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  • 5501 E Colfax Ave
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    Some friends and I went for lunch a few weeks ago. At first we were the only patrons in the restaurant, but it picked up a little.

    The sambusas were wonderful! The injera was perfect. I was a little confused by the blandness of some of the lentil and vegetarian options. Since this was my first time here, I'll have to go back and see if it was just an 'off' spice day.

    Drawback is that's quite a drive for me, but I'll give it another shot.

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    Oh this place made me so happy!!

    I love fried okra, but it's so difficult to find it without a ton of breading. This is just like my granddad used to make, cornmeal coating with some spices.

    The fried green tomato caprese was just divine. The flavors all melded together so well!

    The sauce on the fried catfish perfectly complimented the fish, and the bed of crispy kale added a new flavor. And the CORNBREAD??  WOW. It was really dense, but super delicious. The waiter told us they've been testing out different recipes and with this one they mix lumps of the honey butter into the batter before baking.

    My friend had the fried chicken and said it was delicious.

    Service was wonderful, food was wonderful.  I'll certainly be back!!

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    Holy Yumminess, I'm a fan!!

    I tried these empanadas at the Mutiny Information Cafe on Broadway and Ellsworth:…

    I had the mushroom and the banatella. MAN were they delicious.

    They are small, but perfectly sized so do not be fooled. The mushroom empanada was quite filling.

    Heat them up in the oven--not the microwave. Crust was flaky and tasty. Fillings not too spicy, but lots of flavor.

    The Banatella?? OMG! Banana and Nutella in a flaky crust?? More please!

    I tried this cold and then heated up. There is no wrong way to eat this. Delicious either way!

    I've not been to the actual store, but Mutiny Information Cafe has started to carry a selection of these tasty delights on the weekends. Wherever you get them, you are supporting local independent businesses. Eat up! I will be working my way through the selection :)

  • 7301 S Santa Fe Dr
    Littleton, CO 80120
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    Ok, this is my new favorite place.

    One big reason is that I have a curse. I can be one of three people in a movie theater. Those other two people will sit directly behind me and yammer through the whole thing. Believe me, this has actually happened!!

    What a concept, clearly laying out the movie watching rules and ENFORCING them. No talking, no texting, no checking your stupid phone. Just watch the movie, shut up, and let others enjoy it too. It feels like a return to civil society.

    Since I was just wandering without a plan, I had time to eat in the tavern area before the movie.

    Food: Mushroom and carmelized onion pizza. $12
    Very tasty. Had some to take home. Would order again.

    Movie: $7.50  YAY!!!

    Popcorn: $6
    wonderful, with real butter. It does come in an actual BOWL, though, so you can't really take home leftovers. (I often do, my friends think I'm weird)

    They have 'adult milkshakes' which looked pretty good. I can see where it could be difficult eating a hamburger on the tables during the film, as others have indicated. I'll stick to popcorn or other finger food.

    This place will be getting all of my movie business from now on!

    Oh, and they are hosting the Mile High Horror Film Festival this October. YAY!!

  • 2796 S Broadway St
    Englewood, CO 80113
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    This place is right down the street from me, so I really have become a regular...slowly working my way through the menu. :)

    The FOOD:

    Chicken Pot Pie: YUMMMMMY! Freshly made. Unique pastry crust on top (no bottom crust). Lots of veggies in there and REALLY big portion. I always have leftovers.

    Burgers: Well I have become addicted to The Copper Rancher. BBQ sauce, cheddar and homemade onion rings. Dang. Now I want one....

    I did just branch out to the Steakhouse Burger. It was really good, with bacon, cheese, and horseradish sauce. It ALMOST broke my Copper Rancher addiction. Almost..

    Mac and Cheese is what they're known for, but it has green chiles in it. I'm not a fan of the green chili. I forget it is EVERYWHERE back here in Colorado. Why must it be in EVERYTHING? Put that stuff on the side. Anyhow, it's pretty good mac & cheese, but not my fav.

    But OH OH OH, their Onions Rings??? Sweet Potato Fries??? Yes please. Onion rings are fresh and battered there. And I can eat just sweet potato fries for dinner.

    Salads are huge and delicious. Main dishes are good sized and always fresh.

    I've only had breakfast there once, but it was also quite good.

    Wait staff is always friendly, and they have a bar with sports stuff on (no volume) at the front of the house.

