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  • One Ritz-Carlton Drive
    Kapalua, HI 96761
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    I visited this spa while vacation in Maui and my fiance wanted to play 36 holes at the Plantation and Bay Golf Courses in Kapalua. I had originally wanted to visit the Spa Montage to keep me entertained but when I called for a facial, I thought $270 was crazy. After calling the Ritz, $170 seemed less of a shock.

    Upon arriving I was greeted at the front entrance where they gave me the directions to the spa. Friendly bellman and thorough directions since it's a bit of a walk to get to the spa. After the walk through the hotel and arriving at the spa, I realized that the spa didn't open until 8:30am and I was there at 8 so I headed up to the fitness center and got in a quick workout since you have access while visiting the spa. Nice selection of equipment though it would have been nice to have it open air since you are in paradise and this side of the island was much more windy than Wailea and would have provided a nice breeze.

    Arriving at the spa I was greeted by two very friendly employees. Erin was one and I believe the other was named Tricia. Both were extremely helpful in giving me the run down of the place and very friendly. I was receiving their fall facial that included some sort of pumpkin and yam products. The facility was nice. Definitely a step above your standard day spa but I would agree with the many spa ranking lists I looked at that this probably should be ranked about #8 on the island. We had visited Grand Wailea spa and it was much more elaborate than this facility. It has everything you need though, dry spa, steam room, Jacuzzi, nice showers, a nice area to freshen up and the standard lockers. The slippers they provided were okay, mine had a hole in the back so every time I stepped, you heard a 'whooosh'. The robs were nice as well.

    The co-ed area was nice with lots of seating, great snacks that included dried mango and candied pecans and another jacuzzi but this one was outside surrounded by some landscaping and rock wall. The chairs around the area were very relaxing but there seemed to be a lot of foot traffic through this area and two very loud air conditioners. It did add white noise to the area which wasn't terrible but I would have preferred to hear more natural sounds while lounging in paradise. You can't see the pool or the ocean from this area, you are more tucked within the resort, below the fitness center.

    I was picked up for my treatment 10 min after my scheduled time by Jennifer. The room was standard for a spa but the bed was extremely comfortable. The treatment was okay but it wasn't as relaxing as some of my other facials. My skin did seem improved afterwards and she used the NuFace therapy, though I can't say what exactly contributed it to the difference I noticed. It seemed more like a face treatment than the relaxation experiences I've encountered elsewhere.  She spent a fair amount of time cleaning items between steps. I personally feel like they should do the cleanup once the treatment is over because I know I spent a good 5-7 minutes after most the facial was over, laying on the table while she washed bowls, open and closed things, and the like. Definitely took away from the relaxation a bit. In addition, my hands had been in warming gloves for most of the treatment and when they were removed, she pulled them off and my hands were left to fall on the bed and she announced my treatment was over and she would meet me outside. Definitely a more abrupt ending than I had expected.

    After my treatments I visited the pool and encountered a friendly employee named Paul that setup my lounge chair with towels. Drink service was friendly as well and the pool was beautiful.

    I had a nice experience overall and warrants the 4 stars. The staff and the property were great but I wouldn't say its a must see spa while in Maui but it was still a nice, relaxing day.

  • 9800 E Indian Bend Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85256
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    I had the pleasure of visiting the Spa at Talking Stick again with my finance after receiving a nice note from Steve Gerken, the Director of Hospitality, after not having a great experience at the resort last year. To welcome us back for a second visit, he offered a gift card and it remained on my fridge for nearly a year before we could plan a return trip. By the time we were able to go back, I realized it had expired. I reached back out to Steve to see if we could have the card reinstated and he quickly replied and offered to leave a new card at the front desk. So awesome! He did warn me that this particular weekend there would be a pool party and that they had expected over 3000 people to attend. I thanked him for the warning as we had originally planned on making it a pool day after our spa treatments. We decided it wouldn't be a big deal and that we would come home afterwards and enjoy our own pool after our treatments.

    I called the spa to partake in the Spring Training special of a 60min massage for $79 and set up our appointments. I requested Gwen again since she was fantastic last year and was pleased when I found out she was available at the time we wanted.

