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    The Italian Homemade Company is a relatively new restaurant in North Beach (they've been open for about 2 months since the writing of this review) but I hope they stay for a long time. There's a lot of pastas and sauces to choose from and, like the name would imply, they are all homemade. The Italian Homemade Company was started by a bunch of Italian friends who just wanted to open a delicious Italian restaurant and the love and care shows. All the pasta noodles are delicious and the restaurant itself has a very homey feel to it, with all the floating shelves and jars of sauces scattered about. The italian music adds a nice vibe to the whole place as well.

    I've been there twice now and have tasted firsthand the linguini noodles with meatball sauce. DELICIOUS. My friend got the linguini noodles too, but with pesto sauce. The pesto was a bit bland but the noodles made up for it. Another one of my friends got elk ravioli. How cool is that?! She took it to-go for lunch so I don't know how she found it but I'm sure it was delicious.

    Stop by this place, help yourselves to some pasta, and welcome these guys to the North Beach's restaurant world!

  • 215 Lake Merced Blvd
    Daly City, CA 94015
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    I enjoy hot pot. It's a time for friends and family to sit around a simmering pot of broth and share in the joy of watching food be cooked. I definitely find it a bonding experience- there's nothing like huddling around a boiling pot on a cold day watching that lamb shoulder get cooked. Sometimes though, I just want my own broth so that I can simmer, cook, boil, or cool at my own pace and in my own personal choice of broth flavor. For moments like that, Little Fire Pot shines.

    Everybody here gets their own pot, with several flavors to choose from. I ALWAYS choose Mongolian- it's delicious! I've tried my friends chicken broth and it was good, but just didn't contain the herbal goodness Mongolian had. It's an AYCE style and as long as you finish what you ordered, you can keep it coming. They have a wide variety of meat, veggies, and other dishes like udon noodles- you'll find all the typical hot pot dishes here. However, being AYCE means you are pretty dependent on good service and the service here just doesn't measure up to other AYCE hot pot restaurants like Little Dipper or Hot Pot Garden. The waiters are difficult to flag down and the food doesn't come out very quickly. Small price to pay for delicious AYCE hot pot though.

  • 1535 Franklin St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    The first time I came to Kaka Udon, I ordered udon to-go. The udon was a bit on the flavorless side, but I let it slide. Must be hard to make delicious udon to-go right?

    Well, I let a friend talk me into coming back here last night and it's not just their to-go udon that's flavorless. EVERYTHING here is flavorless. I got a medium-size udon with pork broth with some spam musubi and I've got to say that I would have been better off going home, steaming some rice, pouring soy sauce on said rice, and eating that. I've done that for dinner back in my college days and that left me more satisfied than dinner here.

    The spam musubi was just so dull. I remember eating it and thinking "I feel nothing". Another story about my college days. I'd look at my homework and think "I feel despair". I'd rather feel that than feel nothing. Despair is better than nothing. You know what that means? College engineering homework was better than Kaka's spam musubi.

    Similarly, the udon was bland and empty. It was supposed to be pork broth but it just wasn't meaty at all. Kaka should take a lesson from all the ramen restaurants nearby in how to make tonkotsu broth and apply it to their udon. And the inside of the broth? Some strands of noodles and enoki mustroom. Such little substance. Time for another story about my college days. My sophomore year was spent in the basement of a decrepit building across the street from a cemetery. It was just a kitchen, living room, and 5 bedrooms. We had nothing to work with, but my buddies and I turned this bland dump into a gaming den complete with rockband, alcohol, and posters of King Leonidas from 300. With nothing, we created something! Kaka had everything and they created nothing! If 5 college kids can create substance with a budget of $1000, Kaka can buy a couple more noodles and spices from the Safeway down the street and give their udon flavor and substance.

  • $$ Ramen
    366 W 52nd St
    New York, NY 10019
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    I've been to a fair share of ramen joints and always make it a point to hit up famous ramen restaurants in every city I go to. I had visited Ippudo already, so Totto was the name of the game for this trip to NYC. All I can say is DISAPPOINT =(

    I ordered the miso ramen and it was salty. Very salty. That masked the taste of the broth so I couldn't really delve into it and appreciate it. The noodles were too thin and didn' hold much substance at all. I just remember eating the ramen for the sake of finishing it. There was no desire in my heart or stomach to slow down and appreciate what I was eating. Really disappointed in that. Ramen is usually a dish that I savor. I like it when good broth meets strong noodles. In this case, weak broth met wimpy noodle.

