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    Unable to all! (Even when the financial is in favor of the restaurant bc I just want the food I want!)  He was incredibly rude about it, to boot.  The manager was nice enough after our rude server went to get her at our request.  She explained that corporate has the individual stores over a barrel...unfortunate.

    This place used to have some yummy options for vegetarians.  Bottomless potato soup...yum!  Of course, it's no longer bottomless. The historic accompanying salad used to be fairly respectable...not any more.  Things like that.  It's not even possible to rearrange the appetizer sampler to be vegetarian, apparently.  

    If you're a veggie whose friends really want meat andwho used to be thankful there were safe, tasty, items on the menu for you to enjoy as the cow was led on up to 'their side of the table'...No longer.  RIP Black Angus...I won't be back soon.

  • 301 Old San Francisco Rd
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086
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    Review is just for the, friendly, no fuss.  
    I came here to have bloodwork done for my sole doc who's not with either PAMF or Stanford. (He's at El Camino Hospital.)  I was told there should be no problem faxing my results over before my appt at EC Hosp. tomorrow and they'll cc my PAMF team and I'll have access to the results via MyHealthOnline.  Perfect and pleasant!  (They'd get a fifth start, but their hours are pretty restrictive.)

  • 235 E Maude Ave
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
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    Review is mostly for the food, but I'll mention my interaction with the staff.

    Reasons to patronize: Family run. Cheap food that's still of acceptable quality. Speed/Freshness. Willingness to make changes to the regular menu to accommodate dietary restrictions. Neat produce market next door. (Buy mangos for dessert while your food's being made) Delivery for orders over $25.00  Online ordering. Plenty of (probably!) single professionals popping in to pick up dinner for more interesting to some than others, but I'd lay strong odds on this being a previously undiscovered singles' hot spot.  Lol If ya play your cards right then that dinner at home for one could easily become dinner for two at the restaurant or a nearby park! Decor isn't awful, but it's nothing special.  Good for groups.  Didn't check the restroom, but disability friendly otherwise.  (I didn't even get asked anything about my Service Dog! A+!)  The staff was kind enough to box my order and bring it out to my car when it was ready.  Mistake/oversight was taken care of with style, apologies, and NO fuss or even questions asked.

    Cons: Very basic 'American Chinese' food....hearty, filling, tasty - but not much beyond that. I'd gotten MuShu and noticed I'd not been given pancakes/plum sauce...or plastic ware...or napkins.  I'd requested extra egg on two dishes...if this is extra egg I would hate to see 'normal'!  They did forget the pancakes and plum sauce for the mu shu.

    Basically, I can't get myself to give this place 5 stars because there's pretty much not a thing about it that really impressed me.  They're getting a full four stars from me, though, because there also was not a single thing that was bad!

    In short, it's solid, quick, easy, inexpensive, Food.  As long as your expectation going in is humble and you are just looking for modest, filling, 'comfort Am. Chinese' food without a ton of frills, bells, or probably will come away with a full tummy, leftovers, and maybe a bit of a smile...but don't plan on bringing extra socks bc the ones you walked in wearing got knocked off during your dining experience.

    Good value.

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    Where were you the last time you ended up paying about $10 more than expected simply because you wanted/planned to do something nice? Not cool, Merit!

    I'm something of a regular here...just like, I'm sure, the thousands of other veggies who are fortunate enough to live at all nearby.  I usually think this place is the best...but I've learned that $$ CLEARLY is their #1.  Disappointing. Money's important, but I'll explain.  What happened was NOT ok.

    I have a friend who comes in from the Central Valley about once a month for appointments. We always have nice visits, girl talk, dinner. I provide the cozy accommodations. She pays for dinner. I've been talking Merit up. It became our July restaurant.  My friend is the generous type. We ordered  *a lot* of food. I'm a slow eater...molasses slow! She ordered a dessert with a coffee (to keep awake so I felt no pressure to be done and could continue working on the food...which I needed!).  After a bit, she asked for just a bit more coffee.

    Coffee is usually a free refill type item. Eateries give dinners a warning if there's going to be a free for a refill. Tea is typically similar.  So, we find a charge of about $3.50 for coffee and one of $1.50 (for tea?) on the bill. She mentions it. Also mentions wishing they'd told her that her 2nd cup of coffee would have a refill price. The employee became confused and started going over the bill line-by-line. Apologized that a mistake had been made. We'd been charged incorrectly. She said she'd get it fixed up and bring a new bill over to the table. Ok. No problem.  

    The bill was altered to charge her for each of her coffees.  If they'd even just left the tea charge and cracked a joke about getting off easy, fine. But...

    Sorry, Merit. I've been a great customer for ya'll and you've gotten more than a few new, repeat, customers thanks to me.

    The food has remained similar. Your service has slipped some over the last year and I've still stuck around. Still a loyal supporter and customer - just started getting more take out!  Now, Thanks to a "fix" and two whole dollars, I no longer feel that I can recommend the food and service here nearly the way I once did.  I certainly will no longer be using this as my local go-to almost automatic suggestion for the many 'meetings with meals' I schedule or am treated to.

