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    I am reviewing only what I volunteer for: the twice annual United Methodist Women's Rummage Sale.  This sale's proceeds are 100% used for missions and many local charities are also involved.  The sale is enormous and run by 500-700 volunteers.

    The fall sale starts with donations accepted Sunday - Tuesday and public sale days Wednesday through Friday.  Fall 2014 dates are October 19-24.  The spring sale is in late April.  For more information, hours, acceptable donations and recycling information, here's the website:… .

    Prices and selection cannot be beat and your purchases go a long way to help those in need locally, nationally and abroad.

  • $ Café
    15110 Kercheval
    Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
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    Do you like little places with really well-done food and lovely people waiting on you?  This is your place.  We had a breakfast burrito (yummy, hot and the right amount of spice) and a Maurice Salad (romaine instead of iceberg, huge and every bit on par with my personal fave version at Mt. Chalet, yet $3 cheaper), two giant mugs of terrific coffee and an Elvis cookie (peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips and crushed pecans--genius).

    The staff chatted with us, brought water and a dog biscuit for our pup (we ate at the sidewalk tables) and were completely delightful.  Don't go in a hurry, because this isn't that sort of place.  Relax, read the paper, take your dog or date.  Good things happen here.  And make sure you buy a cookie!

  • 1739 Plymouth Rd
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
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    I accidentally reported you closed.  It was me trying to back out of the page and a total error.  This is a very good restaurant and they are NOT closed!

  • 4284 Orchard Lake Rd
    West Bloomfield, MI 48323
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I had take out hummus and tabbouleh.  The pita was fantastic and warm.  It was whole wheat and substantial with good flavor.  The tabbouleh had no grain in it and was simply the best I have had.

  • 1978 Cass Lake Rd
    Keego Harbor, MI 48320
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    We went on a snowy Friday night--7 women-- for our monthly night out.  We had a six dinner Groupon for $139 that included 3 appetizers, 6 drinks, 6 entrees and 3 desserts for $139.

    The decor is warm wood paneling and a variety of chandeliers.  The lighting is quite dim.  The bar is tiny.  Nice touches include a coat room and valet parking.  There is also a good selection of $5 martinis until 7pm for Happy Hour (the lemon drop is nice and not too tart).

    We had a limited menu because of the Groupon.  You start with their white bean hummus and thin, crispy peppery crackers.  Yum.  Not as inspiring were the appetizers: bruschetta( no tomatoes), risotto, and something I can't even remember with brussels sprouts.  Adequate, but not outstanding.

    For dinner, though we'd indicated we were sharing, we were give saucer-sized plates and enormous entree plates.  As we were tightly packed around the table, we had to pile all 7 entrees so that we could have the server remove some of the entree plates.  That made discerning each entree in the dim difficult; everything was tasty.  My least favorite of the entrees generally would have been salmon, but the gingery sweet sauce and egg roll were the most memorable.  Another good choice was the vegetarian butternut squash risotto.

    The dessert course included chocolate (by my request), though we let our server choose.  The bread pudding was average, the chocolate mint Whoopie pies were oddly both too informal for a fine dining establishment and the mint was a luminous green and tasted as stridently minty as a McDonald's Shamrock shake--yuck!  The home run was something I would never have ordered as I don't generally like cheesecake: a pumpkin cheesecake.  It was the best cheesecake I have ever had with a crunchy, better-than-just graham crackers crust.  YUM!

    All said, the evening was pleasant, the price do-able because of the Groupon and we can check Jeremy off the list.  Thank you to our nice waiter and the hostess took our pictures and took care of our coats.  She was great.

    In the end, it's a little too formal for my normal dining and the food wasn't quite up to the atmosphere or the prices.  I would recommend it to those who like to dress up to go out to eat and don't mind a bill of more than $50 each for a drink, appetizer and entree.  It has a nice, romantic/intimate vibe.

