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  • 95 Boston Rd
    North Billerica, MA 01862
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    I stopped in here one morning to get a bagel and some coffee going on fellow yelpers reviews and was left with mixed feelings.

    The good:
    Awesome friendly service followed by a pretty good bagel with a ton of fresh cream cheese. THIS IS HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE BAGELS PEOPLE. Also the price was cheapskies and a good value.

    The bad:
    The coffee. Yes seriously. I wasn't impressed at all with the java and being that Java is in the name of the company, confusion ensued. Now I don't know if it's a MA thing but the coffee up here is not strong at all. If I go to errm Nudkin Noduts I have to get like 3-4 shots of espresso to make it have any kind of strength.

    I'll have to go back and try again. The bagel was way worth it to not ever come back here again. More so this should be 3.5 stars but Yelp is halfjudice, prejudice against giving half a star before you ask.

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    One of the things I enjoy most about my recent relocation to Massachusetts is the close proximity to awesome Asian fare. You see from where I lived back home in NY it was a 40 minute drive to get anything worth mentioning. So to find this gem and oh boy do I mean gem of a sandwich shop a mere 10 minute drive from my house has made this relocation even better.

    The place is a Vietnamese food dream shop. When you walk in you see the sandwich station with pictures, PICTURES! of each different banh mi's they serve there. In front of the station they have fresh delicacies of the Asian variety; sweet rainbow colored sticky rice, peanut filled glutinous rice balls, fresh egg rolls, sesame balls and things of that nature. My favorite is the cold cut or bbq beef banh mi, I usually order one of each. Sometimes two of each if it's been an emotional eating kind of day.

    Also they have a ginormous variety of bubble tea or boba tea, sugar cane drinks and jelly drinks. Basically whatever southeast Asian treat you are looking for this is the place to go. The staff is nice and efficient. If theres a line there, usually because someone is ordering a dozen sammiches, they move quick. You're never in there for more than 10 minutes and thats on the max side. This place is premier. I've been to a couple of the other shops in the area but this is the jumpoff. If you want banh mi this is it.

  • $ Pizza
    8 Wall St
    Foxboro, MA 02035
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    Listen up khed, sorry I am trying to work on my Massachusetts slang. This is the closest thing I have found to NEW YORK pizza in the commonwealth. Seriously. As a testament to the size of their lahge (I'm sorry, I'm not sorry) cheese pizza I was eating with 3 born and raised members of the bay state and they remarked they have never seen a pizza this big. To me and my native New York self this was standard fare. Back to the pizza, wings and knots. Oh yeah we ordered wings and knots with dinner I'll get to those later. Besides the sheer size the taste was phenomenal. Pizza back home isn't very overpowering with an insane amount of flavor or pizzaz it's the combination of the dough, the marinara, the cheese and the thinness of it all put together. That's what makes it the best. Sal's and Mal's (I was going to just abbreviate it as S&M but well you know it's a terrible word association) was like eating a pie, IT'S CALLED A PIE! back on Long Island or Lawng Eye Land rather. I knew from just opening the box I was in for a special treat. The foldability of each slice and the combo of the ingredients its a mouthgasm. Inside Sals and Mals it's very no frills. You get greeted by a kind person, you can sit in if you feel like it or take it to go. You can see them make your pizza if you wanted to.

    We also ordered wings and things and some knots. The wings were good, crispy and crunchy if you are into that sort of thing which I am.  The oil & garlic combo on the knots was spot on but the dough itself was deep fried so it was like eating a zeppole covered in garlic. Not like there's anything wrong with that. The only bummer about the wings was we didn't get any sauce but to be fair I forgot to ask. I'm just being real wichu yelp fam.

    Like I said before it's not about the presentation it's about the flavor. If you want a pizza baked in a brick oven, turned with maple wood peel signed by the pope and the virgin mary or yadda yadda I'm sure there's a place. If you want a great pizza from a place that knows how to run the pizza game go check out Sals and Mals. What more do you need besides a nice cheese pie and a beer?

