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  • 925 Blossom Hill Road
    San Jose, CA 95123
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    Disappointing experience. We came in to buy a smartphone and plan, but the young girl with a memorized sales pitch kept trying to steer us in a direction of her choosing (the benefit to T-Mobile). I already read the TMobile website info and used data calculators, but she continued to steer to things we already know are not needed. This is a very busy store. I had to wonder if there was a perk for salespeople to bring in highest financial commitments from customers. She asked no questions, just decided for herself that we needed a plan far beyond realistic for this consumer. We left and decided that online shopping offered better opportunity for reading the fine print. Sales people can sure wreck a sale at times.

  • $ Café
    44930 US Hwy 101
    Laytonville, CA 95454
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    This café turned out to be an unexpected gem along Hwy 101. We stopped in for breakfast after hours on the road. Upon entering it was evident that this was where locals like to begin their day. It's very clean. The floors looked freshly mopped, window glass clean, tables looking good, someone is taking some pride in the place. We ordered a pancake breakfast(bacon and eggs too) and a stack of pancakes. The were excellent. Most importantly, I could not detect sugar in the ingredients. Don't like sweetened pancakes. Thick, ample, golden brown, perfect. The waitress was efficient, pleasant and attentive. I happened to see a plate of eggs and potatoes being delivered to a nearby table and it made me glad that I stuck to pancakes. Fried taters have that traditional oily look that is marveled by some, avoided by others. So you see, it's just a matter of taste sometimes. I would make a point of coming back to this café if travel brings me back to the area.

  • 740 Edwards St
    Trinidad, CA 95570
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    Gads! Other reviewers were right. The man behind the counter makes Oscar the Grouch look like Mr. Rogers. We exited 101 to discover Trinidad, then happened across Katy's & stopped in to see the offerings. His uninviting  demeanor made it tough to stay, but we made a purchase anyway and left. My happy mood was dampened. Haven't tried the fish yet.

  • 747 Redwood Dr
    Garberville, CA 95542
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    It was a first time visit for lunch as we passed through Garberville. The food was ample, average, not at all memorable. We had the country breakfast which included Luke warm gravy, crispy hash browns on the oily side, and an order of a club sandwich. Again, a struggle towards average. The floor is carpeted and looked to have not been swept recently. Walls were in want of cleaning, door asking for a soapy rub down. Looks like a place where regulars frequent, so that a good sign, isn't it? Our waitress was the very good. Friendly, helpful, deserving of her tip. I'd hire her away if I had a competing cafe.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    We dropped in for a first time visit and ordered a few pastry items. Clerk was friendly and helpful. When trying to decide on which pastries to buy I noticed a fly walking on one of them. Discretely I informed the girl behind the counter while also following through with our order. She shooed the fly away. When I sat at a nearby table I could see the reason for fly intrusions. On the clerk's side of the counter the pastry display has no enclosure. There are grooves in the cabinet for sliding panels, but there are no panels. It's wide open. Convenient for the sales staff, equally convenient for an errant fly with no sense of courtesy.

  • $$ Hotel
    160 Shoreline Hwy
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
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    This is only my opinion. The hotel is just off the freeway, but not far enough off to put it in a scenic area. More like a truck stop aura. It's an older premises that may have been upgraded, I'm not sure. Our room was adequate, but upon finding ample finger smudge marks on the sliding glass window leading to the back patio, it tainted my feeling of overall cleanliness. The complimentary breakfast was okay, nothing memorable. Behind the hotel however is a vast network of walking/biking paved trails through protected wetlands. Perfect for that early morning walk while planning the day for other activities. I went to management with a problem, but like another past reviewer I experienced what came across to me as a frustrating condescending response.

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    I've used John's Automotive as my primary 'car fixer' for about 20 yrs. This week I came in again for a minor problem, but a problem none the less. Mike took the info. They remedied the problem. The price was reasonable. They briefed me on possible causes and future actions. I've always been satisfied with this business.

  • 1550 Tiburon Blvd
    Tiburon, CA 94920
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    While visiting Tiburon from San Jose we stopped in at Woodland's Market to look around. The deli section looked so good that we ordered a couple sandwiches and ate them at the outside tables. The first thing my wife noticed upon entering the store was such high prices...compared to the South Bay, that is. She thought fruit was nearly double in price. Loved the store though and lunch was nice.

  • 152 Shoreline Hwy
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Food was great and our waiter very responsive and personable. The only mismatch was that I don't have a sufficiently sophisticated taste for artistic food presentations to walk away from this dining experience feeling as great as the plate looked. Our modest portions were arranged very pretty, but our stomachs hoped for more. The bill was ample, so there's that.

    C Z.
    Kommentar von C Z. von Frantoio Ristorante
    30.7.2014 Thank you so much for your kind words, we appreciate your patronage.
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    First time visit. Girl ignored our entry and looked tired/bored. We sat at a table, got our own menu, what next? Maybe they don't wait on tables, but I can't tell. A few more customers come in and go right to counter to order. Ok, maybe that's how it's done. I go to counter, but she curtly reminds me someone else is first. Hard to tell. I accepted my rude, curt awakening, then walked out and went elsewhere.

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