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  • 4040 Baldwin Rd
    Auburn Hills, MI 48326
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    This store is located inside of Great Lakes Crossing.  I usually don't frequent this mall but I was looking for deals on bridesmaid dresses and I heard good things about this place. The inside of the store is huge and there is definitely a decent selection of formal dresses for all occasions, but it seemed to me like a hit or miss deal.  For instance some dresses were on sale or out of stock and so those particular styles could not be ordered in different sizes, and you are limited to what's left in the store. The back of the store is the bridal gown section which I also skimmed through and although I didn't plan on getting my wedding dress from here I did pick out a few dresses to try on.  
    I noticed only one woman was working that section and she never approached me while I browsed for awhile and I had to find her when I wanted to start trying on dresses!  I expected more attentive service but I guess this wasn't that kind of place. The woman that helped me was nice but she didn't make any recommendations at all plus I had to carry those heavy dresses in and out of my dressing room!  I would have appreciated some advice on what type of dresses to try on especially since its an overwhelming experience!  Anyhow so I liked one wedding dress that was $599.99 and I almost considered it except that the one I took to try on was a discontinued style and so I would be purchasing the floor model, which I did not want to do!  This was exactly what I meant by hit or miss either you get lucky and find a great deal at this store or not!   I did not purchase anything this time around. I would come to this store again if I needed a formal party dress or accessories like purses and heels since they had a good selection. Also, the prices are fair with wedding gowns starting from $299.99  and up.

  • 45160 Utica Park Blvd
    Utica, MI 48315
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    22.6.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag
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    This store will be closing by the end of the month!  I think this was the only location in Michigan anyway.   I liked buying my craft supply from here and they had a decent selection but the place has been picked over already! There is still a fair amount of household decor and crafts but most of it was still at full price!  The only bargain I did find was on Christmas trees which are now marked half price!  Also, they are not scanning the membership cards for the close out sale so explore freely!

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    10.11.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I found a new place to spend my money!  Now, don't let the name Flower Factory mislead you from… Weiterlesen
  • $$ Möbel
    14453 Hall Rd
    Shelby Township, MI 48315
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    I came here to look at patio sets but didn't really find anything good. The only deal was a 6-piece set for 129.99 but it was very small and didn't seem sturdy! (you would get what you pay for)  This place is more useful if your looking for fleece throws (they had an isle of these in every possible design for $2.99) There is also a a good assortment of decorative  pillows, mirrors, frames, ottomans and end tables.  However, some of the usual types of coffee signs and framed photos that you can find at any department store were priced  for $40 and up! I just can't see how that would be a deal.  This was my first time in this store and compared to what I could find at similar warehouse style stores in the area, I wasn't too impressed with their selection or prices.

  • 44945 Morley Dr.
    Clinton, MI 48036
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    I was craving a good breakfast and this place definitely satisfies that for me!  I ordered a spinach and cheese omelet which was perfectly baked, cheesy, flavorful and packed with spinach!  I have only tried the baked omelet's from here but they are so hearty and tasty that I can't seem to move on. I think the omelet here is distinctive and the baked cooking style makes it so fluffy and flavorful that you can taste the difference from a plain ol' cooked omelet. This was also my first visit to this new location since they closed the one in Mt. Clemens!  The seating area is decent with a private dining room in the back ideal for large groups. The service here was friendly and I got my omelet pretty fast!  The Pantry is closed by late afternoon.  If I can get over the baked omelet choices on the menu I'll probably try their Crepes next time!

  • $$ Pub
    7636 Auburn Rd
    Utica, MI 48317
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    I love irish pubs so I was happy that Muldoon's opened in place of Cactus Jacks.  This new location is at least a lil' bigger than the one in Auburn Hills.  The place has a patio that is covered and heated for this time of year.  They have karaoke and live music. There is a full menu with your average pub food choices and there is an after hours menu too.  I took advantage of the after hours menu and ordered a chicken tender appetizer to compliment my beer!  All I have to say is that Muldoon's can fry up some delicious tenders!  The batter consistency was not very greasy, thick, crispy and  tasted like broasted style chicken. These tenders really hit the drunk spot.   Muldoon's also has pool tables and flat screens all around so it's a great pub to watch a game or gather with friends. The staff is attentive and the prices are decent for both food and drinks!

