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  • 637 Front St
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    Gotta say, love taking the kids to Sweet Cow. Great ice cream, friendly service, and a lot of fun for the kids to run around with the other kids on the faux lawn they have out front.

    We often go on a Friday or Saturday night and there's always a long line, but they seem to have their system down so well, the line moves fast.

    Hey Sweet Cow, I will give you the 5th star if you can create a chocolate flavor that knocks my socks off. The Dutch Chocolate misses the mark.  :)

    Definitely check out Sweet Cow next time you're in town.

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    If I were a homeowner, a business, or a HOA/Landlord, I would NOT choose Eyes of Shiva to clean our windows. Our experience was frustrating, confusing, and unprofessional. Maybe my review can help you make the best decision on who to choose for your window cleaning.

    My wife contacted Eyes of Shiva to clean the windows of our house. She's on the board of our small 6 unit HOA and offered to talk to the other homeowners to see if others were interested, and if she could get a few more people in, could we get a break on the price. He agreed so she got 3 other homeowners on board.

    The owner came to the property to assess the units and create a bid.

    Later he left a weird voicemail with me about my wife not getting back to him, as if the decision was made that they weren't going to choose them. I had to remind him that I was not the point person for the window cleaning project, and that he needs to speak directly with my wife, as she's on the HOA Board.

    Just before the cleaning he sent an email to my wife about his crew coming to clean and that he wanted payment same day of service. Absolutely reasonable. We let the participating homeowners know.

    Day of service the owner shows up with his crew. He gets introduced to the other homeowners so that arrangements can be made regarding access and timing for the day's cleaning, and give him an opportunity to make arrangements for payment. His workers are nice guys, professional, they get to work and he leaves.

    That evening, after folks got home from work, the homeowners expected to talk to the EoS owner about the work, pay the bill, etc. but he didn't show up.

    We had made arrangements for payment and we assumed that the owner was talking to the other homeowners about the respective work done and payment, but a couple weeks later he emailed my wife asking for payment from the other homeowners too. Other homeowners said they didn't hear from him about their quality of the work or the payment. In one case, they had to track him down on how to send payment.

    Weird. Why won't he talk to the other homeowners? Completely unprofessional in my opinion. But despite my wife's busy schedule, she did HIS job and wrangled the checks, then sent them off in the mail.

    A few days later he sends another email asking where payment is. My wife explains that she sent it to his company address in the signature of his email. He sends back an email scolding her, saying that he doesn't put his address in his email signature.

    Well, he absolutely did, and my wife sent him the email as proof. I assume he went to his PO Box and got the checks, but why make her do all the work? Why not confer with the other homeowners about the work he did at their houses, and fix mistakes or collect payment?

    The window cleaning itself was acceptable, we've had better and worse, but dealing with the owner of the company was a frustrating and confusing experience.

    There are easier companies to work with out there. I suggest you do your research and go with one of them.

    Cedar K.
    Kommentar von Cedar K. von Eyes of Shiva Window & Gutter Cleaning
    12.10.2014 Hi Daniel, I agree that there was quite a bit of confusion in regards to payment. To clarify, your… Weiterlesen
  • 2168 1st Capitol Dr
    Saint Charles, MO 63301
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    Wow. Incredibly unfriendly guy behind the counter. Seems like he hates his job. No greeting, one word answers when I ask questions. Avoid this place.

  • 105 W Emma St
    Lafayette, CO 80026
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    Many of our friends have tried to eat here in the evening, only to be thwarted by the long wait times of 1-2 hours to get a table. For that reason, we haven't even bothered to try for dinner.

    But seeing they were open for brunch on Sunday morning, we thought that would be our best option, especially with two young kids. We decided to show up 15 minutes before they opened in an effort to minimize our wait time.

    We were the first ones there.

    At 9am we were seated by a friendly host, promptly visited by Matthew, given drinks and we settled in.

    We ordered a sticky bun to share at the table and ordered breakfast. The sticky bun was delicious.

    There was a mixup with our order when the server delivered part of our order to a neighboring table, but our waiter apologized immediately and took care of us. We had to wait a little longer for our food because of this, but not too long.

    The wife and I split an order of the Post Toast and the slow-cooked pork and eggs. Both were quite good. Really good. My mom had the ranch breakfast, and liked it as well.

    We will definitely be back, and for those of you who can't do the long wait, give 'em a try on Sunday morning for brunch. You won't be disappointed.


    As far as the bad reviews some are posting based solely on the wait... are you really going to hold it against the restaurant? This is Lafayette's first, and maybe only, good restaurant. So there's high demand... and you didn't get there early enough to get a seat. Grow up. This is how our society operates, first come first served. You're not a precious little snowflake that deserves to jump ahead of everyone else.

    Lara V.
    Kommentar von Lara V. von The Post Brewing Co.
    17.2.2014 Dear Daniel,
    Thank you ever so much for your kind words. I realize that the wait here at The Post…
  • Zoo
    2300 Steele St
    Denver, CO 80205
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    The zoo is always great!