  • 751 Chartres St
    New Orleans, LA 70116
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    Don't be fooled by the lack of appearance by the front of the museum, inside is a really comprehensive and gritty look at Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath. Also the Mardi Gras museum is connected to it on the upper level.

    It's literally right in Jackson Square next to the cathedral. If you see a boat behind a fence you are right outside the museum. Stop and watch the short video and read about the boat that saved 400 residents of New Orleans. Forgive me if the number is incorrect I spent my week in NOLA sweating from the heat and sweating from the booze. As soon as you walk in look up and see the light display. After you check the lobby your tour will begin. Make your way through the Katrina exhibit and read every inch of the walls. Seriously. There are a lot of things I didn't hear about or read about. If you are in and out of this museum in an hour you are doing it wrong.

    The upper level is all about Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras Balls (not what you're thinking of dirty minds) and at the time we were there they had Robert Tebbs photos of different plantations all throughout Louisiana. A more intimate look at plantations in the 1920's. What we enjoyed the most were the costumes for Mardi Gras on this level. The time and imagination for creating these is incredible. I didn't realize there was more to Mardi Gras then what you see on reality tv.

  • $$$ Hotel
    125 E 50th St
    New York, NY 10022
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    My first experience for The Benjamin was through a travel site that rhymes with schmeckspedia, booking through travel sites is always hit or miss because the pictures are always the most flattering but may not be the most truthful. So I went forward in a glass errr mixed case of emotions. The really cool art deco outside on the corner was very inviting with fun colors, so far so good. The lobby is just ab fab. Wheels on fire, whoops sorry. The lobby was absolutely fabulous. Lots of marble and shiny metal surfaces. My opinion so far is still on par with my first impression. After checking in after the room key/money exchange I head up to my room and with a giddiness that's reminiscent of Christmas morning. Into the room we go and a huge king sized bed is waiting in all it's glory with a pillow menu. PILLOW MENU. Let the soak in for a sec. My wife enjoys the pillow menu because of the snore no more pillow so we make our selections and call it in. As we wait we explore our home away from home for the night. The bathroom is very bright with fragrant soaps, shampoos and lotions. A jar with q-tips! That was really neat. Also the clean lines in the bathroom itself was great. The shower has great water pressure and an endless supply of hot water it seemed. Our pillows arrive within 15 minutes of the call made to the front desk. So we go out and have our night on the town, yadda yadda yadda. We come back to our room which we left the AC blasting before we left  so it would be very very cold  which it was. Thank goodness for the duvet! We froze no more! It was a great nights sleep with the removal of my snoringness and a large king bed to ourselves we were in dreamland in no time. *Side note: Ladies, whats up with pushing your man on the edge of the bed even when it's a king sized bed? Make some room for cripes sake! End side note* We really didn't want to wake up but check out was soon approaching and sadly we had to go back to the reality of the suburbs. Our in room coffee maker was a breeze to use and brewed a kick ass cup of java. Suddenly while having our coffee the front desk called and asked if we wanted a late checkout at no extra charge. Hell yes. So we laid back in bed, drank coffee, ate some leftovers from the night out and enjoyed our extended stay if only a couple hours more. So we packed our stuff begrudgingly and made our way downstairs and checked out. Overall a really pleasant experience, all from one certain internet travel booking site.

    A testament to our love of The Benjamin we have been here a total of 10 times over the last two years. Also I know the 5* rating seems grandiose but we really do enjoy it on a 5 star level.

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    I am sitting here one day removed from my second experience at Bravo Bravo having just finished eating the leftover dessert for breakfast and reflecting on our amazing meal. Yes that's right, amazing.

    Me and the Mrs stopped by last night (Friday 3/30) having just gotten off the ferry in New London and we already knew where we wanted to get dinner. So off we went into Mystic and down to Bravo Bravo. We were seated within 5 minutes of walking through the door which was awesome because at 7:45 pm on a Friday night we figured we were going to have to wait at least a half to full hour before we were seated. So the lovely hostess asked if we minded sitting in the bar area, at the moment we did not because we were hungry like a pack of ravenous wolves. So we were seated and our waitress Holly came and introduced herself promptly.

