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    My friends threw me the most spectacular bachelorette party that a girl could ever ask for, and let's just say that besides champagne and inappropriate cake designs, there was a very talented lady named kellita who put on a fantastic show...

    she was sexy, classy, feisty, and fun...

    i would highly recommend her and am looking forward to checking out her classes as soon as possible!

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    I've been seeing Lisa for four years now and every time is perfect.  Her brow shaping is awesome (I always feel better after a visit to her) and when it comes to the Brazilian, always a delicate topic, she's discreet, quick, and makes it as painless as possible!  
    Also, her facials, if you can treat yourself to one, are always fantastic and I come out glowing.

    Definitely check her out.

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    When my partner and I came here for the first time over two years ago - we were nervous!  But the amazing hosts quickly put us at ease and it became one of our favorite weekend distractions.  As soon as I walk into that space, I immediately feel sexy, safe and relaxed...
    The people are hot,  the space is sensual, and the music makes you want to dance (and other things...) - what more could you ask for out of a swingers club?
    And as icing on the cake, we have become close friends with a lot of the other couples we met there!
    A few recommendations for first-timers:
        The party heats up between 11-11:30, so grabbing a drink in the neighborhood can be a nice way to start the evening.
        Wear something you look good in and most importantly FEEL good in! Girls - you can never go wrong in a soft, sexy nightie and Boys - something snazzy is always appreciated.  
       And most importantly - just be yourself!  It's a great party and the more real you are, the more fun you'll have.

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