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    What a find!

    The only nail spas I've been to have been in Manhattan near my work. I've been to some decent places in the city, but even if they feature an early week special they cost more and offer less. I only get a few mani/pedis a year, but I've never been offered a paraffin treatment for both my hands and my heels plus a quick shoulder rub while the heat sets in at no additional cost.

    I walked in on a whim without an appointment yesterday as a special birthday treat to myself and though I ended up with the nail technician who looked to be the surliest and least interested in being there, she still did a great job and it was one of the best mani/pedis I ever had! (I point this out to demonstrate how kind and focused the majority of the staff are there.) As they greeted almost all of the other customers by name as they entered, the place seemed to be mostly filled with regulars which is always a great sign. To sum it up the spa is clean and nicely decorated, they have tons of colors and options to chose from, the price is right and there is a decent sized parking lot outside so it is a pleasure all-around to visit. I picked up a rewards card and I will definitely be going back.

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    I moved to Huntington recently and one of my most very favoritest local finds is Makinajian Farm! See I love it so much, I'm writing colloquially! Having lived in a tiny town in the hills with only a church, post office, and a General Store, Makinajian made me feel like I was really home, even in a big town like Huntington. I love driving up and seeing the chickens and ducks walking around, enjoying the day. I love knowing where my food comes from.

    They're well known for their amazing fresh eggs and poultry, and with good reason. Nothing beats fresh, organic, wholesome food and when you cook with ingredients from places like this, you can really taste the difference. What people may not know is that they have packed a lot of stuff into this tiny place - not only do they sell eggs and poultry and fresh local produce (or California produce, when they need to fill in some staple gaps), but they've also got fresh baked pies and quiches, local honey (great for combatting allergies!), bread from the Hudson Valley, pantry staples like flour, sugar, butter, milk, yogurt, and even dressings, sauces, gluten free foods, and a freezer full of frozen veggies, and more. If you wanted to, you could pretty much make Makinajian your one and only grocery stop. On top of that, the folks that work there are sweet as pie. (Did I mention they have pie?)

    Yes, you can find veggies, eggs, and chicken for cheaper at big chain grocery stores, but they won't hold a candle to what you find here. It is so worth it. People, you vote with your dollar and I'm voting local, organic, and DELICIOUS! I'm voting Makinajian.

  • 400 S Jamesport Ave
    Jamesport, NY 11947
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    Aufgelistet in Long Island Highlights

    The Jedediah Hawkins Inn is nothing short of spectacular, and I say this having experienced the last 4 chefs. The best part is, just when you think they're the tops they just keep improving!

    We went to brunch last sunday as part 2 of my husband's birthday celebration and we were bowled over once again. The menu was great, the service was great, and the drinks were double plus great. I had the blood orange mimosa since we were going wine tasting after, and the substitution of blood orange gave the drink a nice bright lift. My husband had the bloody mary and HOLY HECK was it good. Perfect flavor, the right amount of spice, and also the right amount of booze. Yes. Then along came a basket of fresh bread and butter. Normally I forgo the bread or even send it back so it's not wasted, but this time I knew I had to try it and I'm glad I did because it was just perfect. For the meal, I had the crab and avocado frittata and my husband had the croissant BLT with avocado and chiplotle lime mayo. Both were sublime. The service was fantastic and you were encouraged to relax and take your time, which we did before strolling the grounds. We were seated in the solarium with a fantastic view of the chef's garden, pergola, and barn.

    Let me say the solarium is a very welcome upgrade to the covered porch they used to have, and I know this because we were married there four years ago! It rained like armageddon was coming and the old porch roof leaked here and there, but we still had a great time. The solarium is much snazzier. It's a beautiful room. We were happy to note the other rooms were largely unchanged. If you are considering staying for the night, definitely go for it. Each room is comfy, cozy and quirky. And if you get the chance to stay in the suite, do not hesitate! We rented the whole place for family for the wedding and it was so worth it. Everyone loved it. Even during a highly volatile time for the Inn they pulled out all the stops and gave us an incredible wedding we and our family and friends will never forget.

    All the improvements they've been making are fantastic and so far Chef Lia is continuing the trend of the Inn getting better and better as time goes on. We can't wait to return to try dinner.

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    It's 3am and I'm still full from dinner. Way full. We shared 3 small plates and 1 dessert. Everything was delicious but h-e-a-v-y. Mind you, this review is coming from someone who has been eating only plant-based homemade detoxifying whole foods for the last 10 days. If you're in the same boat (and frankly, if you're eating at Swallow or almost any restaurant, you probably aren't!), you can't dive right back into fried dishes. I, genius that I am, indulged in two. And everything was delicious! We went for my husband's birthday and both of us want to go back as soon as we are able.

