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    So I've officially lived here for a school year so I think I have the right to give an adequate judgment of this place. Full disclosure, I'm on SMART housing so the price I'm paying is absolutely unbeatable for what I'm getting. If I was not on SMART I would not live here period, not because it's a bad place but more because I'm broke. The complex itself is great. The apartments are beautiful, modern, and have been great overall. Maintenance is fast. Management throws parties every once in awhile which are fun. Gym and pool are nice. It's just a nice nice nice place overall.

    However, there are 2 major cons. This complex is full of privileged and irresponsible college students. Expect vomit, dog poop, and the works everywhere, especially on the weekends. Now this is almost universal in west campus but I think it's even more prevalent in axis due to the amount of wealthy lazy kids that live here. Moreover, my absolute biggest complain is the location of the SMART units. I get it, you get what you pay for. It just sucks that we have to endure the awful noise of the alleyway. Garbage trucks come in at 4 in the morning and are loud as fuck. The maintenance crew move the garbage cans pretty early as well with the ATVs creating a ton of noise. I do not enjoy waking up to my windows vibrating from all the noise, but I endure it because of the price I'm paying. Now if you're paying full price for an apartment and it's located in the alleyway, I feel bad for you. Just don't do it and this goes for every complex in west campus, DO NOT LIVE IN THE ALLEYWAY.

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    Either the young woman at front never went to grade school or she was trying to rip me off. I'm thinking the latter.

    I order the chorizo super and asked her to skip the cheese, she tried to charge me MORE for taking off an ingredient. And she managed to get an attitude when I said something about it.

    Watch your receipt people.

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    The breakfast tacos at Brothers are cringe worthy so I decided to trek out to Villas Arcos for… Weiterlesen
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    I remember the day. It was quite ordinary in fact. My math class just ended and I could feel my stomach rumbling signaling it was lunch time. So I headed over to the Satellite to purchase a filling hamburger and fries from the restaurant "Burger Studio." I placed my order through the interactive touch screen computer system and proceeded with payment. My number was called and I picked it up. As I made my way to find vacant seating, I could smell the sweet stench of steaming hot hydrogenated oil eminating from the bag. I sat down, ripped open the brown paper containing my treasures, grabbed the entree and placed it into my mouth.

    I clamped down, began chewing, and it happened. Something tasted peculiar, my mouth continued to chew, the mysterious subject became more apparent as time progressed. I spit it out and viewed the inexplicable monster. A luminous golden lock of weave taunted me angrily with it's presence.

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    Do you enjoy chemically dyed horse hair? Then come on down to Burger Studio in the beautiful UH UC… Weiterlesen
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    So we were on a debate trip to Portland and we had to take a hookah break. We ended up here and it was a great experience.

    They charge cover which sucks but the hookah wasn't crazy expensive. The flavors were plentiful with the mixed berry being the stand out in my opinion. The ambiance was amazing, the chairs were comfy, the people were cool, and the music was awesome! I really want to know the radio station that they were playing cause it was cool as hell.

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    Pretty solid banh mi place.

    I was in the mood for a good viet sandwich so I decided to check out Givrals after my bad experience with Don Cafe. The restaurant is kind of hidden, I was expecting a small sandwich shop when I first saw the exterior but then I found a huge, nice modern dining room packed with people.

    I ordered the grill chicken and my dad had the shredded chicken. The bread was awesome and soft. Ingredients were fresh, I just wasn't crazy about the actual chicken, It tasted burnt. I can't really comment on the shredded chicken but my dad enjoyed it so I guess I'll try that next.

    Overall a solid bahn mi place with an awesome location.

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    To be honest I'm not too crazy about tea bar. We ordered a hot pot of jasmine tea because I was hoping to immerse myself in the magic that is tan tans tea (they were already closed unfortunately). The service was incredibly slow which isn't understandable because the place wasn't exactly packed.

    The tea itself was pretty good albeit very overpriced. At tan tans they have a hot pot of tea where they actually put the jasmine flowers in it with free refills for about a dollar per person. Here at tea bar it was 5 dollars for a pot, they're getting away with high way robbery here.

    I mean it's definitely a cool place with a good ambiance. I would definitely recommend it if you are out with your friends and need a cool place to talk.

    Jay w.
    Kommentar von Jay w. von Tea Bar & Organics
    24.2.2011 Unlike other restaurants, we use high quality organic tea leaves and it is refillable for at least 5… Weiterlesen
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    I don't know if I was at the same restaurant but this place was pretty mediocre. The lady in front is nice and dandy, but the sandwiches unfortunately were not. I ordered the turkey and the bread was some of the worst I've ever eaten, I would have returned it in a second but I had it to go and I wasn't about to drive all the way back.

    I like the location off of Bellaire way better, it's just a whole lot fresher.

  • 1333 Old Spanish Trl
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    A very solid sandwich joint.

    Located in a strip center off OST, the Spicy Pickle is a new upscale deli that serves great sandwiches at a very reasonable price. The Antones right around the corner is absolutely awful so I decided to check this place out.

    The lady working at the counter was AWESOME! She even had the balls to tell me that I had a booger sticking out -- I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DON'T TELL ME AND I WALK AROUND WITH IT. So embarrassing.

    I cant remember the name of the sandwich that I ordered but the bread was really good and the ingredients were really tasty. I wasn't actually a big fan of the actual spicy pickle but that's because spiciness is the bane of my existence.

    Overall a solid place and I'll be sure to stop by.

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    If you like tea house on westheimer you'll like this place. They're basically the same except this location is much smaller and way more modern.

  • 9300 Bellaire Blvd
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    Stopped by here the other night with a friend and made a to go order. The restaurant is clean, not much going on design wise, looks like your typical asian restaurant. I ordered bbq pork and chicken but they got my order wrong and just gave me bbq pork.

    Food was good.

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