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    Fun experience.  Decent Japanese foods.  Would go again.

  • 7 E 47th St
    New York, NY 10017
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    My first experience with high class sushi several months ago.  I was feeling adventurous one night, looked up omakase in the city and happened to go here.  I still have dreams of what I was served that night.  By far the best sushi I have ever had in my life.  Very nice and cozy establishment which was well hidden on the second floor of a building.  I will come back again whenever I am in NYC.

  • 500 Brannan St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    Depressed and downtrodden after being turned away from AT&T Park, the game was sold out and it was my last chance to check out the Giants while I was doing my touristy thing in California, my girlfriend and I decided to catch a bite to eat instead.  Turned to yelp and found a nice, respectable place close by and had no idea what to expect, we were, after all, dining on a whim.

    Started off with the Bone Marrow, just because I wanted to see what the heck that even was, and it ended up being tasty.  The texture is something that might take some getting used to, but used as a spread on the soft, soft breads they came with was a genius idea.  However, it was not amazing enough to impress me other than the fact that I was eating Bone Marrow.

    We both ordered the burgers, cooked medium, without knowing about the hype, and they were phenomenal.   I don't want to say it was the best burger I've ever had, because it really depends on my mood that day.  Some days I just a fat, greasy, 10 napkin, BMI greater than 35.0, quadruple bypass inducing burger.  This one was definitely one of the tastiest burgers I've enjoyed, and it went down in what felt like seconds.  

    All in all a fairly cheap meal for the quality we received (49$ for appetizer, 2x entrees + dessert?)  Service was wonderful, until the end when it was getting a little bit busy and we had a little trouble getting our check, but it was nothing outrageous.

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    I'm visiting my girlfriend in San Francisco for the summer, and had the strange desire to visit a fortune teller/psychic/whatever just for kicks.  Didn't really expect much of it, but turned to yelp to help me find the most psychic-est psychic out there, if one exists.  We're both skeptics and approached this as something to do for fun.  Saw Heroic Tarot and Storm and XMEN CARDS and I was sold.  Unfortunately, he was in New Mexico, but we (err, more like "I") were so intent on getting our cards read using x-men characters before I left next week that we did a phone session, it wasn't a big deal and he said he'd send a picture of our spread afterwards.  Though it would have been cooler to do it in person, so it didn't feel like I was calling 1-900-MISS CLEO (just a joke...,) we enjoyed the experience.  Storm is a very nice, thoughtful gentleman and seems to be fairly intuitive and experienced with tarot cards.  I say that as someone who has had zero experience with tarot cards or tarot card readers in the past, but it seemed like he had a rich storage of background knowledge and experience to draw from as he was making his readings.  Some declarations made me think long and harder about what it meant to me, and there were some things that he remarked about me seemed to be very personal and to bring it up was almost uncanny (not a coincidence that I would use that word.)  I didn't consent to going through with his readings on my relationship, but kind of wish I did now, because he seemed to have a lot left to say when my time ran up.  

    Overall, a fun experience with a very nice guy.  We caught him in the middle of the desert in New Mexico, and even if we don't believe in this sort of thing, the fact that he can help bring some issues to fruition and help us think through things is worthwhile enough, 'psychic' or not.  

    Can't wait to see the X-Men tarot card spread!

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    Went into this tour enthusiastic about what we were about to do, but were pleasantly surprised by just how awesome it really was.  Sure we got to see awesome things up close (it's out of this world how crystal clear the waters of Molokini were, up to 130 ft visibility, if I remember correctly,) but what really did it for us was how above and beyond they went to ensure our satisfaction.  The crewmembers were very pleasant to be around, and did a great job educating us on marine life and what we were to be seeing.  They were both passionate and knowledgeable, not to mention great people as well.  They knew customer service (open bar, continental breakfast, lunch, cookies, etc.) and although I was disappointed that at the end of the day, I didn't get to swim with a sea turtle (they are endangered after all, aren't they,) the ocean tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation is something that I will seriously consider going on again if I'm back in least until I get to swim with some sea turtles.

