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  • CVS
    1201 E Colonial Dr
    Orlando, FL 32803
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    Called twice and was placed on hold for 10 mins (had to hang up) then 30 mins (hung up).  A guy picked up the phone at min 10 and asked, "can you hold please", and placed me back on hold before I had a chance to answer.   I had a 5 second question.

    Within the hold time I called my dr. and had him transfer my prescription to Wallgreens and then Wallgreens sent me a text to say it was ready for pick up.  That's when I hung up on your hold music at 30 mins.

    This CVS is the most convenient but I'm going across town to Wallgreens because they are better then you.

    If you place a customer on hold for more than 10 mins, twice,  and there are a ton of other options - good chance you'll lose the customer.

    Customer Service here is an idiom for hold music.  Right on par with Sears.

  • 3111 E Colonial Dr
    Orlando, FL 32803
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    Dear Sears,

    I have shopped at your stores for many years in lieu of the pushy sales people, the layout that hasn't changed since the 60's and the hold music that I have put myself through time and again. I was just cut off from that hold music after 58 minutes of waiting. I guess there are a lot of customers with similar issues as mine willing to wait for long periods of time in hopes that we may finally reach someone. I have reached 2 different people in the past 3 weeks always with a promise that I will be called back once a "supervisor" is present. Either there hasn't been one or the queue has reached a point that all hope is lost.

    The issue is simple: I purchased a new mattress in the past year. The mattress is sinking on one side, approx 3". We had a Sears person come to our house between the hours of 8am and Noon on a Monday, who determined that it was indeed defective and has a 2.6" drop. He assured us a Sears representative would be in touch with us immediately to help us make an exchange. We waited 4 days and then called customer service ourselves. We waited on hold for 35 minutes to speak with someone. That person said that we had been denied and that a supervisor would call us back directly to explain. That call never came. So again we called back and were placed on hold, this time for 45 minutes - we finally reached another Sears representative who assured us it was a supervisors decision and that one was there and would call us back in minutes. 5 days later and still no call. I spent my lunch on hold - 58 minutes, and then the call wasn't dropped, I was disconnected by Sears - I heard them pick up and then, click, dead. I am now back on hold for the past 45 minutes.

    Let me analyze my situation as a customer who has purchased most home appliances at your Sears stores.

    From the standpoint of a customer, it is a bad decision to continue doing business with you. It is very simple. Your business is customer service in exchange for money - I can purchase the same appliances anywhere. When you do not provide customer service with my appliances then I am not getting any value for my money buying through Sears.

    I have gathered employee numbers and names and will keep writing until I am given an explanation. I'm already in this for more time than it's worth so may has well go all the way (all the way being, talking to someone).

    I vow never to step foot in another Sears store, and judging by where the stock sits, I'm not the first.

    So long and thanks for nothing Sears,


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    It's a long 3 miles from my house but I always find myself running errands in this neighborhood around lunch time.   Great family and one of those places where you order too much food but then finish it.  I don't usually do desert but always end up with some kind of baklava at home.  They split it into 4ths so it's fun for the whole family.

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    I took my truck in for something I was expecting to spend at least $500 on and Joe came back to me that it was only going to be $200.
    I told him I had planned on spending $500 so if he saw anything else that I should have taken care of to go ahead and do it to get to that amount.
    The next day it was still $200 - he had a couple of recommendations for 'down the road' but nothing that had to be done.
    These are my people

  • 3902 Wilson Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22203
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    The wings don't get better.  If anyone's been to Ye Rustic Inn in los feliz - these are better.
    The avocado, tomato and chipotle dog tastes as good as dog dogs in mexico smell.
    The burgers are better then 5 guys.....  well, different - both are the middle weights of burgers along with In and Out.
    Rocky's in PB is still best burger of all time.

  • 2800 Clarendon Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22201
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    I haven't had better Indian.  
    ....well, there was this one alley, hole in the wall in kings cross sydney in the summer of '07...but best in Arlington for sure.

  • 1135 N Highland St
    Arlington, VA 22201
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    I'm not sure if this place is terrible or if Tandoori Nights is just that good.  If you go to Tandoori Nights, don't go here, it's weak.  
    Service, food, apps, ambiance - all fought hard for a 2.  
    The only reason we went is because we have a gift card and they wouldn't even honor it because it's a Saturday.

    Just lame boring and below average.

    We won't be back if anyone wants the gift card-.

  • 3471 Washington Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22201
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    I love it.  Im in the process of getting my name on the wall.  
    Joe's awesome.

    John S.
    Kommentar von John S. von Rocklands Barbeque & Grilling Company
    20.9.2011 Hi Dfrost,
    Thanks for your review -- we assume you are getting your name on the wall for the Bourbon…
  • $ Pizza
    3322 Wilson Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22201
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    It must be 3AM.  Any other time is poor company.

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    Reminds me of Ensenada.  If they only had hot fresh tortillas and gritty mex hot sauce.

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