  • $ Burger
    2755 Dagny Way
    Lafayette, CO 80026
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    The last few times we've been into the Lafayette location have been disappointing.  The floors and tables are dirty, clean up seems to take a while. The bad music they choose too play is often too loud. The food? It's gone downhill as well.

    Where is management? The place seems to be run by high school kids. Too bad. Icon Burger was great. The early SmashBurger was great too. Since then, it seems like management is out to lunch.

  • 809 S Main St
    Louisville, CO 80027
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    I want to like this place, and there is a lot to like, but I'm disappointed in their bar service and drink making capabilities.

    What's good? The mac and cheese is awesome. Burgers are good. BBQ is good. Service is often friendly.

    Let's get the bar up to speed, teach 'em how to make an old fashioned and they're set.

  • 300 S Public Rd
    Lafayette, CO 80026
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    My family and I stopped in for dinner one night after receiving a postcard in the mail offering a free Caprese salad. As a lover of pizza and mozzerella, I was eager to try this new restaurant that replaced the previous crappy one.

    We were promptly seated by a friendly host. The restaurant was empty, but they had just recently opened, so the word still needs to get out. We ordered our caprese salad and our pizzas from our friendly server and waited.

    The decor in the new dining room is much improved over the old one with nicer lighting and a more refined attitude.

    First thing out was the caprese. SInce they make their own mozzerella, I was eager to taste. It's important to note that this mozz is not the delicious Mozzarella di Bufala (buffalo mozzarella), made from domesticated water buffalo milk. This is a cow's milk mozzerella.

    First thing I noticed was how small the portion was. Two small pieces of cheese and three tomatoes. Maybe you could sell this for $4.99, but $7.50 is an insult. Now maybe I shouldn't complain because I was getting this for free, but jeez, what a way to welcome the neighborhood. And the disappointment didn't end there.

    The menu claims this dish is served with heirloom tomatoes. These were definitely NOT heirloom tomatoes. The tomatoes weren't even ripe. They were hard and flavorless. They were past green, but they weren't red either and it seems like they spent most of their time in the refrigerator.

    Little tip Apeizza:  ""Refrigeration is the enemy of the tomato as it nullifies flavor and turns the flesh mealy. The culprit is a compound called Z-3 hexenel, which accounts for the tomato's scent and taste. The development process which turns tomato's linolenic acid to the Z-3 that makes our mouth and nose sing is hindered by cold." (

    Basically, don't store your caprese tomatoes in the fridge. It kills the flavor of the tomato, which arguably, is the star of this dish. It's definitely not your cow's milk mozzerella which lacks the fat content, and thus the flavor of the superior buffalo mozzerella.

    If not storing your tomatoes in the fridge isn't possible, then just don't bother with this dish. It's unremarkable and serving me unripe tomatoes is just *insulting*.

    Next, out came the pizzas. I ordered the prosciutto and arugala pie, while my wife ordered the margherita.

    The pizzas looked great with a bulky crust and fresh ingredients. They tasted good as well. The crust was lightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Not chewy at all. Just the way the crust should be.

    Their dough didn't taste as good as what I make at home (use more olive oil in your dough mix!), but not bad at all.

    The arugala also didn't have that "spice" to it which is typical of lesser quality greens, but the pieces were fresh. The sauce was good, the prosciutto good. It was a good pie.

    We opted out of dessert since we filled up on pizza, chatted with our friendly waitress for a bit and said goodbye.

    All in all it was an OK experience and definitely a huge step up from the previous restaurant in that space. I hope these guys make it where others have failed. And I really hope that they figure out how best to serve a caprese salad.

    I'll be giving these guys another chance soon. Watch this space to learn how they improved. Or not.

  • 211 N Public Rd
    Lafayette, CO 80026
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    We're breaking up, and it's not me, it's you.

    I've been coming to the coffee shop for many years. I don't live too far and it's nice to pop in for  a pot of tea or a glass of chai, while getting some work done.

    Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be back since they've changed to a $4.00 minimum. Patronizing a business should be convenient for the customer. I rarely carry cash, and trying to find stuff to buy to go over the $4 min. is annoying.

    There are a few places in the area that welcome me and my method of payment, so I'll be happy to go where I'm welcome.

    I hope your new policy works out for you, but for this long time customer, it's not working out.

  • 701 Main St
    Louisville, CO 80027
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    I had a good meal here last Thursday. We showed up kinda early at 5:30 or so, so seating wasn't an issue. We asked for a seat in the shade and the pleasant hostess sat us in a nice spot. The menu was nice, not too complex, however it was a little confusing in the sense that some plates seemed doubled on the list.

    I ordered a burrito and expected it to come on a plate smothered in a sauce, according to the menu, but it was delivered in a basket. Perhaps I ordered from the wrong part of the menu?

    No problem though, I asked for a plate and the burrito was quite good. Tasted fresh and delicious.

    We ordered a few margarita's since it was still happy hour and they were great too. And $4!

    After dinner our young daughter made friends with another little girl at a nearby table and were running around and playing. The owner came over with a bucket of chalk to keep them occupied. Great gesture!

    On this trip our server was competent, quick and pleasant, so no problems there. We'll be back!

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