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    Ordered my food with a girl she told me it was going to be a few minutes for my crazy five minutes later she sees me waiting just took my order the did you pay..yes you took my money can I get my crazy brendan deep dish and she can you go and I'm wondering can I had just gotten it right then... There's other people waiting around for their food that were there before me and they go what about my crazy friend she says over you waiting for that what else did you wait for I'm sitting here just asking myself girl how high are you right now you shouldn't be consuming that much weed while at work that you can't remember a person that you took an order from 5 minutes prior

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    I went next store for a pedicure.. Sat down it was disgustingly dirty... Kids toys everywhere... So I yelped and this place had rave reviews and it was almost right next door... Walked over its clean.. beautiful... The girls are so sweet and they take the utensils out of the strike packaging right in front of you... And being a cosmologists you learn about the horror stories and this place set me at ease... Smells amazing the owner is delightful.. I especially appreciated the rose petals, lemon slices and peppermint oil in the foot bath... I'm definitely coming back

  • 705 Broadway
    Oakland, CA 94607
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    I love this place they always have a large assortment at every price point and have sale days and specials the staff is always friendly.. they always remember me. They have a super easy check in system and in never in a long line because they move fast. The only reason I have it for stars instead of five is because it cab be a bit pricey after tax while the neighboring clubs are a few dollars cheaper ... But if that's your only flaw I'll take it

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    I started going to Eric after being on a three year hiatus from the dentist simply because I'm a baby and they freak me out... But after seeing Dr.Eidbo and his wonderful staff I can't stay away.. They are so pleasant from the moment you walk into the impeccably clean office. The rooms are nice and high tech the staff is sipper friendly and accommodating... One of the nurses even held my hand for a couple shots (as previous stated I'm a baby).. I was cold they got me a blanket and cranked the heater up for me... My family now comes to him and I'm finally responsible for an awesome recommendation.... He has completely fixed my mouth in a matter of a couple months and I can't wait to smile after my invisalign. He's a one stop shop no going out to other offices for xrays or orthodontics.... I am so happy to gave found this place Dr.Eidbo and his amazing staff.

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    I live in the area I go here at least twice a week for streak and chorizo tacos best chorizo I've ever had... It's so full of spice and they cook it perfectly although I hate the second truck... It's bunk

  • 3303 San Pablo Ave
    Oakland, CA 94608
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    We searched yelp on a bbq hunt.. Not impressed by Everett and Jones and others. We find b side bbq ... Correction we found yam heaven... After a long conversation about our moms cornbread and their delicious collars greens.. But the yams were mentioned with such enthusiasm we had to add em on... We ordered drinks.. Ribs brisket yams greens baked beans and it all came with Texas toast... Dip the bread in the yams.... Trust me... Its our new relax spot for sure... We now have a brunch date set up with gaylin or amazing server/bartender... To sum this up I'm now going to finish doing NY drink while dancing to Jill Scott with the staff... Closing time.....

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    Mike has been training me for a few months... I initially started going to prepare for a summer cabo trip. He has motivated me to get up at 630 and head to the gym... He has become more of a friend.. Listens to my bullshit... Laughs with me... I hate working out.. But he made me look forward to it.. I have watched my body grow from a 12 yr old shapeless frail body to a woman with curves...

    Also worth a mention.. I was having hip problems and my knee was really unstable (I work in heels all day).. He helped me tremendously I haven't had any pain and my body feels stronger...

    Oh and I walked around cabo for a week in a bikini no problem... Thanks mike

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