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    Had a small ham & pineapple with mozzarella and a whole wheat crust.  Excellent, slightly sweet, not greasy, flavorful.  It cost nearly $15!!  But there wasn't a bad bite.  Yum.

  • $$ Friseur
    22821 Michigan Ave
    Dearborn, MI 48124
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    We walked in with my thick-haired, cowlicked, teenaged son and Mike took a look at him and said, "Sit over here, young man."  He asked lots of questions and showed my son exactly what he planned to do.  Parents of teens know there's far more downside to anything a parent does than upside, in the eyes of a teen.  My son LOVED his hair, got suggestions on how to style it, and the price was reasonable.  Six thumbs up (both parents and a pleased 17 year-old).

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    Easy parking at meter.  I breezed in for my first visit, introduced myself and the receptionist yelled (yes, yelled) that I had arrived.  I sat in the chair and tried to be pleasant and make small talk, but my aesthetician groomed me without introduction or much small talk and was more engaged with the next chair's client and aesthetician about "flamers", my technician's impending move and the other technician's frequent cussing.  I didn't find them very friendly or interested, but my aesthetician did do a nice job.  Twelve minutes and $30 + tip lighter, I returned to my car.

  • 4440 Russell St
    Detroit, MI 48207
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    We went for a Lenten fish fry and it was gourmet.  First, we stopped by the sanctuary and it is absolutely spectacular.  The statues were shrouded for Lent and there was a major repair, but go.

    The food included baked cod or flounder, fried fish or shrimp, Mac and cheese and homemade pierogi.  Sides included come slaw, potatoes, fried dill pickles and pickled herring.  A strolling accordion player serenaded us and one of the members invited us back for the Canadian/US fireworks in June and the Pierogi Festival in August.  She also told us about the three Polish churches and the story of why one has one steeple, why Sweetest Heart has two and the next one three steeples.  But, you can go and ask...

    The food, the fish, the fellowship were fantastic.  We ate until our sides spilt for under $15.

  • 24420 Jefferson Ave
    Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    My friends and I had our monthly Ladies' Night Out dinner at the Beach Grille on a Friday night at 6:30 pm.  The weather was beautiful and the deck was extremely pleasant.  However, it was Restaurant Night on the Nautical Mile and it was very crowded.

    The wait, which I was told would be 90 minutes, was actually less than a half hour.  We spent the time at the inside bar after being kicked off the high top tables in the region of the outdoor bar. You see, the reason for the crowd was not the food, it was the outdoor deck, which is sprawling and overlooks a marina of big, beautiful boats.

    When we were called, we were led to a table outdoors directly under the speaker over which they summon people to their tables.  Very 90's, VERY loud and difficult for the six of us to have a conversation.  Most of us went with the Restaurant Week special of escargot, whitefish and tiramisu for $20.

    The escargot was excellent, there was quite a wait and then the whitefish came.  Five of us got it.  Interestingly, some had rice pilaf, others wild rice, some had green beans, others had mixed green and waxed beans and one had mixed vegetables plated with the whitefish (this didn't match the menu/server descriptions).  The whitefish was very unmemorable.  It was virtually tasteless and mushy.  The vegetables were well-cooked and fresh.  Inexplicably the rice pilaf didn't have any taste, not even much salt (that part is fine by me).  Most of us had a skinny margarita, but it was rimmed with sugar which ran down the glass giving us all sticky hands (and if we ask for skinny, why would you rim with sugar?).

    The bright spot was our server who was friendly and attentive.

    Apparently the bar is a huge singles' hang-out.  The dress code at the Beach Grille (the Aqua Bar hadn't yet started its party) was everything from shorts and bathing suit cover-ups to sky-high heels and short, skin-tight dresses.

    My recommendation:  save your dinner money and eat elsewhere.  If you go, go for a water-side drinkand/ or to find Mr. Right Now.  It's too bad they aren't making the food match the mood.

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