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    It's been a few years since I've been here for a show but I got tickets (again) for Chris Franjola.  Last week my daughter and I saw him at the Dayton FB.  This time I brought my husband to see him.  We arrived 10 minutes before the show started and were seated promptly.  We checked out the menu, made our selections, and waited.  We waited some more.  After the first comic/host was on stage, our server came to take our orders.  I could tell he was a little stressed, but he was nice.  At the end of the show, the host told everyone they were short-staffed due to a few people calling off sick.  We made sure to tip our server well.  Their prices are a little high, but they had a short list on the table of food and drink specials; the food was about half the price of the regular entrees.  My husband had the Cubano with fries and I had the grilled chicken tacos.  They were each around $10.  He had a beer from the regular menu and I had a $4 Red Stripe.  Our food arrived during the headliner and it as really very good.  Our seats were off to the side of the stage with a great view.  I"m not a frequenter but instead only come for a comic I really want to see.  It's a nice occasional night out with decent food.

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    I got tickets to see Chris Franjola, who turned out to be absolutely worth the hour long drive each way.  This location is at an Easton-type shopping/dining center.  We parked in a larger lot and only had a 5 minute walk.  The club is on the second level, but the box office is right inside the doors before you go up the stairs.  We arrived with 10 minutes to spare and were promptly seated at a four-top and sat facing the stage.  Luckily the seats across from us were not filled.  We got our order in to our server before the show started,and our drinks arrived shortly after.  There is a 2 item minimum, but I was aware of that from past FB experiences.  I got a Yuengling from the domestic beer list, which is a couple bucks cheaper than imports and the fried pickles.  My daughter got the bottomless Coke (keep the cup) and chicken fingers with fries.  The pickles come with a mustard dipping sauce which was okay, but I used the ranch dressing that my daughter got with her entree but didn't use.  The pickles were just okay.  Her meal was good, but she had to ask twice for a take-home box which never arrived.  She forgot her Coke cup as well.  The food is overpriced, but no surprises there.  The service was fairly efficient.  A big cup of water arrived before our drinks, which was nice.  Our seats were comfortable, and we had a mostly clear view of the stage.  When we exited, there were a few people lingering in a small area.  I assumed they were waiting to meet Chris, but I didn't want to wait in such a small area and I wasn't sure if it was really happening.  Alll in all it was a good experience and all 3 comics were funny.

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    This was my first visit to an Ulta store and I have to say I had a great experience.  I called first because I mistakenly thought it was at the mall but couldn't find on the map.  The woman who answered was very nice and helpful in telling me exactly where they are located.  I suspect she was the same person who greeted me upon entry and cashed me out before I left.  After the greeting she asked if I was looking for anything in particular, which I was, and she walked me back to its exact location.  I found what I wanted and then browsed.  It's a nice, clean, well-organized store and has a large selection, as well as a salon in the back.  

    Another clerk greeted and offered to help me.  I lingered around the brow bar, hoping to get attention from the brow lady once she finished with a customer.  She was a great help and introduced me to a product and showed me how to apply it (for brows).  The cashier registered me for their rewards program (no charge) and was very sweet.

  • 1376 Cherry Bottom Rd
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    Being a quick 15 minute drive from work, I hopped in the car to go get carryout.  I ordered 2 fish tacos from the nice lady behind the counter, and only had a 5 minute wait.  I got back to work, ate, and...unfortunately, I was not wow'd.  I love fish tacos and I liked that these were lightly breaded, but they just weren't good enough for a return visit.

  • 925 N State St
    Westerville, OH 43082
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    I finally made it here for an afternoon snack.  They don't open until 2 during the week so I timed it right yesterday.  The presentation of the gelato selections is beautiful, creamy deliciousness.  I was waited on immediately and offered tastings of anything.  I tasted the pistachio, which was very very good, but the flavors I chose for my small cup (you get 2 scoops) were toasted coconut and dreamsicle sorbetto.  The dreamsicle was good, but I kicked myself for not getting the pistachio.  I would definitely get the toasted coconut again.  It was hard to choose from all the flavors, and they also have pastries, like coconut macaroons and canolis.  This shop is a gem.  Another location towards the west side of Cbus would be ideal.

  • 2888 Bethel Rd
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    I was on E so I pulled in to this location, knowing I had my GE rewards card in my purse.  It ticks me off you can't scan your phone at a GE gas pump and you can't punch in your phone # like at a Kroger pump.  Anyway.  I don't normally go inside to buy anything after I get gas, but the pumpkin spice coffee sign called to me.  I received such good customer service that I had to write a review.  The cashier looked up my phone # (he offered) since I left my rewards card in my car and the other cashier made sure my coffee cup lid was on tight.  I received a friendly send off and was happily on my way.

  • 1327 Cameron Ave
    Lewis Center, OH 43035
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    I will definitely come back to this location.  The volunteer lady at the front desk was very sweet and offered suggestions on getting my iron level up (Total Raisin Bran, she said) before giving me 2 packages of raisins for the road.  The nurse was wonderful.  It's so nice to go somewhere and be treated so nicely.

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    We arrived around 5:30 on Thursday and there were only a few other patrons, both at the bar and in a booth.  From what I read prior to the visit, I was aware that the guac was good and the choices for vegetarians/pescetarians are slim.  

    What I liked:  it's a cool, hip, bar.  I felt comfortable, but would really like to sit in the big booth in the back, if I were with more people.  If I lived closer, I could be a regular at the bar.  They play vinyl.  The servers/bartenders are pleasant.  The happy hour prices are great.  The $4 Paloma was tasty, and they have $2 Tecates.  The guac was indeed good, as were the fresh chips.  I didn't taste the salsa, because I wanted to finish the guac.  Chips, salsa and guac together total $7.  I asked about vegetarian options, and was told they can make anything vegetarian.  Yay!

    What I hated:  the veggie tacos.  Taco.  I only ate 1 of the 2.  Yuck.  Mushrooms in a taco?  Ewww.  Not a good variety of veggie inside the (soft) taco.  Another person in our party had the veggie burrito which looked good.  I don't know, maybe next time.  I would like to have a fish taco, but they are only served on Tuesdays.  One person with us ordered a club soda with lime.  She received a tall glass of tap water, no lime.  I gave her the lime that came on top of my can of Tecate.  I didn't get my requested lemon with my water either.  

    I will come back, but if I want a fabulous taco, I'll stick with Local Cantina.

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    I am a fan.  A co-worker and I came for lunch today.  Everyone was very friendly, the service was great, and the food even better.  We both chose the make-your-own bowl.   I love that they have marinated whitefish, and the vegetable selection is abundant.  I filled up my little bowl, handed it and my sauce selection to the griller who asked what kind of rice I wanted (brown, please!).  The cooked food was delivered back to our table with a smile.  We'll be back.

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    I wanted to add that I went back for lunch today and our server from the event saw me and said "welcome back!" which was very cool, and that the pen he gave me for my credit card slip was a Yelp pen.  LOL

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    Bryant once again organized a great event.  This time it was a lunch gathering on Sancus Blvd.  We… Weiterlesen
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