    When we arrived at the hotel, we used the self parking on the west side of building and took a short walk in. No messing with the crazy valet. You could tell the hotel was much busier with the pool party going on. We saw the same person who checked us in a year prior at Registration and she did seem more friendly this time but we had another helpful person assist us with picking up the gift card.  Thankfully there was no issue with picking up the card and we were on our way up to the spa.

    Upon check-in the spa was exactly how I remembered it. The staff at the front were helpful and I got a tour of the facility again. It was nice to still see they had the co-ed area to hang out in. I also noticed in the women's waiting area some really good trail-mix that hadn't been there last time. Dried strawberries and nuts? YES, please! The steam sauna felt good and so did the Jacuzzi. Per Steve's warning, the pool party was in full swing downstairs. What I didn't expect was the loud bass throughout my spa visit. I actually enjoyed the music when you could walk out on the balcony and watch the party BUT all you could hear in the spa was the thud of the bass. It was definitely distracting during use of the Jacuzzi but having been warned prior, I didn't mind it too much. Some of the other spa patrons didn't appreciate it though. I was told that these parties go on throughout the summer so if you are looking for a total blissed out day, ask the front desk if there will be a pool party going on that day and you might want to consider another day.

    Dawn came and got me right on time and took me back to the treatment room. The massage was just as incredible as the one I had last year. Everything she did felt really good and it seem to last a really long time..but in a good way. The table was slightly warm but a quick request to turn down the heat made it perfect. I only wish I could make it back here more frequently! My fiance had upgraded to a sports massage and while he thoroughly enjoyed it, we were initially charged the full price of that massage rather than an upgrade to the standard massage. They quickly changed it at checkout after I questioned the charge with no push back.

    If you're looking for a great massage, definitely go make an appointment with Dawn!

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    My boyfriend surprised me with two night at TSR for our anniversary and part of the fun was a… Weiterlesen
  • $$$ Buffet
    3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    My most recent trip to Vegas somehow ended up being buffet galore and this buffet still takes the gold in my opinion. I had been here once and remembered the experience fondly but when I saw Cesar's and Cosmo were higher rated, we tried them and this is still, by far my favorite! If you can sit in the middle, under the atrium window, it definitely adds to the experience. Exactly the kind of food that I wanted to eat. The Wicked Spoon as Cosmo on a Monday at 11am was very mismatched with not too much I actually wanted to eat. The Bacchanal at Cesars for Sunday brunch was good but I hated their dining area. It was too dark and bland and reminded me too much of a buffet feel. While they did have the most seafood selection, that didn't appeal to me in the least since I don't eat fish.  

    Don't be fooled by the reviews...if you are looking for an atmosphere and great food, this place is still the BEST in Vegas.

  • 3801 S Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
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    I have stayed at the Aria, the Wynn, and the Luxor while in Vegas and would NEVER recommend anyone stay here. My fiance and I were meeting another couple in Vegas and while we were driving from Phoenix, they were flying in from Atlanta, and I wanted to limit their costs so I agreed to stay here. Based on the price, and the reputation of having the best pool in Vegas, we booked our rooms. I have NO idea how this place got best pool? Maybe back when it was built?? I booked us a Bungalow room with hopes of having a nicer than standard room and got a decent deal through their website. Self parking was free and that was about the nicest thing I could say about this place.

    There are no doormen to help you when you arrive, not that you expect that at this level of hotel but it would have been nice given the double doors and carrying suitcases. Check-in went smoothly and we were told we could pick up our cookies from another location within the hotel. I have no idea why they wouldn't have them at the Registration desk, if only to hope you forget about picking up their free cookie...which we did.

    Walking through the casino you are engulfed by smoke. Many, if not all, of the newer properties in Vegas have a much better ventilation system to handle the smoke. This place was like something out of the 80s. The casino floor was very small and only one small area of tables. When we were at the tables or slots, we were never approached by a cocktail waitress at either.

