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    Best mofongo. Though I think I only went to one other place.  It's located in the bus depot and is no frills, but it's a must do when in PR.

  • 76 Industrial Hwy
    Essington, PA 19029
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    I concur with Sara S. We had a great expedient experience. We got a Living Social Deal for a 7-day stay for $30.  When we pulled in, the shuttle followed us to our spot. Mark loaded our luggage, made a quick stop at the Clarion and it was off to the terminal.

    On the return trip we called them after I got my bag and he was already waiting curbside at Terminal A. We stopped at one more terminal, then the Clarion and it was right back to our car. We had Mark again but it seemed like there were at least 3 shuttles circling.

  • 438 Union Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
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    They have a great new location near Union Square (and my office).  I painted "Enchanted Forrest" last night with a few friends and they all came out so different/unique.  Can't wait to go back!

    PS - Casey was a great instructor.

    PPS - 2.5 hours sounds like a long time, but it goes by quick.

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    This location is closed and they'll be re-opening in West Village at the end of Summer 2013.  It's a shame too, because I though it was a great, quick meal, and just around the corner from my office.

  • Calle Loiza 2008
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911
    Puerto Rico
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    We were the only people in the place.  It was like our private restaurant to celebrate our 7 monthaversary.  I'm not a foodie, and I generally stick to what I know, but the server was amazing and described every dish on the menu!  Every dish.  

    The food was good, cool atmosphere. The server explained that PK2 when saying each character in Spanish sounds like Pecados, which means sins.  You can definitely see that theme throughout the murals on their walls.  Very clever.

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    Nice place on the mountainside.  Great to come to after a day at Toro Verde.  They even were rockin' a Brookln Brewery Flag off of their boat (that's a bar).

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    I want to like this place since it's the closest Chinese restaurant to my apartment, but it's just hands down not good.  I've been here maybe a half dozen times in the last 4 months only because I'm too lazy to walk farther.

    * The wontons fall apart
    * The beef chow fun is flavorless
    * The dim sum is made to order, and frozen

    I would give it a 1.5, but I know I'll end up here again out of shear laziness.

  • 37 E 28th St
    New York, NY 10016
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    I've never heard of a couples massage where they put you in separate rooms, so I thought nothing of being in the same room - in fact I expected it.  It wasn't until AFTER the massage that they told me there was a $10 room sharing fee, despite paying for the couple's massage weeks in advance over the phone.  Why wouldn't that fee already be built into the price, and why wouldn't you warn us of a fee before booking the appointment??

    I did like that there was an actual locker room, and a sauna and showers for after.  The masseuses and receptionist were friendly, but I can't get over the fact that there was a hidden fee, and they insisted that we tip each masseuse $20!!  I thought tip amounts are up to the clients.

    The massage itself was alright though he spent most of the time on my back.  He never asked me what I wanted him to focus on nor did he ask me if the pressure was ok.  Twice I asked him to use more pressure, and once I realized he kept going over the same spots on my back, I had to ask him to focus more on my arms and legs, but by then there was only 10 minutes left.

    I could feel the time ticking away and I wasn't really relaxed because I was anticipating him moving to another part of my body, which didn't happen.  I think if this place didn't have hidden fees and the masseuse knew what I wanted - it would be my spa of choice.  But I still can't get over it.

  • 669 Union St
    Brooklyn, NY 11215
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    No better way to end an evening of climbing at Brooklyn Boulders than with a tray of meat!  This place also features 2 rounds of happy hour which features a can of beer and whiskey for $5, or a beer and pulled pork slider also for $5.

    A cute little place perfect for a date night or small group.

  • 54 Prince St
    New York, NY 10012
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    Was just looking for a simple mid-week meal, maybe find a $10 sandwich somewhere (i.e. Parm).  Then we walked past Delicatessen.  1 appetizer, 2 drinks, 2 entrees and a dessert later my boyfriend was committed to a $100 meal. He turned down my offer to split prior to him seeing the total.  Despite sticker shock, it was a great meal.

    A great spot for a special occasion or if you're looking to impress someone.

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    Sounds awesome! Thanks for the heads up Diane!

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    I need to stop in again!

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