    Sheesh, and now I just made myself want to go there, but they are currently closed!!

    Go. Check it out. It's a really good, locally owned place. (oh they have an original one down by Swedish hospital but I've not tried that one)

  • 3315 S Broadway
    Englewood, CO 80113
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    Ok, so I went here in January 2013, and am behind on things. Oops.

    Food: fresh and healthy. I had a salad and a piece of pizza to go. Both were tasty.

    Price: well, you can't beat the 'pay what you want' plan! I decided $10 was an ok price (plus an additional $2 tip). I might take that down just a little bit next time (only based on size of salad). BUT I'm all for the mission and supporting getting healthy food to everyone, so in reality I'll probably give more.

    The service was fast and friendly. You can tell everyone there is glad to be there and believes in what they're doing.

    The only drawback for me is their open hours. They said that might be changing, so I'll be sure to check back.

    If you have the chance, go on in for some good fresh healthy food and support a worthy cause!

  • 1430 S Wadsworth Blvd
    Lakewood, CO 80232
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    I am so glad I took the time to check out this lovely used bookstore! The books are mostly 1/2 off cover price, and there is quite a variety. I loved the setup and organization. They've done a lot with a relatively small space. I'm always fascinated, too, with how different independent bookstores categorize their books. This store has a section of "International authors". This really made me stop and think about how many authors ARE international, and how I don't think of Canada as 'international'!!

    They also have a great Colorado authors section right up front. I love that!

    Friendly, family owned, and well worth keeping in business. Stop in and find something good to read!

  • 7105 E Hampden Ave
    Denver, CO 80224
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    Aufgelistet in Reuben Quest

    I am on a quest for an amazing reuben. I had the best reuben ever at a Jewish deli in Cherry Hill, NJ. Do I recall the name? no...of course not. But this is my new quest.

    Food: reuben is open faced, piled HIGH with finely cut corned beef and melted cheese. The dressing on the side was delish!! WAY more meat/cheese than bread, so that was wonderful too. The little side of coleslaw was tasty. Sweeter version of coleslaw, but very yummy.

    Yes, there are pickles on the table. This might please people who like pickles, but I am not a pickle person so I don't care.

    Service: all very friendly and fast!!

    This is the beginning of my quest, but I'll be going back.

  • 1886 S Broadway
    Denver, CO 80210
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    Well I've been driving past this easy to see bakery for a while and MAN does it pop out, with those bright pink colors. I could never tell what sort of bakery it was, I figured some kind of foofy girly place, with all that pink. is .....Peruvian!?  A Peruvian bakery on Broadway??

    Wahoo!! What a refreshing change!

    I really just wanted to see what it was about, and had no expectations.(I mean, really, that's a lot of PINK) Let me tell you, I was FLOORED by their very striking wedding cakes. They are gorgeous! I can get a cake without the wedding, right?

    I tried two items: pineapple upside down cake and the dulce de leche napoleon.

    Pineapple upside cake was moist and not too sweet, just as it should be. I was thinking I would get a cupcake but HAD to try this when I saw it. We made this cake every year for my Dad, and you just don't see it much in bakeries. It was delicious. :)

    The dulce de leche napoleon I had to try just because it looked interesting. It's two puff pastry triangles filled with a dense rich dulce de leche filling. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I had to slice this in half to double my pleasure the next day. The filling was too sweet for me for one sitting but I KNOW most of my friends would be in heaven. The crispness of the pastry layers balanced the rich filling well. Quite tasty.

    I will say they had a bit of a service glitch when I was there. The POS system was down, and there were only two people at the counter. One was on the phone with tech support, and one was tied up with a lady who was placing a big order to go. BUT they did get someone out to help me. She had to use a calculator and I offered to pay cash to make it easier, so it all worked out ok. It just is no fun for anyone when technology fails; but you don't need that much tech to enjoy these wonderful baked goods!

    I'll certainly be returning.

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    Tried this tonight and am not sure how I feel. Had the taquitos dinner and it was neither bad nor stellar. Mom had the tostadas and they looked pretty good. Sis had chili rellenos, and she seemed quite happy.

    Our server was super nice, and attentive.

    Oh, but the pumpkin flan! YUM.  Next time I'll skip the dinner and just get the pumpkin flan.

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