    The Bungalow rooms are behind a locked door that you have to use your key to access. This gave me high hopes that our room would be really nice. They were quickly squashed...not to mention you almost get knocked over if someone is leaving the Bungalow area. Watch out for those red doors! We were put on the second floor and the elevator in this area is TINY. And SLOW. We only took the elevator when arriving the first day and leaving on our last. The rest of the time we took the stairs and that's never a pleasant experience anyway.

    Upon entering our room 5234, there was a musty smell and we were startled by the extremely loud door slamming behind us. Since our door did this, it meant everyone's did this, so it made for a noisy experience as people don't catch the doors on the way in and out. The room was spacious but no mini fridge (though not the norm in Vegas) but it would have been appreciated for the two mini water bottles they provided. The bathroom was small with very limited room on the vanity. They supplied you with shampoo, conditioner and lotion...NO body wash so bring your own.  In addition, the toilet paper holder was broken and housekeeping neatly folded the toilet paper end and placed it on the back of the toilet. Classy. In addition, there was a very long, dark hair hanging off the bathroom door handle. It remained there the whole 4 days we were there. The hair dryer is also terrible so plan on bringing your own of that too. The one good thing was the shower had nice pressure and a nice tiled floor and walls.

    Our bed was comfortable but definitely basic and the pillows were comfortable. The linens were horrible though. They felt extremely cheap and thin. The room had nice artwork...and that's about the best I can compliment it.

    The patio included in the bungalow room was nice but overlooking the pool only reminded me that I will never stay here again. The pool was ugly with cheap looking chairs, an ugly walkway and no inspiration anywhere. I still have no idea how it ever won best pool in Vegas.

    For all the deals they provide in Vegas, spend a little extra more and stay somewhere nicer even if you aren't in your room that much.

  • 3545 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    This observation wheel was high on my list of things to do this trip to Vegas. I romanticized the view of the city in my head but the actual experience fell short. I couldn't find the hours online but we arrived on a Tuesday night about 11:30pm. They informed us that the last riders would have to be on the wheel by 12. After paying nearly $80 for our two tickets, a quick trip to a really dirty bathroom (isn't this place brand new?!?) and getting a free drink (I found a text code in the taxi cab interactive TV on the way over) we walked up to the landing where you get in the pods. There were four in our party and another three people paired with us. I'm not sure why though since there was several open pods that we could have each been in by ourselves (there were about 10 people in the other pod so I guess I shouldn't complain). Entering the pod is interesting as it never stops and once inside, they lock you in adn there are two benches on either side that allow you to sit down. The pod was clean and luckily the windows were too. As other's have mentioned, there is a guide up on the screen and I can't say he added to the experience. As we climbed and reach the top, the view was anticlimactic. Last year we had dinner at the Stratosphere and that view is better! And for another $70, you can have a great dinner! Overall I can't say I regret going but I definitely wouldn't go again.

  • $$$$ Steakhouse
    15233 N Kierland Blvd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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    My fiance and I came here to celebrate me getting a new job and I went through the list of Bookmarks on Yelp trying to find a place. We opted for here since I'd never been. We've been to Mastro's several times, Flemings, and the like but I had my two choices down to Morton's and Dominic's at the Quarter. My finance used to come here a lot several years ago and raved about their food so even though it had a lower rating on Yelp, I decided to give it a shot.

    Made reservations on OpenTable the same day and all time slots were open and I was glad to get our 7pm reservations so easy. I noted that we were celebrating a new job in the notes.

    We arrive about 15 minutes late due to some late traffic but check-in was easy. The valet outside is free if you are eating here (with a tip of course) but we did have to wait for another car in front of us to pay $6 since they weren't eating here. I was surprised walking through the double doors at the decor. It felt a little bit like walking into a Sizzler from when I was a kid. The doors were old and it didn't get me too excited about what we were in for. The decor in the rest of this place was okay...big shaded lights hang from the ceiling and they have the U shaped booths lining both walls that I have mixed feelings about. They're a major pain to get in and out of but they're nice to cuddle up in if it's just two of you.

