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    Went into this walmart last night to purchase a BBQ grill.  So the top of the line grill is out there, but there were none on the shelves.  After asking for some assistance and waiting almost 30 minutes, finally we were advosed that The item is on clearance ans no more will be coming ibn.  So the option of buying the one on the floor was brought up.  The sales associates were able to offer a 10% discount.  We asked to speak to the manager on duty to point out that the metal was greatly damaged on the back side and it ws covered with above average dammages.  After another 10 minutes the manager on duty relayes a message to us via the telephone that she could do 20%.  When we asked her to come to see the grill, of course her tired ass was too busy for customer service.  We put the remainder of the items we were purchasing back and started to leave the store.  Oh guess who we ran into on the way out of the store.... there she was at the door.  She was snide, rude and really needed the 80's slapped out of that hairdo.  Not interested at all in providing customer service, she replied that they could return the one on the floor to the manufacturer for credit.   Screw her, today we are attempting to speak to her boss, with a copy of walmarts mission statement in hand, and if that doesnt work we will keep going up the chain until someone listens.

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