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    I always  thought hypnosis was a lot of hype. It works! My eating habits and behavioral actions were totally out of hand. I was scared, and decided this was the only thing I have not tried as far as dieting goes. After my first session, and listening to my CD daily, I do not even have cravings any more, eating at night is not an issue, and I am controlled and comfortable around food. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME! My goal was not to lose weight, count calories/carbs/fats. My goals are to eat like a normal, healthy, fit person, eat whatever I want but only a single serving, and if I desire a treat, eat just a little. People ask me, "weren't you afraid that something would happen when you were put under", and now I can laugh about that, because you are totally aware of your surroundings. Go for it! It works! Kim is great!

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    I read this review and it seems like this is one angry person. First of all, I have adopted 7 cats from PAWS. They are the most professional, honest, and caring shelter I ever encountered. The owner who is so dedicated has saved so many of the cats, young and old. She personally goes to sights and traps them in all weather conditions, (and it may take hours) until she succeeds. When you adopt a cat, you sign a contract, that clearly states you can bring the cat back if you are not satisfied. It also offers a FREE medical examination by a veterinarian. Obviously, this person either failed to read the contract, or she just didn't care about the life of the cat enough to go back to PAWS and have them help her which they gladly would have.  It seems as though she does not really know about ring worm, therefore, I copied this off a vet's site and hope I can educate a few people out there.  PAWS is a rescue shelter. People drop off kittens at the door and run, people abuse them, dump them and others find them and call PAWS. People raise their cats and then decide after several years they just can't take care of them any more (hopefully they don't do this with their kids).  At times they unwillingly inherit them and dump them. There are so many scenarios, you would just cringe if you knew all the horrible stories surrounding these animals. There are so many unwanted cats and HOORAY for PAWS for providing them with a warm shelter, good food, entertainment, medical treatment, and loving foster homes.  PAWS survives on all volunteers, and donations, and the owner works 80+ hours a week to save these cats for a very meager income.
    I challenge this angry person, if you are so unhappy with the way PAWS is ran, then perhaps you can volunteer your time and help them with the shelter, donate money, or even help them get grants like the Humane Society receives, or become a foster mom. I also challenge you to list the vets that talk so badly about PAWS, because I do not believe you. I know how many thousands of dollars PAWS has spent on Vet bills, even if it meant not paying the rent right on time.  You did not have to put your pet down, you had choices, you just didn't want to be a responsible or caring person to go back to PAWS or deal with your cat. Many cats live years with leukemia, and there is a vaccine for it too, so if you exposed your other cats to it, shame on you for not having them vaccinated!  If you would have, you wouldn't have to worry about it!
    I remember when PAWS first opened their doors the owner would personally go to the person's home a few times and interview them to decide if they were going to be good pet owners. I sure wish they could still do this, because then I am sure they could whittle out these angry people, who really aren't responsible pet owners. They just pretend to be, and then complain to pass the buck onto someone else. (By the way did you know the cats get to live at PAWS or go to a foster home no matter how sick they are until they die peacefully on their own? Very few cats have ever been euthanized. In fact I don't think I have heard of any that have been unless that was absolutely the only choice. I do know of vets that wanted to end their lives and the owner would not let them and personally kept these cats and nursed them until they recovered. (There are special cages at PAWS for the ill ones).  Furthermore, when a new cat comes in, it is sent to a foster home until it is deemed healthy to join the shelter. Every precaution is taken, that is why it is so important to communicate with the owner if there are complications.Everyone in Willamette Falls loves PAWS and for the fact that they have added so much to the community.

    Ringworm (Dermatophytosis) is a fungal infection that can affect the hair, skin or nails of cats, dogs and humans. In humans, the infection often causes classic ring-like lesions, but these are seen less commonly in cats and dogs. In most patients, ringworm is self-limiting; that is, it will self cure over time. However, because this infection can be transmitted from cats and dogs to other animals and also to people, every pet owner should be aware of the symptoms, transmission and treatment of ringworm.

    Where is the fungus found?

    Several different fungi found throughout the world can cause ringworm, however, the vast majority of cases in cats and dogs are caused by Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, or Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Among these three species, M. canis is considered to be the most common cause of ringworm infections in cats. The fungus is most commonly found either on an infected animal or in the living quarters of infected animals. Spores from infected animals can be shed into the environment and live for over 18 months. Cats can also be asymptomatic carriers and harbor and shed the organism without showing signs of infection. Animals thought to be chronic carriers can be routinely cultured to determine if they are actual carriers.

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