    :-(   Add $2.  Subtract 3 stars. What are you left with? One less regular customer and the lunch/dinner partners that regular always brought your way. :-(

  • 2956 Scott Blvd
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
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    Well...I ended up giving them another try and things actually went REALLY well!  So, I was restricted to this one massage therapist for awhile.  Fairly recently my massage buddy ended up with a different person than their usual and suggested that I try her sometime.  I went ahead and took a chance.  I admit I was pretty nervous having had such lousy experiences, but it's good to have a back up person.  I was pleasantly surprised by Ashley.  So, I'm going to go ahead and give them a higher rating, but please note that my rating is ONLY for Ashley, Ken and the facility as a whole.  

    Ken can get a little confused sometimes, but he's usually very good - especially if you like REALLY deep pressure and a lot of accupressure.  I know he can be more gentle, but just an FYI to all...  Ashley is really intuitive in her massage style.  She checks in periodically if you don't offer up info, but she does just kind of jump in there and get to massaging. I think every other CMT I've had has at least asked me how much pressure I wanted.  Not Ashley!  lol  I was briefly concerned until I realized that she was trying things and using the feedback my body was giving her to dictate where she went next, what she focused on, and how much pressure she used. works like a charm.  I'm also impressed that she can give as much pressure as she does.  She has to get creative to do it (using elbows and knees at times!), but I'm more comfortable with female CMTs so finding a woman who can really do deep pressure well AND understand all of my verbal feedback is great!  I also note that my friend thinks Sunny is almost magic...I haven't had her, but I figure it's worth noting.  

    Ladies and couples - a really awesome thing is that they have a two bed room and don't charge more for it.  It'd be romantic enough for a couple, but it's not that extra special like I've seen in some places.  Two beds in one room is kind of cool if you want to chat a bit with a friend while getting a relaxing massage - and you're close enough with that friend that you're both ok stripping down and being nudey-butt together for those 10 seconds before you both are covered by sheets.  lol  ;)  (I suppose I shouldn't have left out guys who are friends, but getting massages together doesn't seem like something most "bros" are going to do!  lol)

    As always, the price is right.  Inexpensive for what you get.  Tip: Either do an hour or two hours.  The hour and a half isn't such a great deal.  

    Enjoy!  Relax!

    ***update to my update...I'd take away half a star if I could, but it's not quite worth docking them a full star.  I just called to make an appointment for either today or tomorrow and (after a broken and very confusing conversation) determined that even though they have the rooms, they don't have enough CMTs.  Yes, I'm booking kind of last minute - like I always do - so if everything was booked, that'd be cool.  To find out that they have the rooms but not the CMTs?!?!?!?  I thought people were looking for work these days.  What gives?

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    Not someplace I'll be coming back to.  Been here twice now and they aren't bad exactly but they… Weiterlesen
  • 1290 Benton St
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
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    Good food. Quick service. Caprese salad appetizer paired with bread is basically a meal...taking my whole entrée home for awesome leftovers.

  • 3601 Prescott Rd
    Modesto, CA 95356
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    I don't live here, but even as a guest of some residents...I'm compelled to write a quick review.  If you are disabled in any way, this is NOT the place for you.  Not only will the desk staff not even walk the thirty feet to a housebound person's apartment to bring a package that gets dropped off at the front office...if your doctor writes a note saying he/she doesn't think you should be living there any more???  Yeah, they'll let you out of your lease, but they'll charge you almost half a month's rent (even if you only have one month left on the lease anyway!). They're "nice" enough about it, I suppose???   I just find it all to be tacky behavior on the part of the business/office and I'm SO glad my friends no longer will be living at this horrid place.

  • 5403 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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    I thought part of the definition of ihop was that they're 24 hours.  Apparently not.  It's half an hour until midnight and this ihop was dark and closed...thankfully we called the one on great America parkway and a not-too-happy waitress informed us that that location is 24 hours.  Off we go, starving.

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    It's IHOP, okay.  I think that about sums it up.  If that's the kind of food you're after, it's just… Weiterlesen
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    The quality here went down when the place got new ownership, but it's still darn tasty.  Prices are reasonable and the service is wicked fast.  I could do without the hideous deco that came with the ownership change, but it's a reliable go-to spot.  I've had most everything on the menu.  Appetizers: the drumsticks and scallion pancakes are always a big hit.  Not sure why the spinach linguine salad is listed as an appetizer, but it's darn good.  I'd suggest the orange steak and the half a roaster chicken, but what my top picks are is going to vary by the month!  Not to mention, the soup is a yummy free bonus and Baskin Robbins is next door.  Free soup and 31 flavors next door...hard to go wrong!

  • 320 W El Camino Real
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
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    Only reviewing my exam....

    I have VSP and knew nothing about my benefits.  I read the yelp reviews and can say with fair certainty that they've gotten a new receptionist....which is what they were really getting dinged for.  It was a little assembly line, but everyone was really nice and professional.  They even gave me a hard copy of my rx and measured my PD so I could buy glasses online if I can't get back in or don't want to pay the brick and mortar prices for my frames and lenses.  Heck, I even thought I'd lost my rx right after I got home and when I called they offered to write it all down again for me, no problem.  In fact, the receptionist even took the time to write down all my insurance benefits on my copay receipt just so I have the info in the future.  I'll be suggesting them to my friends!

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