    From here it's the usual banter of patron/wait staff with Holly being knowledgeable and personable. The wine selections are ample and varied, so are the beers. They have a section for martini's as well if you are feeling up to it. Basically the skinny is the one side of the menu is for food and the back side is for booze. Pick your poison and all that yeah? After that comes the specials that Holly so patiently reread to us because of the noise level, more on that in the near future, so we made our choices for an app and our entrees and we were off and running. Excellent bread with lovely dips. I am not sure of the proper terminology of said dipping sauce platter but dips is what I'm calling it so deal with it. On to our appetizer! WHOLE-LEE COW the braised short rib over the cavatappi macaroni and Gouda cheese was one of the best things I have had*. Extremely tender meat on the short rib, so tender you can use little to no exertion to tear some off for consumption. Combine that with some swirls of the macaroni and cheese and you are in for a delight. This was a special at Bravo Bravo so if they have it I highly recommended you order it. It was sold out within 30 minutes after we ordered it. For our entrees the Mrs. ordered champagne risotto with lobster and asparagus. For myself it was the seafood stew with tomato fettuccine. Everything was fantastic as we expected, fresh ingredients, lots of lovely flavors. I am not a huge fan of scallops, the last couple of times I have had scallops I was really turned off. This was not the case with Bravo Bravo. I couldn't stop eating said scallops, in fact it was the first thing I finished from my treasures of the sea pasta dish. If it was socially acceptable I would have licked the plate clean but alas I was in public so I shall reserve the plate licking to the confines of my home. Champagne risotto was fantastic according to my better half, creamy risotto with huge pieces of lobster meat and julienned asparagus. I wanted to try hers but I did not want to share mine so I selfishly devoured my plate and she ate hers in a more acceptable manner. So we are sitting feeling full with our plates nary an ounce of food then Holly came and offered the dessert menu. After some brief discussion as to what to order we made our decision, gingered blueberry cheesecake with candied lemon. I am running out of adjectives to describe our dessert. Just know that it was really incredible, sweet flavor explosion in your mouth good. I feel somewhat dirty after typing that. So all of this delicious food with a couple rounds of beer and our bill wasn't exorbitantly high. You pay for what you get but it's really a phenomenal meal. This being our second time, ironically the last time we were there it was around this time last year.    

    The only thing I can recommend is do not sit in the bar on a Friday night when there is a locals birthday, how specific right? How about to not sit in the bar on a Friday night, better? The first time we were there we were able to sit in the dining room and all was well. This time it was unbelievably loud, well I shouldn't say unbelievably loud. It peaked at times and I heard all of this groups collective and personal lives. Listen lady I am glad you look like Amy Winehouse pre her downward drug spiral, or that one of the gents in the group is doing boxing training or who deserves the promotion at work and who doesn't. After a while I just tried to block it out but it was hard. It was literally right behind me. A group of what seemed like 500 but in reality was like 6-8 peeps but as I just pointed out was crammed right behind me. I am not trying to be dramatic it was just slightly anno.. no it was very annoying. Having every time I tried to eat and have people bumping into you mid bite. It was awesome to show up and celebrate your friends birthday but have a little bit of manners and apologize. Out of that whole group I received one apology so to you kind sir in the leather jacket I thank you.

    Longest.Review.Ever. Sorry for any grammatical/spelling errors.

    *Disclaimer: One of the best as in no offense to my wife's or moms home cooking

  • 800 Decatur St
    New Orleans, LA 70116
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    Me and the Mrs had breakfast here 3 out of the 4 days we stayed in the French Quarter. The only reason we didn't get there on Saturday is because, well it was a Saturday and the line was all the way down to the stairs at Moon walk. So we decided to not get beignets and cafe' au lait's this morning.

    BUT, the days that we did get them my goodness. I am a huge fan of the frozen cafe' au lait. I suggest that you order one and try for yourself. Between the both of us we ordered 2 orders of beignets and that was more than enough to get our fill. The service is quick and friendly. We never had any issues with table cleanliness or finding seating but this was during the week. The menu is on the side of the napkin dispenser and it's cash only so be forewarned. The waitstaff was very efficient, once you give them your order they have it to the table within 7 minutes (I timed it, NERD ALERT I know)

    Heads up, be prepared to have confectioners sugar land in places you didn't think was imaginable. I found the best way to eat them is to hunch over your plate and bite, you will look like an ass but who cares the beignets are worth it.  Or if you like to throw caution to the wind and look like you are an 80' cocaine dealer just let 'er rip and indulge.