    They had our table ready for us and the hostess was friendly. When we were shown to our table there was confetti on the table and on the top of the menu it said Congratulations. I thought it was a nice touch but wasn't overly surprised since I had made a note on our reservations. When I didn't have too much of a reaction my fiance asked if I noticed it and when I said Yes, he told me that he had called ahead and asked what they could do for the celebration. In addition to the decorations, the hostess came back and took our picture and presented it later in a nice paper frame that said Congratulations on my new job. I thought it was  a nice touch.

    We were promptly greeted by our server and while not overly smiley, he was nice and genuinely seemed interested in our special occasion and even checked out our picture later. After giving the menu a glance we opted for the chopped salad and $17 crab cake as starters, a 6oz filet cooked medium plus, a Cajun seasoned ribeye, cooked medium rare, with the creamed spinach and twice baked potatoes au gratin for sides. They brought over a loaf of the onion bread and while I initially thought I wouldn't like it since I don't like onions, I tried it and thought it was amazing! I could have easily eaten the whole loaf!

    Our chopped salad was really good though I thought the bacon was really crunchy. It did say bacon bits on the menu so I'm guessing that's how it's supposed to come. The crab cake was really good but there was only ONE about 3" in diameter. While good, for the money we'd definitely skip it next time. And then our steaks came out. Standard white plating with some garnish on the side. I was really surprised when my filet came out and it was more than an inch thick. I'm accustomed to steakhouses at this price point to be a thick cut of meat usually 3-4" thick. I cut into the slightly thinner side and it was well done but had good flavor and was tender. The further I cut into it, it was more medium so it was okay but I still couldn't get over the thin cut of meat. When we were asked by our waiter how everything was, we mentioned about it being overcooked and he did offer to cook another one but really, the flavor was good and I didn't want to waste the piece of meat. When I had three bites left, the manager came over and offered again to prepare another steak for me and that he wanted us to be completely satisfied. He was really nice and he seemed really genuinely interested in our satisfaction which is probably why I'm giving them 4 stars. The other reason for the four stars is for the potatoes! They were delicious! I haven't had too many carbs in the last three months and these were divine. So cheesy and cooked perfectly and while they weren't thin like a normal au gratin, I thought the chunks were unique. My finance's steak was cooked perfectly though and he enjoyed it. I will say I'd skip the creamed spinach. Wasn't my favorite. We were also given a complimentary chocolate suffle for dessert and while I've never had one before, I thought it was really good! Light and fluffy and not too filling after eating nearly all of the potatoes :)

    One other really nice gesture was our waiter picked up our valet card and had them bring the car around for us so it was waiting outside when we left. EVERY valet place should do this!

    While the steak wasn't ideal, the other items made up for it. I won't hurry back but I wouldn't hesitate to come back for that bread and potatoes!

  • $$$ Day Spa
    6902 E Greenway Pkwy
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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    It's really more of a 3.5 star rating but given the overall experience, based on visiting other local spas such as the Willow Stream at the Princess and Joya at Montelucia, I settled on 3.

    My fiance and I came here on Monday with the TravelZoo deal that included a 50 minute massage of our choice, an additional foot add-on that included a foot scrub and lotion, and a glass of mimosa. I called the day before to ensure they had an opening for a TravelZoo voucher since others on that website noted they had limited availability. I spoke to Hannah, she was really friendly and didn't seem put off that I would be using the voucher. The whole day was pretty wide open so we booked our treatments for 10am. I opted for the Agave Master massage and he booked a deep tissue.

    Ever since moving to the area, I've driven by the Westin Keirland and imagined the hotel would be really nice and grand. Walking up to the area there were some really pretty flowers but the overall resort feel felt more like a 3-4 star when you compare it to some of the other amazing resorts in Phoenix. We were pleasantly greeted by someone at the front desk and were given two red tickets that could be used for our mimosa's later. She gave me a tour of the facility and based off the other reviews, it was exactly what I expected. Nice but not a 5 star spa. Everything was clean and nicely presented as there were fresh bunches of flowers with towels nicely rolled everywhere you looked. It wasn't busy, which was nice, and they have the standard spa lockers where you pick your own four digit code. I relaxed in the Jacuzzi for a bit and hit the dry and steam saunas. Both were empty and clean. I took a shower before my treatment and the white tea products were nice and the double showerhead was nice.  I also had some of the limeade drink they offered and it was a nice twist on the usual spa water but didn't feel the need to drink more than half a glass.

