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  • 9550 Black Mountain Rd
    San Diego, CA 92126
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    The girl who usually waxes my eyebrows at European Wax Center actually recommended this place to me. She said that my eyebrows would come out cleaner and it wouldn't hurt as much. I have sensitive skin, so the wax tends to burn and I get those bumps every now and then. So kudos to her!

    The first time I went here, Saba did an amazing job. I didn't have an appointment, and within 5 minutes I sat down and she got to work. Her fingers worked their magic, and I was done in no time. There were a few loose hairs, but overall it looked amazing.

    The only not-so-great time I've had here was when another lady did my eyebrows. For some reason, it hurt a lot and she kept breaking the thread (I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing). When she was done, I had more than a few loose strands of hair that I had to clean up and my eyebrows looked a little uneven.

    If this review was just based on Saba, then it'd be 5 stars, but with that other lady who I can't remember (she was an older lady who goes back and forth to Hillcrest), I have to give it 4 stars.

  • 9870 Hibert St
    San Diego, CA 92131
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    11.10.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Started coming back more consistently and have been ordering the Roll of the Day, Sashimi of the Day and a few other rolls. Their Sancho roll has this amazing sauce that you can use for other rolls, and I think that alone gives this place 5 stars. The wait staff is always great and you always have more than one person helping you.

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    28.7.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Went here for their Happy Hour on a Sunday and it was awesome! I read that it can get busy at dinner… Weiterlesen
  • 4681 Convoy St
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    Based on their service, happy hour deals, prices and hours, I would give them 4.5 stars. But based on the quality and flavor of the food, they're only getting 3.5 stars from me.

    The tajimia original base for the soup is the only one I really like, the other broths are too salty for me. Their spicy ramen is good, but has a sort of nutty flavor to it. Their portion sizes are decent, but there isn't always enough meat. I do like the appetizers, their sashimi is always fresh. Rice dishes are good too, but again, could have more meat. My friend is a huge fan of the omelets, so there's a lot of other options to get.

    So, if you're starving and it's 2:00am, I would definitely recommend this place. But if you're looking for really good ramen, I would try another spot.

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    This is now officially my go-to spot in Mira Mesa!

    Their portion size is pretty huge and I always have left overs. The chimichangas are my favorite (either chicken, beef or carne asada). Their rice is really flavorful too. My husband always gets the surf and turf fries, which is pretty good and has a lot of meat. I'm not a fan of the fries, but the toppings definitely make up for it.

    They also do Taco Tuesday and it gets pretty busy. They have street tacos for 99 cents each! The fish tacos are always good. I usually just call in an order and pick it up so I don't have to sit outside or wait for a seat.

  • 3485 Del Mar Heights Rd
    San Diego, CA 92130
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    I probably would have loved this place if it wasn't for the fact that I've had real gelato in Italy. It's not as creamy, but it's definitely rich in flavor. I think the texture is a little off too. I still would come back here, especially because they have yelp deals.

  • 6715 Mira Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92121
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    Disgusting. This place deserves negative stars.

    I ordered three rolls for take out, but i can't remember their names because they were that bad. One had baked salmon on top and it was just gross. The salmon smelled rotten and there was green mushy stuff mixed in with it. The whole restaurant stank of it when I came to pick it up and I ended up having to throw it away without eating it because of how gnarly it smelled.

    The other two rolls were not as bad but all I could taste was the rice. And I love rice, but the whole roll was probably 80% rice.

    This place just left a bad taste in my mouth, literally.

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    I don't even drive a Toyota and I love this place! I brought my Nissan Frontier in after it had been heating up and in need of an oil change. They charged me less than what I normally pay at the dealership and other places for the oil change, and NOTHING to check out what was going on with my car! After I got it back, my car has since stopped overheating, T explained everything to me about what they did, and has also asked me after how my car's doing to make sure it's still fine.

    I knew T while he was the manager at Bob Lexus, so I know he's very qualified to own his own auto repair shop. He even told me that they do other asian models, and that's why I brought my Nissan in. You can tell he's a really nice guy that cares about people and loves working with cars. Definitely coming back here and telling everyone I know to use his services!

  • 8118 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    If you have a Nissan and the only place you can go to get it serviced is this dealership, I would still try to see if you could get it serviced in El Cajon or Oceanside.

    Every single time I've gotten an oil change, some idiot working there has forgotten to close something or just did a half assed job that I end up having problems with the car overhearing. EVERY SINGLE TIME. The last time I came to the dealership to get my frontier serviced it was because there was some sort of recall for my steering wheel and decided to get an oil change while I was at it. We dropped off my car around 9am and got a call around noon telling me to come because the car was ready. I get there and have to wait thirty minutes before someone tells me that my car isn't ready. After another 15 minutes of waiting for my car, I see someone drive it up to the pick up area and it's making this horrible noise. I then see a mechanic running out to my car and start yelling at the guy that drove my car. He runs back to the shop, comes out with some oil or something similar and opens the hood of my car and does work. He gets inside the car and drives it back to the shop... WTF.

    When I talked to someone about my car not being ready and that crazy noise, they try to act like it was nothing, and when I mentioned that this is happened before where my car has overheated, they just try to blame it on someone else.


  • 4646 Convoy St
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    If the rating was based on the food, I would give this place three stars. But since I have to add in the service too, I'm only giving this place one star.

    The food is pretty good. I love all the side dishes, like kim chi and the fish cakes. I can eat them with rice all day. The brown rice is not brown rice at all and is purple rice with other things mixed in. I am definitely not a fan. I do like that they give you unlimited sides when you order certain dishes, but I hate that I feel like I bother the waiters and waitresses whenever I ask for more.

    You should only tip places like this 10% (if that) because the waiters and waitresses can be super rude or not helpful at all. One time I came here with my fiance and the second we sat down, the waiter was all up in our grill asking us what we wanted to order. We hadn't gotten a chance to look at the menu yet, so we told him to give us a couple of minutes. He never came back and whenever we tried to flag someone down (we even yelled out "EXCUSE ME!" a couple of times), no one came to take our orders. We waited for ten minutes before we decided to leave. I have been here a couple times before that, so I hope it was an isolated incident. I still don't tip more than 10% and even if the waitresses do take my order they are always in a rush and aren't always friendly.

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    I absolutely LOVE this place, BUT if you're looking for great quality seafood then look somewhere else. The sauces (I always get full house) is what makes the food so good, but it can definitely do a number on your stomach. You can also stink for HOURS, but it's definitely worth it.

    Usually, I'll get a pound of snow king crab legs, but more often than not I'll get a pound of crawfish. They'll let you know though if they don't have any live crawfish, and you can tell the difference from the live and the frozen crawfish. Their mussels are okay, but they get hard really fast and don't taste as fresh. Shrimp is always clutch and they definitely give you a lot for the pound you ask for.

    Their happy hour deals are pretty good for beer, but I can't always finish my beer when I come here because the food is much and I get so full.

    The wait can suck if you go at prime dinner time hours like 6pm. But if you go a little earlier or a little later you won't have to wait long at all. The longest I've seen the line was probably a two hour wait, but that was because there was some kind of Groupon-like deal from the Union Tribune.

    Also, the best advice I can give any one: rip some paper towels off the roll and pile them. It gets really messy, so it's a lot easier to just pick up a paper towel instead of trying to rip it off with sauce all over your hands. And if you can do it, use gloves! It doesn't make you stink less, but your hands aren't as soaked.

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