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    Whoa! Can't believe the negative reviews. I've had a few less than gourmet meals here, but the pizza and salads are great! Margherita is perfection! This is not NY style and has more cheese than you'd find on your normal extra extra cheese pizza at your local joint!

    I will concede that their credit card-tipping  policy is annoying and I wish they'd change it! But I just make sure I always have some cash!

  • 3074 US Rt 9
    Valatie, NY 12184
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    The best cider donuts! THE BEST! Year round availability on the donuts. The fruit is seasonal, but who goes for the fruit?

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    Second to none! Our go to place for special occasions! Food is top notch, always consistently good. Pricey, but that's why it's a special place!

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    We are seasoned restaurant go-ers and we are always looking for new places to celebrate special occasions. We had been excited to try Diamond Mills for quite some time. We finally decided to try it out to celebrate my mom's birthday. The Tavern at Diamond Mills is a beautiful restaurant in a magnificent location overlooking the waterfall. The views are what gave my review one of its stars. The menu selection is pretty limited and it took everyone in our party quite a while to find something that they would eat. The food was good, but somewhat sub par for the price. There was also a bit of inconsistency with the food as a few in our party ordered the same steak entree and were served visibly different sized cuts of meat. The service was for a lack of a better word, weird. We had a large party celebrating a birthday, so we had two servers. They were both rather young and seemed quite inexperienced to be working in a restaurant that is trying to be upscale. They were both awkward and intrusive and kept trying to take plates before people were finished. The food and service themselves weren't causes enough for us to not enjoy this restaurant...

    RANT WARNING! See below:

    The biggest complaint about Diamond Mills is the fact that they were having a Rehearsal Dinner while we were trying to enjoy our very expensive meal celebrating my mom's birthday. Now, of course this restaurant is the type of place that hosts weddings and events of all sorts, which is all fine and good. Kudos to them and the happy couple! Mazel!  However, my complaint is that they did not design their facilities in a very smart way. The main dining room is a very large room with tall (probably 30 foot) ceilings that is overlooked by a large party space that is loft like = open to below. There are stairs coming down from the loft space that lead to main dining room. There is then a small receiving room (that may be used as dining space usually, I am unsure) that leads out to the large deck overlooking the waterfall. So, a few minutes into our dinner, throngs of people began traipsing through the main dining room right past our table on their way outside for the cocktail portion of the evening out on the deck. Then about halfway through our meal, the same people traipsed by again on their way back through the dining room and up the stairs to the party space. This was, by itself, very loud and quite the interruption of our meal. So this group of probably about 100 people gathered in the party space which was completely open to the large dining room. Naturally, the gathering above was quite loud and we could not even make conversation at our table. When the party goers finally got settled, then came the speeches. By now, we were some of the last people in the dining room. We got the pleasure of being party to all of the traditional speeches (microphone & loudspeaker included) given at a rehearsal dinner (and/or wedding). Needless to say, we got to learn a great deal about the bride and groom!

    I don't imagine that weddings are held in that space above the dining room, as the music and carousing that goes on would completely ruin the experience of dinner-goers. And a normal gathering, sans music, probably wouldn't be that big of a nuisance to people in the dining room.

    Again, I don't fault what seemed to be a lovely family celebrating their happy occasion for our negative experience. The restaurant was not designed properly to hold those types of events when dinner service is going on below. It was just a bad bad experience that doesn't have any of us hankering to return anytime soon.

  • Pemaquid Dr
    New Harbor, ME 04554
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    We visited The Contented Sole twice on our week long stay in New Harbor. There aren't a lot of restaurants to choose from around the area, and we are not ones to cook on vacation (or anytime!). It was definitely a welcome surprise to learn of this restaurant. This place is tough to find. I'm not even sure how we came to find out about it. (Probably from a local brochure, or something) The entrance is a bit of an odd setup. It almost feels like you're walking into a catering space more than a restaurant. It was a bit awkward walking in because there wasn't a host stand or anything welcoming you. They appeared to have been hosting a local meeting of some sort on our first visit, so perhaps things had been rearranged.

    Our first visit was late in the evening. I'm not sure of the time, but it was definitely after dark in mid July, so probably around 8:30-9:00. We were the only ones inside and were sat at a picnic-type table inside near the door on the bar side of the restaurant. There were still some folks sitting outside so the servers were walking in and out the door. The mosquitoes were in rare form and completely hounded us for the entire meal.  Because we were right near the door, we were the perfect victims! It was annoying and it pretty much ruined our meal. Not necessary the restaurant's fault, but it was a big problem, but wouldn't have been if we were sat elsewhere in the large restaurant. The food was very good, and somewhat gourmet for the atmosphere. I wouldn't necessary come here for a good value on a lobster dinner. It is much more than that.

    We decided to return on our last night in town, as we had already exhausted the rest of the dining options in town. We headed there early before the mosquitoes came out for the night.  We were seated on the front side of the restaurant in a nice section with a great view. The service was a little on the slow side as they were quite busy, it being early evening. The food was terrific and now that we know when not to come, we will definitely return on our future stays in the area.

  • 70 Pope Ave
    Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
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    Our go-to place upon arriving in Hilton Head! A little Mexican "hole in the wall" that isn't really. The food is fresh, delicious, a little on the expensive side for mexican, but worth it! Try the barbecue chicken salad!

  • 180 Delaware Ave
    Delmar, NY 12054
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    I can't believe I didn't know this place existed until recently! It really is the "hidden cafe!" We found it by accident when visiting the plaza, now we pretty much only come to the plaza for dinner!