    We'd been trying to go for a few months, but we would always forget to make reservations and they'd be full up till 10:30 or we would stop by on a day when they were closed. I made reservation a week in advance in anticipation of the special occasion, and lo and behold they had kind of a quiet night and we could have walked in. I still recommend you reserve a table because it's a small place and they fill up quickly.

    The service is really fantastic. The staff are very helpful and accommodating and they get the timing just right so your table isn't crowded with plates, nor do you feel rushed to get from one course to the next. The food was all fresh made to order with a clean, simple, modern presentation and everything was the best it could be.

    We ordered the calamari, asparagus fries, and mac & cheese, hold the bacon. (People, a round of applause, please, for the husband who will forgo the bacon on his *birthday* so his non-bacon-eating wife can share dinner with him.) The calamari was perfectly cooked with a light, crispy batter and a unique sweet and spicy sauce that completely wowed us. The asparagus was fried in the same batter, and so we wouldn't likely order the two at once again, but damn it IS a good batter so we didn't mind at all. The stalks got perfectly cooked in there, bright green and snappy and not stringy at all, and came with a nice cream sauce. Lastly, the mac and cheese was creamy and flavorful and had, my favorite, fresh peas to boot. I could see how it would benefit from the smoky flavor of bacon but I was so happy they were willing to prepare the dish without it so I could enjoy it, too. Let's not forget desert, if you can make it that far. Perhaps we should have skipped it but it was a birthday and also:

    Nutella. Bread. Pudding.

    You can not say no to that. And you will be glad for your lack of willpower because it is so so good. We will definitely be visiting Swallow again, and hopefully bringing friends, too.

    One last note: I made this a 4 star review rather than 5 for two reasons - first, I try not to give 5 star reviews on my first visit because I like to make sure I'm absolutely in love with the place several times over first, and second I'd like to see a couple more lighter options on the menu. Again, I have been on a detox diet so the heaviness hit me in a way that it might not hit most people, but I also think small salads and such are a refreshing way to cleanse the palate between heavier plates.

    Rock on, guys!

  • 601 Hicksville Rd
    Bethpage, NY 11714
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    Piñatas, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
    Veggie Nachos
    Shrimp Tacos
    Veggie Burrito
    Fish Burrito
    House tortilla chips
    and freshy fresh salsa.
    My husband works very close to Piñatas and he talking the place up so much, so I decided I needed to form my own opinion. After visiting him for lunch there just once I was hooked. The price was right, the ingredients were fresh, the salsa flavorful, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Mind you, I've only been inside the establishment once, but we've gotten takeout from there many times since that day. I'm taking away one star because the tables weren't as clean as they could have been, and I hear this is an ongoing issue. We pick up our takeout, so I can't review the delivery service. Thanks, Piñatas, we'll be back for more!

  • 152 W 49th St
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    A friend and I visited Hagi for the first time last night and boy were we glad we did! It's so nice to have another place on our midtown list. I feel like sometimes it is easy to forget that there are actually some really great meeting spots, even around Times Square where we both unfortunately currently work. (The word "unfortunately" in that sentence is what divides locals from tourists, I guess.)

    We're both big fans of Japanese food - Izakaya, fresh soba, and home-style cooking especially. Since we were new to Hagi, we decided to get an array of small dishes, like ya do, and test out the cuisine. Absolutely nothing was in any way disappointing. That is to say, everything was delicious! The fish was fresh, the daikon plentiful, the meats and peppers were grilled just right, and the ochazuke was just like grandma used to make! (OK, just like my friend's grandma used to make. My grandma is Italian.)

    We're going to have to go back to sample the sake and shochu because drinks and noodles were probably the only things we didn't sample. OK that's a lie, too... There is still so much more of the menu to explore! Which is why we're going back. And soon!

    A quick word to the wise - we arrived at 5:45, just 15 minutes after opening and it was pretty full already. And it was a Monday! Naturally this is a testament to the quality of the food. However, if you get there anytime after, say, 6:00 or 6:30, be prepared to wait.

  • 131 W 23rd St
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    When you click on two stars for a restaurant, the text that Yelp provides next to that rating is "Meh. I've experienced better." That could not be more perfect a review for The Guilty Goose. I don't even need to add anything else to that, but I will. My friends and I, party of three, were nearby and wanted a classic NYC boozy brunch. Just an entree and a mimosa or bloody mary, nothing fancy. So we looked up nearby restaurants on the Yelp app and found we were right smack between two 3.5 star places, one of which was The Guilty Goose, and we went for that one. It was a 50/50 chance and I can't say we lost because the other place might have been terrible, but this joint was just not good. Not bad, but not good. We ordered 1 beer and 2 mimosas (they have no bloody marys - now you know.), I had the frittata and my comrades had duck eggs benedict and the steak sandwich. We were all mildly disappointed with our food. It was just meh, and the prices at The Guilty Goose are too high for "meh" in my humble opinion. I rarely go on about the presentation of my food unless it's beautiful, but again because of the flavor not living up to the prices, the presentation was... well... "meh." The duck egg dish especially. If you're going to serve nothing more than the open faced sandwich itself on a largish white oval plate, at least splash some seasoning around or something. The plate really looked empty and not in an artsy way. The drinks were OK. Service was not. Again, not bad, but certainly not good. There seemed to be a waitstaff of 2, but there were only 4 tables which should have been OK for them. Granted two of the tables were fairly large parties, and they were quite rowdy because they opted for the bottomless brunch (for $35 you can eat their bland food and drink unlimited mimosas for 1.5 hours and then they cut you off.) But the waitstaff seemed so concerned with ferrying pitches of mimosas to those two tables AND pouring for them that once we were finished, we had to wait 15 minutes before we could get the check, and then they brought us the wrong table's check and so we had to wait longer. The table behind us was SO loud all we wanted to do was get out of there. It got to the point where I had to stand up and go fetch someone to bring us our check. Good times. Not really. Anyway, sorry Guilty Goose, we won't be returning.

