burger, I chose two appetizers, the curry mussels and the pork nachos. I figured that if I didn't like/couldn't finish one of them, either my companion could, or I could take home leftovers.

    I was not expecting the size of the nachos. Really delicious! Topped with pork, cheese sauce, and ripe tomatoes and chilies, this appetizer was a big win.  I also enjoyed the mussels.  Cooked perfectly in a panang curry sauce, it had the right combination of spice and flavor.  The mussels were served with a large hunk of fresh baked bread (which I barely touched).  For a hungry person, I'm sure it could have served as a means to sop up the leftover sauce.

    Overall, a good experience! I will avoid on the weekend evenings, however.  The Urban Tap seems to be a stop for drunk hipsters on Carson...

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