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  • $$ Pub
    1205 U St NW
    Washington, DC 20009
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    Fantastic bar.  Probably one of my ultimate favorites in the city.  They've got great beer and atmosphere.  There are a lot of rules to be here, but they won't matter if you aren't an annoying jerk anyways (only half kidding..).  This bar is such a haven from all the crazy, loud, clubbin' bars on U Street.  The place is deceivingly large and cozy in all the layers of dark wood surrounding you.  It really feels like you're in a saloon in the West somewhere.  The relaxed atmosphere is great for hanging out and actually having a conversation you can hear.  There's a great range of European beers to choose from, and the food is pretty good too.  And while they have some weird rule about ordering food or drinks one before the other, you can definitely just order both the same time.  Just be nice and follow the rest of the rules!

  • 2331 Calvert St NW
    Washington, DC 20008
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Open City is pretty darn great.  It's got a sunroom, outdoor seating, open and relaxed restaurant, a bar with a wide wine and beer selection, and crazy good pastries/desserts.  And I must say, their Irish coffees are DELICIOUS.  So obviously, I'm sold.  The food in general is/seems delicious.  I've only come here a few times and had meal and each time was great.  Open City is definitely one of my favorite places to eat or grab a snack and coffee in this area.  Perfect place to go to after visiting the zoo.

    I give them four stars only because the service is a little inconsistent--the hipster servers can be busy just hanging out with each other during the slower hours and not paying enough attention to you, or actually really busy working the crazy crowds here during dinnertime.

  • 2475 18th St NW
    Washington, DC 20009
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    Snap is mediocre at best.  

    Don't let the catchy name, outdoor sign with the cute fox with glasses illustration, and the idea of crepes and bubble tea fool you into thinking this is going to be great fast food.  I ordered the Vegetable and Cheese crepe (less than $7) and a Chai Bubble Tea (less than $4).  The crepe was pretty bland except near the outside edge which was oddly too salty, and the vegetables were still a little hard/raw.  The chai bubble tea had that powdery/chemical taste and the bubbles were not fresh--hard, cold, stuck together, and the textures were just inconsistent overall.  I definitely didn't finish even half of it.  I'm surprised this place is still running.  The relaxed atmosphere may be alluring, but it's only because locals probably know to head elsewhere!  Their plastic tables are also very flimsy with awkward legs that get in the way when you try to sit down, making it easy to knock over, along with your food (which you'll probably want to toss anyway...).  

    Conclusion:  This place is called Snap because A) it needs to wake up and get its act together!  And B) because you'll quickly learn that you should stay the heck away from here!

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