  • 11 Madison Avenue, Level 1B
    Manhattan, NY 10010
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    Peggy Brill wrote a book titled "INSTANT RELIEF: Tell Me Where It Hurts and I'll Tell You What To Do", which I confess I have not yet read. I have, however, experienced the attentive care given in her Madison Ave office. Unfortunately for me I seem to have become injury prone, but fortunately for everyone, Peggy and her therapists are around to not only help ease your pain but assist you in adjusting your habits and adding a therapeutic exercise regime to strengthen you in the right ways to prevent further injury. (as probably noted in her other book "THE CORE PROGRAM: 15 Minutes A Day That Can Change Your Life", which I also must read! I have to say after the way they helped me, I am totally sold on her methods.)

    I've visited other PT offices for knee and hand injuries and they did the job (aside from the first OT I visited, who actually made my hand worse, but that's another review entirely!), but when I pinched a nerve in my neck last year and began to attend sessions at Brill PT to alleviate the resulting related unbearable pain, headaches, and tension, I realized that some offices go above and beyond to help you. And this is one of those offices. Shelly, Peggy's PTA, worked with me the most and she is nothing less than amazing at what she does. I honestly thought I was experiencing an actual miracle when my constant, intense pain began to lift and I could even pick things up again.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to book some Pilates sessions with Donnell as well, which helped strengthen and realign me and get me back on track.

    Thanks to everyone in the office for all your help! The entire staff is professional, courteous, kind and helpful. I can't say enough good things about these guys. Whether you are an athlete or an office worker, Peggy and her staff can help you out.

  • 10 New St
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    I know what you're saying - how can this girl give 5 stars to a Portuguese restaurant if it's the first and only Portuguese restaurant she's ever been to? Well I'm doing it, and I'll tell you why: good food is good food, and at Fado you get great, fresh food, wonderful service, excellent suggestions, and, if you can make it that far, delightful desserts. The portions are generous but not ridiculous and we have loved everything we've tried. Even my hubby loves the lightly house dressed salad they bring before the entrees and he's not really a Salad Guy.

    Fado is conveniently located in Huntington Village and is great for either a romantic date night or a group outing. They have 2 floors, so seating is not usually a problem, but it never hurts to call any restaurant in hopping Huntington on a weekend night to make sure they have room. The cocktail list is full of unique offerings and the wine list is extensive, though you may not recognize the varietals since they are Portuguese. Not to worry - you just tell the wait staff what you like to drink and they will suggest a wine that is similar. My friends and I have yet to be disappointed by these suggestions. Everyone to whom I've recommended this restaurant leaves gushing praise, and that's a lot of people.

    The only negative is that sometimes the downstairs can get a little loud if there is a large party in there. Or maybe the thing that I don't like about this place is that we didn't find it sooner!

  • 363 New York Ave
    Huntington, NY 11743
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    When a friend heard I was moving to Huntington, she immediately suggested Honu. Finally 6 months later I got to try it. I see from a lot of other reviews that it can get quite packed and even a little clubby on the weekends, but we went on a Wednesday on the earlier side of dinner and it was practically empty. It's quite a large space, so "practically empty" there could be "quite full" for another restaurant on the same street.

    The location, right in the center of Huntington Village, couldn't be more convenient and I can see myself stopping in often for a drink and a snack before hitting a show at The Paramount. The coconut martini was all that I'd hoped for and more (yes, even though I'm still on an Old Man Drink kick right now) and the Wednesday night 1/2 price wine deal is so worth checking out. Dinner itself was pretty great, too. I ordered the seared tuna with bok choi, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My friends asked for veggie sides which were not only super generous, but super tasty as well. I feel like I could go there for an app and a side of spinach and be completely content! Well, maybe with a drink, too. Happy Hour is next on my list so I can try more of their cocktails. I'll report back later, but for now I'll say that my friend was right on the money - Honu is definitely worth checking out.

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