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    Delicious ham sammich that I just devoured from NY Deli & Pizza Co, poor fella never even had a chance. I got lunch from here on 11/1/11 and ordered a pizza for my boss and a sandwich with a side of pasta salad for myself.  Everything about my meal was fantastic. This may sound weird but the meat to sandwich ratio was perfect, some deli's there is either too much or too little. This was just right. Pasta salad was very good, it had bits of onions, black olives, red/green peppers, salami, ham and provolone. I will be back for sure.

  • 53 W Main St
    Smithtown, NY 11787
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    If I were to write this review say 4-5 years ago it would have been 5 stars, hell 10 stars if they would let me rate it that high but alas I cannot. I'm not really sure what has changed in that time frame besides the interior being that Thai House has been a staple in Smithtown for years and the food was always always exemplary.

    I went in on a weeknight with my wife and our son, it wasn't overly crowded which was awesome. There was a party of 10 or 12 but they were on the lower level and we were on the upper level. No loud noises that would disrupt the flow of our conversation. We ordered the generic Thai staples (beef satay, spring rolls and papaya salad) and they were really up to par, lovely appetizers full of that classic Thai flavor with the right tenderness of the beef, crispiness of the spring roll and savory flavors of green papaya salad. So up to this point my memory served me correct as to the Thai House was premier in the Thai food game. Then our entree's came. The timing was perfect, we had just had our appetizer plates (empty of course!) taken from the table and 2 sips of our Thai iced tea's and they have arrived. My wife ordered the peanut chicken. We have had this dish here and also at other Thai restaurants and it was always the best here, it was her old reliable no matter how many times she got the dish it always came out the same; delicious. This time however it was off, a little bland and very chewy. Usually this dish is packed with creamy flavors of peanut, garlic, etc but today  it was like bland hot peanut butter. I thought maybe it was her dish but then I had mine. I ordered the Royal Thai Lobster curry. That was the first thing I saw on the menu and it had my attention wholeheartedly. I didn't even bother looking at anything else. I was excited to try this dish. When our waitress brought it over the little clay pot they had it in was overflowing, the presentation was a bit messy but I didn't really care. I saw it as "more for me to get down on" and was thankful they filled it to the tippy top. When I finally got to consuming this dish I was disappointed. I had prepared myself for a food explosion in my mouth given the ingredients but sadly I was left in my own thoughts as to what the heck did I just order? The lobster meat was just off. It had the strangest consistency. I didn't have the dish to standards of fresh Maine lobster picked right out of the sea I'm not an idiot but I didn't expect to get some foul lobster-esque meat and I use the term meat loosely in said description. The curry sauce was very delicious but I didn't just order any old red curry dish I sprung for the $25 royal treatment but got left as if I were a peasant begging for scraps. I was so confused by the end of the meal. It was like being handed the keys to a Rolls Royce and then getting in and realizing the interior is from a 80's K car. It started out oh so well and ended just as fast as it began which really was a major bummer. I had such fond memories of amazing Thai food dancing in my head from here but now all that has ceased. Maybe I hit them on an off night because of the large group. I dunno, I will have to go back and try again for sure. It really was the spot for Thai for the longest time. I can't really fathom that it has changed so drastically which is the only reason why I am going to give it another shot. Will keep yelpers posted.

  • 203 Terry Rd
    Smithtown, NY 11787
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    Delicious Thai food served in the heart of Suffolk County, NY. All food was very tasty and satisfying, fresh ingredients I seriously can't say enough good things about them. They offer large portions of entree's! You really get a good value for what you pay, oh did I mention the food was really good?

    Only thing I should mention is that it's a BYOB, they only serve non alcoholic drinks there but you can bring any beverage and they will chill your beverage that needs chilling.

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