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    Try the Huevos Vaqueros in the morning after a long night. Probably the best brunch food I've ever had. Nothing fancy, just unbelievably delicious.

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    Unpretentious, but with food that's good enough to cop a major attitude, the Rouge et Blanc was "un plaisir."  

    Main courses were both beautiful and delicious, imaginative, awesome. Fantastic value for your hard-earned gastronomy-dollar.  Food that makes you realize as you eat dish after dish, that you will become an evangelist for this restaurant.  Follow me people!

    Standout dishes.  Main courses were great, but I want to tip my hat to an appetizer under the "wee dishes" section of the menu: the radish salad with pumpkin seeds and dried pork.  Salads don't usually generate excitement, but man was that good.  Also, the profiterole dessert was flown in directly from Paris (or could have been).  

    More info.  The restaurant is small but not tightly confined, with a bar in the middle that separates the front of the room (~3 tables) from a larger space in the back.  The front has the window view, which we had, but the back seems to have the atmosphere (we will have to return and see).

    Gripes. I would have liked to have seen a glass of wine for under $12.  However, the owner Tom (who is genuinely attentive and warm with his customers), is a former sommelier, so you're not getting Trader Joe's two buck Chuck in that glass.

    Only thing holding it back from 5 stars was the slight vibe of being rushed to clear our table, which is a personal pet peeve.  Aside from that though, the service was polite, attentive and professional.

    We'll definitely be going back.

    Tom C.
    Kommentar von Tom C. von Rouge Et Blanc
    30.10.2011 Hi Ed,

    Glad you enjoyed your dinner.  Actually, we're serving a Touraine blanc for $10 and a rosé for…
  • $$$ Tapas
    1704 Washington St
    Boston, MA 02118
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    20.6.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I'm still a fan, but after about 10 times going to the restaurant, 2 things are annoying me:
    1) The portions have gotten smaller, and were already very small (Tapas), so it's a pretty bad value nowadays. For example, a hanger steak tapa showed up with about 5 tiny slices of steak, for $15. Fine at around $11, but not at $15.
    2) The menu isn't changing enough.  For regular frequenters of the restaurant, it's just too static.

    All that said, the place still has a great atmosphere, good waitstaff, and high quality, if increasingly miniscule, dishes.

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    12.6.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Great food, annoying host.
    We ordered a lot of dishes, and the quality was quite good and the tab was…
  • 48-5460 Kukuihaele Rd
    Honokaa, HI 96727
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    This tiny little inn is knock-your-socks-off good.

    When you walk out on your deck, here's what you see: on the left the tall, lush green cliffs of the Waipi'o Valley extending away for miles, falling to the ocean; the ocean in front, with Maui poking through the clouds in the distance; and birds singing in the fruit orchard directly below you, which you can wander through, picking fruit.

    I mean, what is this place, Eden?

    For these things alone, it tops my list for a recent trip to the Big Island.  The rooms themselves are nicely, simply appointed-- nothing too luxurious but quite adequate.  The chance to sit on the deck, in the hot tub, and look at that view is really all that's necessary.

    It's only 3 rooms-- one 2 BR, one studio, and one standalone cottage-- each with the view.

    Note: I categorized it here under Bed & Breakfast because it's most fitting, but breakfast is not included.

  • 124 Airport Strip Rd
    East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
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    I can't say enough good stuff about this place, and as the first reviewer, I'm surprised not to see other glowing reviews here yet.  I dived here two days ago, and was really impressed by the professionalism of the place, and the upbeat and intensely fun nature of all the employees.  It's really cool to walk into a place where every person working there looks thrilled with their job.

    It was my first time jumping, and the fact that the place was run like a well-oiled machine inspired a lot of confidence.  I would definitely recommend them for a jump.

  • 100 Legends Way
    Boston, MA 02114
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    Do not think about bringing things that belong to you-- like books, or magazines, or "personal effects"-- to this Arena. Why? Because idiotically, rather than simply opening your bag to make sure you're not carrying beer or a thermonuclear device, they ban bags outright. That's right. No *possessions* may be brought into the arena, because allowing that type of nonsense would force the Garden, and it's management, to sink from the kind of "idiot nirvana" in which they currently reside, to some sort of semi-idiotic, non-drooling, half-witted stupor.

    The Garden should takes a cue from other post-9/11 stadiums from around the country, and just check your bag, for paranoia and money-grubbing's sake-- but still let you in with a bag!  At the very least, offer lockers to customers unreasonable enough to think that carrying a bag is normal. That'll take the edge off of the dumbest rule of all time.

  • 16 N Union Ave
    Cranford, NJ 07016
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    The place is a decent value ($10-15 an entree), and has a trendy decor.  

    The basil beef was low quality and fatty; might keep away from the beef dishes.  The servers were kind of overstaffed and overeager, trying to clear dishes when we were in the middle of appetizers, and asking twice in 5 minutes if we wanted soda (No).

    On the whole, nice looking, good prices, but not a place I'd rave about.

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    Decor was trendy, high ceilings, nice layout, indoor trees and diaphanous drapes.  Food was good (high quality seafood), stick with the apps, the entrees are overpriced.  Found the service to be unhelpful and a little snotty in their attitude.

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