  • 195 El Camino Real
    Millbrae, CA 94030
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    I went to HPG's soft opening thinking that it was a well kept secret. Turns out it wasn't- the restaurant was packed at 8:00 PM and we had to wait over an hour to get sat because of how buzzing the place was. The wait was easier here than at their Taraval location because air conditioning technology kept the broth smell from wafting over to the waiting area. I like that smell but when you're waiting and starving, you don't want anything that sends your animalistic senses into overdrive.

    Just like their Taraval Location, HPT Millbrae is $30 for AYCE with an extensive menu. They also feature a bar with a variety of drinks. The name of the game here is choices. We ordered so many types of meat spanning areas all over the cow as well as some pork, chicken, and sea food. All the food was served promptly and the servers were receptive whenever we ordered more (and we definitely kept ordering more!). The miso broth was on point and the Kobe beef was amazing.

    The place is a little messy as it's still a work in progress, but I'm confident that business here will be booming.

  • 1096 S Van Ness Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    Pretty cool place! It looks pretty small on the outside, and to be honest, it's pretty small on the inside too. But through clever design and architecture, they've managed to fit 14 mini-golf courses into this building.

    We came at 9 since it's children-free after 8 and me and my friends wanted to get our drink on. There's a bar at the entrance, but you can't bring your drink onto the course (as of 8/23/14). So we grabbed a drink, waited in line, and finished up before making our way onto the course.

    The courses are relatively small and can hold four people comfortably. That meant our group of eight divided into two groups of four and one group waited while the other took on next course. Each course was unique and had different challenges. Some used Rube Goldberg machines to move your ball around while others featured San Francisco landmarks. My favorite one integrated the ball with a golfing video game.  

    The whole golfing process took about an hour. It's definitely a cool way to spend your Saturday and I could see myself coming back in the future.

    Steve F.
    Kommentar von Steve F. von Urban Putt
    29.8.2014 Thanks, Philip! We love that you love the course. Sorry about the no drink policy -- we just have to… Weiterlesen
  • 3123 Clement St
    San Francisco, CA 94121
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    There are a lot of Asian restaurants in the Richmond, several of which are shining stars. Others are hidden gems. Others are holes of misery. Oyaji stands unassuming somewhere in the middle along that rubric. If all the restaurants in Richmond were siblings, Oyaji would be the middle child- somewhat blending into the background while having strong characteristics that speak for themselves.

    We came into Oyaji at around 8 PM on a Sunday and the place was pretty empty. Other than us, there was only one other party, leaving plenty of empty tables and seats. We sat ourselves in a booth and went HAM on the yakitori choices they had. The choices weren't that extensive, but they were good. I specifically remember the beef tongue and asparagus wrapped in beef. Nothing too special but pretty good. The waitress threw in complimentary seared tuna sashimi at one point, which was pretty awesome.

    There's nothing at Oyaji that I can say I dislike about it but there wasn't particularly anything there that will bring me back either.

  • 685 4th St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    SF seems to love waiting in lines for brunch, which I'm not a huge fan of. I like my brunch like I like my video games- easy to get into but huge replayability and enjoyability. The Creamery, being situated next to the Caltrain, is accessible but available. I came here on a Sunday at 11 (prime brunch time) and was able to find a seat.

    The offered salads, crepes, sandwiches, and other typical cafe items. I got some fruit crepe, which had banana, strawberry, nutella, and was AMAZING. Also got a roast beef sandwich for the road (we were going hiking later) and enjoyed that as well. The biggest plus for me though was the ability to get a seat without waiting an hour.

  • 375 11th St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    Bootie is the quintessential SF experience. Apparently there's a Bootie in many major cities across the world, but I don't see how any of those cities could embody the spirit of Bootie as well as SF does. Only in this city can such a diverse weird awesome group of people with different music tastes come together and rage hard together. I even partied with people on Second Life once when our party was streamed to Second Life and the dance party in Second Life was streamed onto the Bootie wall. Quirky but awesome .

    Every Saturday, DNA Lounge turns into Bootie. A club of mashups and unique themes. I've seen burlesque dancers, metal singers, and everything in between. There's four different dance rooms and they will all be hot and sweaty. People will approach you looking for drugs. Others will approach you just for a good conversation. Just go with the flow and have a good time. Grab yourself a dirty dog when you leave.

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    Somebody in college once told me "Drink vodka, no hangover". I proved this false many times. What I can say is true though is "Get FasTrak, no wait".

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