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  • 211 E Ocean Blvd
    Long Beach, CA 90802
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    Jonathan, Pedro and Luis helped us with a big move today, and we're very pleased with the results. Our cozily furnished two-bedroom apartment took basically a 9 to 5 shift for the whole move. Everything was done very professionally . We were mostly packed but had several items that needed to be boxed, wrapped, etc. - sure, it cost extra for those materials, but it was worth having it done by these guys. Above all, everyone was very pleasant and understanding, even by the end of the long day. Thanks, guys!

  • 2943 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
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    ***This review is for take-out coffee. Clearly I can't know everything about the Local experience given that I only stopped in once for joe on my way to work, but I was so impressed by the customer service and the delicious espresso that I felt moved to star them.

    My breve latte was perfect! I wish I'd gotten the name of the gentleman working the counter (it was Monday, 3/23, around 11:15...). He made an exquisite and simple drink for me, and unlike the majority of baristas I've encountered in L.A., he actually knew what a breve was! (I ordered a latte and asked for half and half in it, as I've given up using the word "breve" in this cream-phobic vegan city.)

    I've worked in customer service for years. This guy should train people on how to give good attitude. He was positive and upbeat without creepin' - just a genuinely nice person trying to make sure I had a great experience.

  • 411 Opera Alley
    Eureka, CA 95501
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    Stiff drinks, a classy atmosphere, date-worthy mood lighting, fine service, great decor, beautifully kept restrooms. The Opera Alley location is cool -- just "off-the-strip" enough to make you feel hip for knowing where it is.

    It's a small space with limited seating; I've only once or twice been able to comfortably sit at the bar. On Arts Alive (or most weekend nights) you'll probably be standing, but the packed-like-sardines thing just adds to the vibe.

    Drinks aren't outrageously priced, yet you can go all out and get designer cocktails if you want. Lots of beer choices, too.

  • $$ Kneipe
    3331 W 8th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90005
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    This place is fuckin' sexy. Good ambience and delicious pickle-backs (TRY IT). Karaoke was a revelation. Go here for a dirty, delicious LA experience.

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    I love the Alibi! The Eureka location is a much larger venue, with two beautiful bars and plenty of tables for the restaurant side of things. There's also a very nicely located pool table, a balcony, an upstairs room that exists for mysterious purposes (definitely not for smoking, no no) and spacious, well-kept restrooms. The best part? The staff, who -- regardless of whether they're flirty or brusque -- mix a damn good drink. I can't wait until they make karaoke a regular thing.

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    This is the burrito truck that parks outside Toby & Jack's late at night --  a strong contender for best food truck in Arcata. Sure, drunk people will hit up this truck regardless of its quality, because it's ten feet from the back entrance of the bar; yet this truck actually delivers. Victor is a wonderfully pleasant guy and the tortillas are simply scrumptious. He's always playing good music on his radio and is great at customer service. The prices are higher than La Chiquita but still OK. I'm definitely heading out for a burrito tonight.

  • 887 H St
    Arcata, CA 95521
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    First of all, this place is yummy. Really yummy. Down-home decadence with a gorgeous presentation on every dish I've had there.

    The service is also great. Luke is a total badass, and all his employees are pleasant, engaging, and quick on their feet.  I adore stopping into Luke's because I know I'll get a genuine smile, some witty banter, and positive energy.

    Go in for breakfast *early* because it doesn't stay slow for long, and enjoy the view of the Plaza.

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    After looking at the bike selection at Humboldt Bay Trade & Pawn, we stopped in here. We were greeted warmly as soon as we came in, and the overall vibe was friendlier. The guy assured my boyfriend that if he liked one of the bikes, he'd make the price right for him. He also encouraged him to take down and play a guitar he was eyeing.

    This place does not have nearly as much merchandise as HBTP, so their bike selection was limited to four or five, and the store was generally emptier. Still, they had enough stuff so that you could browse for a while... jewelry, musical instruments, and other typical pawn-shop things.

    We had quite a positive experience in the short time we were there and will likely go back, mostly due to the great customer service.

  • 425 Snug Alley
    Eureka, CA 95501
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    I came into Berliner's this spring on a mission that had nothing to do with classical music -- my boyfriend and I were searching for a chess set. Not necessarily a gorgeous one, just a set we could play on. Finding nothing in Arcata, we drove to Eureka and looked around. Someone at one of the galleries (where they did have chess sets, carved of marble and costing hundreds) pointed us toward Berliner's.

    Leon was talking to two friends when we entered, so we simply started looking around; he then went out of his way to greet us, offer us some white wine, introduce us to his friends, and give us information on the chess sets. He opened the one I was looking at so I could look at the pieces, even though it was in a shrinkwrapped box.

    The store is such a little gem that it's hard to resist looking around the place, even if you came in not knowing what was there. There are CDs all over the place with helpful, handwritten signs (in calligraphy!) telling you which section you're in. Though it is, of course, largely classical music, there's also folk, Celtic, traditional chants, Broadway musical soundtracks, featured music by local musicians, and some DVDs. I wanted to buy MUCH more than a chess set, but could only really afford to throw in one CD, so I asked Leon to recommend some Satie. He showed me two CDs that I could choose between, while telling me about Satie's nickname, the Velvet Gentleman.

    Leon is a true character and is a great guy to talk to. I am SO glad this business exists. For a great date, go there and then enjoy some chocolate from the chocolatier next door while sitting near the gazebo just outside.

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    La Chiquita is great. Esteban and his partner (I wish I knew her name) give fast, pleasant service. The burritos are filling and yummy, and the location is excellent and easy to find - across the street from Tin Can and diagonal to the Minor.

    I would give them five stars if they were open later -- and if I could know that their ingredients were at all fresh, healthy or local rather than supplied by Sysco. (Dining at La Chiquita is a suspension of those worries!)

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