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    Costco never fails to amaze me. They always have a TON of cashiers on staff for speedy check out. Besides, who can complain about a hot dog and drink for $1.50?

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    The suggestion I can give it to make sure you have your insurance verified before you are seen. They'll be happy to see you then let you know your insurance isn't part of their plan and you owe a pretty pricey bill. Plus they only take cash then you're insurance company gets to reimburse you.

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    Less than impressed every time we go here now. We had a girl that did AWESOME with our two kids every time we went and got her for the shoot. Every other time (including now that she's not working their anymore) I've been underwhelmed. Our friends who also go there (and have 3 kids) say the same thing. They also liked the girl we used. Time to find a few place to get Christmas/birthday photo's it looks like.

  • 16754 Royalton Rd
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    I actually hit up the Sport Clips in Avon and have to say that I've never had a bad cut. Wherever I live (Florida and now here since they opened locally) I've never been happier after getting my hair butchered at other places for over a year until Sport Clips arrived. Oh....and the sports on TV is nice as well!

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    If you're looking to drop a few pounds (or A LOT) and take your health in the right directions you can't go wrong here. When someone pledges to - Help others achieve their goals and live a healthier, more fulfilling life - you know you've come to the right place.

  • 35051 Center Ridge Rd
    North Ridgeville, OH 44039
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    Love this place! The waitstaff is always friendly and the service is fast. Great environment for kids and larger groups. The only downside is parking, the lot is a little small. If you get there and you can't find parking, just go to the big parking lot next store at Aldi's and park there.

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    My wife and I took my mother in law and a few of her friends here when they came into town and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this place was. The staff was very polite and the service was fast. The only downside (why I gave it only 4 stars) is that it's a little small. If you'd like to take a date to a small "off the beaten path" restaurant, Frankie's would be a great spot. You'll pay a little more, but the price is so worth it.

  • 3914 S Fairway Drive
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    It's tough to find someone who is so selfless and willing to share and help others. Lee has brought an amazing energy to both his workouts and his customers that is second to none. You can look at his weekly motivational and informative newsletters to his quick and positive responses to a questions to get a true understanding of how much time and effort he puts into helping others. Lee, thank you for being there and helping me along the way both in fitness and friendship!

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