    My massage therapist was Natsha. She led me back and was friendly. The room was a standard room, nothing special with the usually spa music in the background. I explained to her that I had a lot of tension in between my shoulder blades and would prefer 80% of the time to be spent on my back and the remaining time just skimming over the rest of my body. When she came back in the room she began with the foot scrub for about 2 minutes and then left my feet in hot towels while she started on my back. This was a first for me but she immediately started in with her forearms and elbows. I had stated medium pressure would be good since I was so tense but I hadn't expected that meant forearms. Literally, I think I felt her fingers for maybe all of 60 seconds during my whole massage. It did feel okay but I would have appreciated more of a mixture of techniques, obviously personal preference. After spending time on my back, she went back to my feet and proceeded to rub them with her knuckles which I also found odd. I probably would have preferred her just skipping the whole foot rub and spent more time on my back since she never really applied any pressure to my feet. The rest of my limbs went by really fast and she never went to back to rub my back more and my neck never got touched once. There were also several times where I had no idea what she was doing because she wasn't massaging or getting more oil, there was no noise. It was long enough several times that I almost lifted my head to see what was going on but then she started getting more oil so I never looked up. I probably lost a solid 3-4 min just from that. In addition, after each side of my back was massaged, she left my arms dangle on each side of the bed for the remainder of the massage. I thought maybe this was to stretch them out so I left them but I sort of think it wasn't since she ran into them as she went around the table. The massage oil did feel really good on my skin and was probably the highlight of the massage.

    After my massage I met up with my fiance and he didn't say too much about his massage and said it was pretty average and glad we hadn't paid full price. We turned in our tickets for the mimosa and headed over to the adult pool just beyond the front doors of the spa. We grabbed a couple of chairs on the West side of the pool and had good service when we ordered drinks and food. I got their chopped salad and he got the chicken wrap. Both were good but the salad was pretty small for $12. The pool didn't have a whole lot of character....a big rectangle with two swim laps. The music next door at the main pool seemed much more lively than the adult area so maybe it was intentional. We stayed for about an hour and half and decided that we had enough and checked out.

    Check out went fine, they added on the standard 20% tip which almost all spa's do these days. I don't necessarily agree with that practice considering a tip is for measuring service quality and shouldn't be autom

  • 44 W. Monroe Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85003
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    I just moved out of the 44 Monroe building after a 10 month lease and I was counting the days to leave. We chose the location after leaving the Summit condo and wanted a central location. I have to agree with Elle V.'s review about the cons of the place. We were in the one bedroom floorplan D, 1310 sq ft on the 11th floor facing NE.  

    The Good: Lack of bugs. I never once saw a spider, a nat, anything. We faced the big net just north of the building and I loved being able to look out over the city and mountains. We never paid more than $80 for our electric. Location in downtown (closer to city center than the Summit) and easy access to I-10.  There was never any neighbor noise between floors or walls. Much better construction than a 2-3 story apartment complex. Trash shoots and recycling on your floor! I've always had to walk my garbage down to big, smelly bins and this was a FANTASTIC feature.  Non busy gym but small and terrible views for your workout. Fast service on maintenance and Mike was always friendly. The counters and floors hide dirt (which is kind of a toss up since I hated not being able to tell how clean the surfaces were until you cleaned them and saw the dirt). Nice finishes in kitchen with travertine floors, granite countertops and gas stove. The closet in the D floor plan is located in the bathroom which is really convenient for getting ready in the morning. Common areas are well cleaned.

    The Cons: Expensive rent. I realize that you pay for the location and the building but $1736 for a one bdrm is a LOT. When we were offered our renewal, the price increased to $1882.  At the date of this writing, they are currently advertising our unit online for $1642 (before they add parking at $100).

