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    Ella is a solid brunch place. Pretty darn consistent with their offerings and good size portions. I love how the brunch on the weekends comes with coffee or tea plus a lil shot of orange juice in the price. Speaking of price I think they are pretty reasonable too. The place kind of has a scandinavian feel and boasts wood finishes in the dining area, high ceilings, and even a open air patio in the back, great for warmer weather.

    I usually order the Eggs Benedict (which are only available on the weekend brunch menu) - norwegian style. They have really good smoked salmon here. Breakfasts also come with potatoes and salad. Both are delicious... sometimes I even ask for the potatoes 'well done' so they are extra crunchy.

    Ive also order the skillets here which are delish and very filling as well as straight bacon and eggs. The eggs are organic which I think makes them taste better. Whenever I order the bacon they totally give me a a seriously good size portion which  is awesome.

    Im submitting this review even though they are currently closed which recovering from a fire that happened in a building next door. Really unfortunate and hope they don't close permanently! I love Ellas for weekend brunch :)

  • 152 W 49th St
    New York, NY 10019
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    Went here again last night. Food is solid man. Very consistent. Sat at the bar this time and love the service aspect as there is always someone there you can get to help you. Tried the Nigori sake which was a larger size than the large house sake and cheaper. Was delicious with the food. Speaking of food... it was only two of us and we ordered WAY too much food but its hard when everything is soooo delicious! Edamame, Pork Shu Mai, Short Ribs, 2 Shisito Peppers skewers, Salmon, Asparagus wrapped in Bacon, Chicken and Beef Skewers, and a plate of chicken noodles. Plus dessert! We tried the pancake filled with red bean paste and a scoop of green tea ice cream with a bit of whipped cream. The whole thing was delicious and would definitely order again - maybe even try a different ice cream flavor. Don't skimp on this sweet ending... taste like a donut of sorts.

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    IZAKAYA... Japanese Tapas essentially. This place is amazing. Expect to wait for a table...… Weiterlesen
  • 594 Broadway
    New York, NY 10012
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    Frances, Frances, Frances. The absolute best waxer I have ever had! Thank you, thank you! I just happened to have gotten lucky and had her assist me at the Financial District location which is where I typically go but think I may have to start visiting the Soho location now. So attentive and really quick but efficient.

    Shoba is an amazing salon - seriously on point with services, customer appreciation, and friendly staff. I love how each of their locations has everything Shoba branded, they have free water bottles, a kindle to read from while waiting, and more. At least that is the experience at the FiDi location. You are in good hands at Shoba as they work hard to ensure you are a repeat customer.

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    Simply the best coffee I have ever had. Cafe con Leche was seriously amazing. I would have never guessed that it would be that good. Its just coffee, milk, sugar, butter, and salt. But it is sooooo good. I can't wait to try the sandwich next time I go. So excited this place moved into the neighborhood and hope they add some more deliciousness to their menu! Bonus points for the frequent coffee card!

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    Mexican food, or should I say "good mexican food", is hard to come by in NYC. This place in Union Square is better than decent and the closest I have gotten to 'California style burritos'. The flavors are there and they have really good habanero sauce (orange). I typically order the carnitas - very tasty - in a burrito, loaded with everything they got. I wish they had lettuce as an option to add. Definitely does the trick when Im aching for some mexican food like we have in abundance back home on the west coast. They use 'square' cheese and the place is super small which is the only negatives... start shredding Dos Toros, please.

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    Really very delicious flavors at this spot. Another 'hole-in-the-wall' in the LES that lives up to the other yelp reviews. Im a big fan of places that aren't super well known. Came here on a Sunday at 3:30pm, nobody was eating which made me a little nervous but decided to give it a shot regardless. We ordered the Shogok Momo Takpa to start - delicious potato dumplings. They were fried perfectly with a beautiful yellow colored potato filling. The cabbage salad on the side was a perfect balance to the hot dumpling with a cold, crisp and refreshing taste. We also ordered the Shapta and Chasha Shamdey. Both were surprising in flavor with a lemon taste and spicy finish but a bit on the small side for portions at a $8-$10 price. I originally thought the flavor was going to be similar to indian cuisine but was much lighter and 'fresher' in my opinion. Each came with a small side of rice. We were not too full after the meal and will probably order at least one more entree and a side of the Paratha bread.

    Would have given it 5 stars if the portions were larger and if there were more ambience - needs better lighting, a bit more decorations, and definitely some kind of background noise/music.

  • 803 Washington Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
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    This place is on my top 10 list of places to eat in NYC. The ladies that run this 'hole in the wall' spot have been serving up the most delicious carribean food for over 11 years. The portions are heaping, hot, and made with true TLC. The best part is the raisins that can be found throughout various dishes. I normally hate raisins but they are the perfect balance to the spicy and bold flavors.

    If this is your first time get the jerk chicken with rice and peas (actually beans). The portions are very big but I still order the large size because I can never get enough of this deliciousness. All dishes come with a small lettuce salad and a serving of stewed cabbage. Another dish I recommend is the Curry Shrimp. When me and my man dine here we get one order of jerk chicken and one of curry shrimp then share.

    This place is BYOB so feel free to bring in some beverages of your choice. They will give you glasses. The seating upstairs is a bit tight. This place needs to seriously expand but then I think it would lose a bit of its charm. And Im not sure the food would be the same if the two 'mamas' werent cooking it! :)

    I think this is a great 'date' spot if you are looking for something down-to-earth, cheap, and filling. Sure to impress, in my opinion, and give you plenty to talk about and remember.

    Recently there has been a line each time I've come here to eat... but trust me, its worth the 30-60 minutes.

  • 144 2nd Ave
    New York, NY 10003
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    The only reason this place got 4 stars is because it is a bit on the pricey side for diner style / polish food. There is really nothing fancy that requires these types of prices. That being said it is amazing quality, delicious, and definitely filling.

    When I go I get a small borscht soup with beef, salad, and order of meat pierogies (boiled, NOT fried). The pierogies come with sides of applesauce, sauteed onions, and sour cream. Eat every bite with a little bit of each. Ive also tried the cabbage role, potato pancakes, meatballs, and every type of pierogi. All is extremely tasting and filling.

    Always busy the staff can be a bit rushed. Ive never been here at an 'odd' time to eat... its open 24 hours. I can only imagine what its like during the after bar/drinking crush.

    This place is a new york staple. A must. Go. They have two locations, make sure to go to the one in the East Village near Astor Place.

  • 180 Irving Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11237
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    Seriously the only good place to eat in Bushwick - Super friendly service, great quality food, and extremely affordable. After moving from Williamsburg to Bushwick, my heart seriously longed for all the amazing food and thankfully Chimu Express saved me. More affordable than its sister in Williamsburg, Chimu Express is a true gem. I almost didnt want to review it for fear hipsters will overrun it.

    What to eat: I've only tried the rotisserie chicken and lomo saltado. Both are delicious. Huge portions. The lomo saltado comes with rice and fries - you will definitely be full. For the chicken - it comes with two sides and I usually get salad and beans, extremely flavorful and saucy enough to dip the chicken. They have this green sauce that tastes wonderful on everything - I like to pour tons of it over the rice. Yum! But seriously everything looks good here. Eventually I want to try this fish dish... they bring a whole one out on a plate and also the fried rice which is a peruvian specialty.

    Now let's talk about Sangria. At $5 a glass, it is wonderful. Order it. I've only tried the red one but they have a white sangria as well.

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