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  • 3110 Windsor Rd
    Austin, TX 78703
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    I have been going to Reform Pilates since I moved to Austin a few years ago. I love this studio.

    Great parking, great location, the studio is clean, well laid and and has energy. It doesn't feel cramped and dirty like many Austin studios. You just feel the energy when you walk in.

    The instructors are the best of the best. You get a great workout while being around amazing people. They all learn from each other and it shows. You can tell they all appreciate each other and respect each other. Nobody takes themselves so seriously where you can't have fun.

    I go...get my butt kicked and laugh. It is always challenging and a refresh workout.

    I am glad I found this studio! I'm hooked and there all the time.

  • 3102 Texas Ave S
    College Station, TX 77840
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    I love Dr. Bay Williams! Great office SO nice. I drive in from Dallas bc I trust them so much

  • 200 Congress Ave
    Austin, TX 78701
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    I hate it when you are SO excited to try a place and its disappointing.

    I went with 3 girls and we all had the same review.

    Wine list was reasonable. Its funny when dishes are $25-30 and wine bottles are $40-80. Doesn't seem comparable but its nice to see a less expensive selection of wine.

    We ordered the cheese plate to share. It was $ got some jelly and a few olives. The bread was good. The cheese pieces were tiny and you received 3 of them. Good for a group of 3-4.

    We all ordered the arugula and butter lettuce salad. Beautiful presentation but they drizzled the salad dressing on the bowl so none of the lettuce was tossed in the salad. It was meh okay.

    We shared two entrees because we weren't as hungry after the cheese and salad....we ordered the salmon and pappardelle. The salmon was over salted and really just didn't taste very good. I try to judge restaurants on the basics like salmon, etc because if you can't get basics....then you shouldn't have a restaurant. I was very under-impressed with the salmon. The other dish was good, very rich, you couldn't eat an entire dish of that on your own.

    We tried to order some bubbles for dessert but the Rose and Brut from France were just not great at all. We had to send the tasting back.

    Overall this place is overpriced for what you received. Underwhelming and not worth the wait they have.

    Maybe in a few months I will try again....once they work out kinks but its a pricey place for what you receive.

  • 1 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
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    Mit OpenTable gebucht

    I have been excited to try this since I drove by it last year on vacation. It was also referred to me by several wineries in the valley.

    I now have mixed feelings about it.

    The on. Beautiful inside and out. Great menu, great hostess staff, great wine list. Scratch that. AMAZING wine list.

    We sat down and waited a bit for for our server to come over. I asked for him to send the sommelier over to help with the wine list.

    It took 20 minutes for the sommelier to come over. I was appalled! When he FINALLY made it over he barely even cared it took so long. We were ordering a $150 bottle of wine and were treated as if we were ordering a 6 pack of beer. I asked about a few bottles and I didn't get more than oh its good, ya good, that is good too.

    I was nearly to the point of saying forget it, I am not drinking.

    The problem is...this really set the dinner on a low note. My husband wasn't happy after and it was hard to turn the mood around. When the sommelier came with our $150 bottle of wine...we tried to lighten the mood a bit by joking around and he wouldn't have it. He was unfriendly and uninterested.

    I will say our server was a nice guy. We had a great meal.....and good wine.

    Just hard to get over trying to order $150 bottle of wine from the sommelier and being treated like riffraff.

  • 641 Main St
    St. Helena, CA 94574
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    I can say I had a taste of everything here!

    Sushi was amazing
    Oysters were amazing
    and my scallops were even better.

    When my husband would look away I even had samples of his steak (shh)

    I loved it all. The inside has this New York-y retro feel while feeling updated and modern.

    The menu has something for everyone. My entire party was pleased with the food. I highly suggest it when you are in the mood for just about anything!

    What a great break from heavy food found in the valley...when you just need good/clean food!

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    You haven't had Tamber Bey before? Why the heck not?

    The tasting room in St. Helena is fun and inviting. I love the barn feel. The beautiful beams overhead and the sliding barn doors just make this place feel unique and special while comfortable.

    If I lived in the valley, I would come often...sit by the fire or catch a game or two while sipping this wine with friends.

    Not only is this beautifully designed and decorated...the wine is the best in the valley! I serve it at all my dinners and functions and have yet to find a person that doesn't just love this "horse wine" (as my father in law calls it because all the bottles have a horse on them)

    My fav is the Merlot. The stars at night might be big and bright (deep in the heart of Texas) BUT this Merlot is big as well. Not like any Merlot you have ever tasted.

    What is stopping you know? Giddy up over there and try it out. I promise you won't be disappointed....but promise you leave enough for me :)

  • 4131 Lomo Alto Dr
    Dallas, TX 75219
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    You get what you pay for here. They are the EXPERTS.

    It might not be cheap but they can do just about anything if its doable.

    They really care and clothes come back looking like you just bought them at the store.

    I would send all my cleaning here if it weren't for the cost but all my nice stuff....only goes here

  • 1400 S Congress Ave
    Austin, TX 78704
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    I have been there a few times. I think its a great  place. AMAZING patio and the inside is really great.

    Great brunch food and dinner food.

    I ordered the swordfish the last time, it was really good...a bit undercooked but nothing to complain about.

    Just a fun place...balanced menu, good drinks. The wine is a few dollars over priced but that's okay.

    Great to bring people from out of town or to sit out and watch the people of South Congress with drinks!

  • 2015 Manor Rd
    Austin, TX 78722
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    I had high hopes for this place being voted the best margarita. However they were just too sweet and syrupy.

    I was really disappointed with the food too.

    I don't know....won't go into big detail but I really had high hopes but its really not worth the money to go.

  • 524 N Lamar Blvd
    Austin, TX 78703
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    Been a customer there since this place has opened. My mother has spent a great deal of money there.

    However they drive me crazy. They follow you around the store and suggest things that are "your style" I am sorry but they don't know my style.

    They are also VERY pushy....if something doesn't fit they don't care they just want to make the sale.

    I also want to add we were there a few weeks ago when all the other stores from Barneys, Neimans etc had already gone to sale. I had a few things I wanted but didn't want to purchase knowing sale was coming up.

    The sales associate went out of her way to lie about sales don't happen there until after August and made sure to announce it loud, etc........I didn't buy anything because I knew that didn't seem right.

    Well...few days later got an email and a card in mail about the sale. Just not going to take my money there anymore.

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