    I found the unit to be noisy from city noise. The lightrail bell every 20 min, the firetruck station, the police sirens, the helicopters, the fast all added up to a very noisy home. Maybe this is typical of downtown living but I found it to be annoying. We were also low enough to hear the alley dumptrucks at 6am and the parking garage to the north that got cleaned at 10:30pm.  It sounded like a leaf blower for 2 hours. Super annoying!

    The dishwasher was very temperamental and wasted way too much soap when it never emptied out during the wash. Forget about using those nifty dishwashing packets everyone is going to.

    The stacked washer and dryer were some of the WORST appliances I've ever used. The washer took forever and dryer would wrinkle EVERYTHING. And then beeped when it was done until you stopped it. It demanded your attention. I tried everything I could to not have our jeans come out a twisted wreck but never figured it out.   The stacked configuration was a pain to try and fold clothes so we had to invest in a wheeled laundry cart and an over the door clothes hanger.

    Other cons include some of the weirdest neighbors. We were once threatened by a drunk person on the elevator that they would pee on us (you can't make this stuff up). Some people were young professionals but none were overly friendly. You would encounter people in the elevator you just saw on the street that you thought were homeless. Nope. They were headed to the 22nd floor. There aren't too many resident functions but I'm not sure how many of these people you would actually want to meet.

    We parked on the 6th floor which meant  20 turns one way if you wanted to go ANYWHERE! Want to run quick to the grocery store? HA! Quick doesn't exist at this location and the front two spots are metered during the week and always full at night. If you decided to walk to get something instead, the homeless people are everywhere and you can't walk anywhere without one of them asking for money. Or randomly screaming. Or hitting on you. Never fun for a girl by herself.

    The pool only gets sun a few hours and is the most boring pool EVER. The ONE grill is constantly broken or in use and generally smokers take over the patio for get togethers. The windows were cleaned twice in 10 months so we had to look at dirty windows from a sprinkling of rain and a sad bird outline for several months. There is a lack of security (people standing near garage door), but yet each floor is locked down and you can only access your floor and the garage level so that was a little comforting. I also once left my portable fan and on another occasion, a $35 MP3 player in the gym and never saw either again. Apparently paying a lot in rent doesn't mean your classy or honest.

    When you have visitors, they hate coming to the area. Downtown's one way streets are a nightmare to anyone unfamiliar and if they come at night, all the nearby parking is taken and there is no visitor parking in the building. Staff at the front desk aren't overly friendly and you are lucky to get a smile when you come home. Moving in and out is a major pain because their loading dock is small and will cost you extra in mover fees.

    Overall, we were so glad to leave.

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    I am stoked that I'm going to be the first person to review Porter Barn Wood! I found Thomas at PBW through Google when I googled 'reclaimed wood in Phoenix' for my latest Pinterest project of a new necklace holder. They have very limited hours during the week, 10am-12pm,  with extended hours on the weekend but luckily I have an abundance of free time lately so I headed over to the lot on a Friday morning.

    It's just south of downtown in the industrial area. As I drove past the lot, it was clear this was the lumberyard though there is no real building or shop that confirms you are in the right place.  I saw a couple of guys standing out front of the gated lot talking and I assumed one of them could help me. As I pulled up and got out, I walked up and met Thomas, the owner of PBW. He was super friendly and showed me around to all the different piles of wood.

    There was a huge pile of small scrap wood, all priced $.25, no matter the size. I was looking for about a 20" scrap of grey colored wood and after about a 30 second glance saw a really long piece that we were able to pry out that was going to be perfect. Since I only needed it about a third of the size, Thomas offered to cut it for me with the chain saw he had in the back of his truck. Score! Now I have three necklace holders for under $.10 each!