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    If I could give 0 stars, I would.  I don't mean to be ignorant and dismissive of the Hawaiian culture and history, or even snooty and snobby with regards to my taste, but there's something fundamentally wrong with the picture if I was paying more attention to the drummers than I was to the show.  

    We were told that this was a cirque-du-soleil like production, and that the lady from expedia really recommended it because she 'watched it 11 times and cried each time.'  She had to have been lying because I could barely get through half of one show without looking for the exits already.  I don't want to sound mean, but I agree with everyone that said that it felt like a high school production, and am baffled by people actually calling this an amazing, beautiful portrayal of Hawaii.   It is sad that I enjoyed a VSA culture show more than I enjoyed something that I paid top dollar for that should have been free.  I really think that to enjoy this show, you need to be a local with some grasp of the Hawaiian history already, or that you need to lower your expectations immensely.

    Things I was disappointed in:  no aerobics (they had ladies twirling around on rings and the two rope-like drapes, which I'm sure required a ton of physical skill, but its execution and flair was limited by either the limited high school auditorium sized theater or just overall lack of choreography as was typical with the rest of the show.  Speaking of which, I saw midgets do this 1000x better with more passion and showmanship at actual Cirque productions.  So maybe my expectations were a bit inflated, there.)  Dancing and choreography was very bareboned.  The dancing was very limited in that the 8 or 9 performers just did the same move over and over again.  If i wanted to watch an aerobics class do pilates, I'd stop by my local gym.  In retrospect, I find it comedic that the announcer asked us to turn off cell phones and not use cameras 'for the safety of their performers,' because nothing they did was remotely dangerous.  The technical difficulty of the show left a lot to be desired.

    In conclusion:  not something I would go to for free.  I don't mean to sound demeaning, because as an outsider, my opinion could be scrutinized as being ignorant to a culture and history that many people around here are proud of.  And they should be proud of it, in my limited exposure and from what I've read, there seems to be a rich, beautiful, storied history here ranging from creation myths up to the unification of the islands under the Great Kamehameha.  Sadly, the execution fell far short.

  • 203 C Pier 39
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    This is my first review because I thought this baffling experience warranted a write-up.  Overall the food was very good, as my party of 3 ordered a two for too (??) crab feast which ended up consisting of two huge crabs.  The garlic fries were good as well.  The food was not the problem, because we ended up enjoying it very much.  

    Now, I'm not a picky diner or someone that generally gets upset over service, I'm not really that upset now, just insulted.  Apparently our order was misplaced to the table beside us, with two nice ladies, and they started eating away at one of our crabs.  About halfway through one of the crabs, they ask the bus boy where the shrimp portion of their meal was, since they had ordered the "Crabs and Shrimp for Two."  After a few moments of confusion, it looked like he realized the mistake and took it back.  After returning with the ladies' actual entree, which appeared to be a completely different meal, I had a suspicion that he'd try to pull something on us by bringing out the previously eaten meal.  I suspended that suspicion for about the ten minutes it took for him to re-arrange the two crabs to make it look like they weren't touched, because obviously, I didn't think anyone could be that stupid to think that something like that would have worked?  Especially since we were dining right next to the table that he just picked that up from?  


    So of course he brings it out, and out of the corner of my I, I could see him conferring with his bus-boy buddies, smirking and giggling.  At first I could only see that two legs were missing, and I was going to let it go.  After taking the shell of one crab and noticing half of it eaten, with the entrails all mixed up, I had to say something.  Called him over to let him know that we knew what he was up to, and he came over with the same grin and a "you-caught-me" look.  

    It's not upsetting, just extremely baffling and insulting.  Never thought that something like that would be within the realm of possibility, but people have a habit of surprising you.

    Food:  4/5 excellent, but pricy (68.95 for 2 big crabs that the three of us shared comfortably.)

    Service:  the waitress was very nice, but didn't check up on us as much as we would have liked.  The pitcher was empty towards the end of our meal and we probably could have use some more water.  3/5 (minus 3 for the bus boy fiasco.)

    I think I'll average it out to a 2.

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