    The little place might leave a something to be desired in terms of decor for the snobbish who are looking for a fancy place. It's just fine to me.  It's small, so if you come on Friday or Saturday, make a reservation. I've walked in on every occasion, but it was usually earlier in the week.

    The food is terrific, really top notch! Not at all what I was expecting. The Hummus is the BEST THING EVER!!! I could just eat that when I go, but of course I don't... I usually don't  get an appetizer, but I once tried the Shrimp Oreganata which was divine! The Philly Flat Iron is my go to entree. It is up there with some of the best steak I've ever had. It is seasoned to perfection and topped with roasted garlic and blue cheese, absolutely delicious! I can't comment on dessert as I've never had any because I am always completely full!

    The staff is friendly, efficient and very accommodating.

    My one complaint about the Hidden Cafe is that they have pretty limited hours (close at 9:00, even on Friday & Sat.) and they're closed Sunday and Monday.

  • 579 Troy Schenectady Rd
    Latham, NY 12110
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    As bad as it can get. Horrible food. Overpriced. Bad Service. Will never go back.

  • $$ Hotel
    1312 Commerce St
    Lynchburg, VA 24504
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    This is a great hotel! It's cuteness is really immeasurable. I mean it is really, really adorable! All the little shoe details are super fun, loved the shoes everywhere, especially the shoe-shaped chairs in the lobby! Although this place is super charming with it's old world features, it really doesn't sacrifice anything. Everything is so well done and so very clean. All the staff were just wonderful and very accommodating.

    The rooms are very well-appointed and large. My room was very clean although there was some signs of wear in the bathroom.(The wallpaper was peeling in spots due to water damage. I'll never understand why hotels put wallpaper in bathrooms!) The beds were very soft and comfortable and the sheets were incredible silky. There was a nice sofa and lounge chair and a desk with Ethernet hookup (There was also free Wifi which worked well). There was a good sized closet with lots of storage room and a full length mirror. The TV had a very large selection of channels. Although, because my room was so large the TV was very far away from the beds. I didn't watch too much TV so it wasn't a big issue. I loved the large windows and the window treatments were very easy to open and close! The windows do open so beware of that! I loved the old shoe box that you placed outside your room at night for breakfast to be delivered in the next morning. It was a very neat touch and brought the shoe theme into the room.

    I do have a couple of gripes that kept me from giving five stars. I wanted to completely love this hotel, but I just couldn't! First, there isn't a great deal of parking. Luckily we were able to park in the lot each night, but I could see there being a problem if the hotel was at full capacity. Second, there might be a bit of an issue with privacy in the bathrooms for some. The bathrooms (at least in the two rooms our party was staying in) had doors with frosted glass tops. In my room (406), there was an issue with the shower design. The tub was recessed around a tiled base. From the edge of the tile to the inside of the tub, it was a good 10-12 inches. For those with handicaps or short legs (me!) it was pretty difficult to step into the tub. However, my parent's room had a different setup with a very nice walk in shower. If you have mobility issues, I would request a room with the walk in shower.

    And the last gripe of all, you probably guessed it: THE TRAIN! It is so very lovely to be downtown in the old manufacturing district, except that the train hasn't vanished along with all the industry!! The train might not be a bothersome for all, heck it didn't even really bother me after the first night. However, if you're a light sleeper, you might want to think twice about staying here, because the train is very loud and extremely frequent especially during the night. They do have noise machines available in the lobby to help drown out the noise.

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    I've been wanting to try American Glory ever since it opened, but I never got around to it. So I finally hit it up a couple of weeks ago with my cousin and sister for a girl's night. First off, it was a Tuesday night, we arrived at about 7:30 and there was live music playing. I'm not a big fan of live music in restaurants, especially small ones with bad acoustics. The "band" was about six feet away from where we were sitting and it was so loud, you couldn't think let alone talk to each other. Now, in this type of establishment, I might expect there might be music on a Friday or Saturday night, but on a Tuesday night at 7:30, I really just wanted to have a nice quiet conversation.  Thankfully, they only played for about a half an hour longer and from then on it was very pleasant.

    The food was just okay. It really depended on the dish. For appetizers, we had mac & cheese balls and buffalo shrimp. The mac and cheese balls were pretty good and strangely addictive. The buffalo shrimp were average, save for one that was discovered to either not have been fully cooked or had gone bad. That one was not so good.

    The entrees were good. Probably would not be considered authentic Southern BBQ by the connoisseurs, but for me it seemed pretty good.

    Dessert was an oversize choco-chip cookie and chocolate flourless cake. Both were good, flourless cake was better!

    *Charged me for a refill, which is a small mason jar with lots of ice. I think soda was $1.95, charged $1.25 for refill. I don't like it when restaurants charge for refills, especially when your'e not being excessive.

    On this particular night, the employees seemed to be in a hurry to leave. There was one waitress and a bartender. Shortly after we received our meal, they started cleaning up the tables, taking the condiments off, etc. This was about 8:15, I would say. They advertise as being open until 10 pm, but they were turning away tables starting at about 8 pm. I would estimate that about 7 couples came in to eat and they turned them away saying that they had shut down the kitchen because they were slow. I believe that's called a lull! I'd be concerned if I were the proprietor as they probably lost quite a bit of $$$ from what I witnessed. And if I had been one of the people they turned away almost 2 hours before the posted closing time, I wouldn't come back.

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