    I started to look around and see that so much of what he had would make a fantastic sofa table that I had been searching for online.  Our home style is a mix of decor but lean towards a modern, industrial look with lots of grey woods, mixed metals and clean lined (a good mix between Restoration Hardware, West Elm and thrift stores). I walked around a bit and each pile of different wood Thomas could tell you exactly what kind of wood it was, what it would be good for, where it came from, and it's previous history (a lot of barns from back east). The prices seemed really fair and since they purchased another company next door that does iron and metal work, they could easily build me the exact furniture piece I've been looking for but hadn't been able to find. He did give me a rough quote of $400-$500 for a really long sofa table (7ft) with pipe metal legs which seemed like a great deal given I've looked all over online and couldn't find anything comparable for that price that would be handmade. I told him I would have to go home and measure to see what would work and get back to him. He gave me his card and said to email him and we could discuss design and the details further once I had decided on what I would need. I offered to pay for my board and the extra work to cut it but he said not to worry about it and to come back and get a table built.  Great service!

    After getting home and measuring, I decided that we just don't have room for the sofa table but we are also in the market for a dining room table. I sent an email direct to Thomas with a budget and several design ideas that I was looking for. Thomas responded really fast and said it was definitely doable and gave me a quote. While I don't have the budget for something hand made at the moment, it definitely was fair and something I want to do one day.

    I love supporting local businesses and Thomas was a great guy and a great little business. They have pictures of previous pieces on their website so you can get an idea of what they can make and I've even seen some of their work throughout Phoenix in local establishments! I am now following PBW on FB and he's very active posting pictures of their new wood shipments and can't wait to work with him! I look forward to designing some great furniture in the near future!

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    Aufgelistet in Low Carb Dining Options

    We stopped in here randomly for lunch the other day and having only been to the other Chompie's in Tempe, I was pleasantly surprised that this one seemed nicer on the inside.

    The hostess was really friendly and started out our interaction by saying 'how can I help you beautiful?'...That's worth four stars alone! :) We were seated promptly in a booth (my favorite) and our waiter came over really quick and took our drink order. He was really friendly and provided great service throughout our whole meal.

    Since I've been watching carbs, I opted for one of their Colossal Reuben sandwiches, Frank's Fowl Ball, without the bun and skipped the extra coleslaw and fries and substituted a dinner salad with ranch. To my surprise, this has probably been one of the greatest lower carb dining out meals I've ever head.

    The house salad was GREAT. The best kind of thick ranch, similar to the recipe at Texas Roadhouse. It had great toppings and was a big portion. As for the bunless sandwich, the coleslaw was sweet but not overly sweet (I'm sure more sugar than I would have liked but it was TOTALLY worth it). It also had a huge pile of hot, sliced turkey breast covered in thousand island dressing and melted swiss cheese. UM. YUM. Just thinking about it again today makes me want to go back today for lunch. It was THAT good. It was a huge portion and it actually allowed me to stay full for 8 hours! I never even got hungry for dinner that night so it's like two meals for the price of one!

    We did cruise the display case leaving and I tried one of their chocolate sugar free cookies. It was delicious! I have no idea how many carbs were in it but it was great. Had really good flavor and was very moist. A definite treat! If you're not on a diet, my fiance swears by their canoli's. They aren't even on my top 20 list of things I'd eat for dessert but they're his favorite so try them out if they're yours!

    Overall, this is a great place with great, fast, and friendly service and a drool worthy dessert display case that I look forward to trying out one day.

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    Great review

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    Happy Halloween, Amanda! Hope you have a spooktacular weekend!!

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    This is my favorite buffet too! We're going to Vegas this weekend and plan… Mehr »

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Low Carb Dining Options

Here's a few places I've found that have provided…
1.  Mamma Mia Brick Oven Pizza &…
I came here with a friend…
2.  Cafe Zupas
I've visited Zupas a…
3.  Chipotle Mexican Grill
I have been a long time…
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"Yes...I'm going to Yelp this!"

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Dezember 2011

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Spontaneous trips, lounging by the pool, SATC, Rollercoasters, the smell of a mall, A really good piece of cake, sleeping in

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Emporia, KS

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I'm looking for places on Yelp to Yelp about

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Because I notice the details..

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5 Love Languages...I FEEL the LOVE....

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The Family Values Concert

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Notting Hill

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Chips with salsa, queso and guac. Poppy Seed salad, Filet, mashed potatoes

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I gasped when I got the email that I became Elite! My friend thought I was dying

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I'm sorta a restaurant snob

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My fiance :)

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