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    I have been to a lot of shows here and It's definitely one of my favorite venues. The sound quality is incredible.  My preferred spot here for seating is mezzanine and I always try to choose that area when buying my tickets. The row/section I like best in mezzanine is either the corner box section or the first row. The balcony seating that is one level above mezzanine is decent too, but it tends to get hot up there.  The main floor is hit or miss depending on where you stand and the type of crowd the band draws in.  I feel that mezzanine is hands down the best spot that gives you a full view. You can also really appreciate the beauty of the theatre when your sitting up there as well.  I had main floor to see Flogging Molly this past weekend and their live performance was great as always, but I could hardly see anything.  
    It was frustrating to try and move around a sea of people who are taller than me, and blocking my view!    Not to mention I was bumped into just hard enough to splash my $9.00 beer each time I wanted to take a sip!  It was actually pretty funny because I think the floor had more beer than I did!    
    The Fillmore is decent with everything else it offers.  If you smoke they still have that tiny roped off smoking section glad I quit and don't have to deal with that anymore.  The bathrooms are pretty clean. You don't have to flag down the bartenders attention when you want a drink. The place is usually well staffed.  There is also a small concession and your options are: soft pretzels, hot dogs, chicken tenders, waffle fries (these are actually crispy and satisfying) get the idea.  The concession pricing is $4.00 to $6.00.
    Drinks are high priced so minus one star for that; my boyfriend was forking over a $20 for two beers.  Also, If you arrive early and want to wait in the State Bar instead of the line outside there is no advantage to getting in the theatre any earlier.  But it still beats waiting in the cold!

  • $$$ Computer
    2800 W Big Beaver Rd
    Troy, MI 48084
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    This location is super busy, yet they will fit you in and it's one of the few places that I can say offers stellar customer service!
    I like that you never have to deal with any high pressure sales, and you can explore their products freely.
    Over the weekend my MacBook decided it didn't like new software and failed on me when I needed it most!  I was screwed for the weekend but I was hopeful that it could be resolved.  So I scheduled an appointment with a genius, and I spent maybe 15 minutes in the store but left with peace of mind!    What I have always liked about Apple is that you are not charged to have someone look at your computer and diagnose a problem.  
    If there is a bigger issue going on with you Mac that requires having it serviced, then they will quote you a price.
    In my case I was worried I would have to reformat, but fortunately I found out that I could reinstall and save everything. I was also given troubleshoot instructions to take with me.  I did end up having more questions when I got home, so I called the store and this time I was transferred to Apple Care for assistance.  Now, I never paid for Apple Care...which was a dumb move on my part!   But I was happy to find out if the store transfers you to Apple Care then tech support will advise you and that part is free.  If I wanted I had the option to pay $50.00 to guarantee me full tech support assistance for the whole month but only for that particular issue.  I have had to take my Mac in couple times already this year so I strongly advise paying the $300.00 for 3 years of Apple Care.   It's not cheap but you never know what will happen to your computer and at least it's full access to 24/7 immediate result oriented assistance.

  • $$ Burger
    17045 Kercheval Ave
    Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This place was a good choice to grab a quick lunch. My boyfriend wanted to try a salmon burger from here, so we stopped in before shopping at Trader Joe's.  The inside is small but very open and clean. You can see what the cooks are doing. The staff is very courteous and promptly cleared tables.  I would have liked to order a burger but I am doing well on my diet goals so I stuck with a grilled chicken sandwich w/o cheese, and no fries:(    I kinda felt silly ordering chicken while trying a burger place for the first time but I have will power!    Anyhow I did like my sandwich so no regrets.  It was fresh and the chicken was very tender.  I also really liked my boyfriend's salmon burger after I took a couple bites to try it.  I do want to come back here and try a burger when I'm not dieting!   Oh and for some reason I keep referring to this place as burger joint instead of pointe.   I don't know why I can't get it right it's in Grosse Pointe!  But I just can't seem to get joint out of my head even when I was looking up the listing...don't make my mistake!

  • 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd
    Detroit, MI 48208
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    CAID is indeed a lil' gem!  I really don't think it can get any better than great art and free booze!  Mariah is awesome and did a great job organizing this event!   I enjoyed looking at all of the artwork.  The music was awesome!  Of course it was hard to ignore that tower of cupcakes. I tried to resist for my hips sake but I couldn't.  I grabbed the chocolate covered one,and it tasted even better than it looked with cream filled chocolate goodness.  Happy Yelpiversary!

  • 175 W 9 Mile Rd
    Ferndale, MI 48220
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I finally got to check this store out.  I love vintage memorabilia and this store had lots of it!   At first glance I could see the counter full of old candy as well as tin lunch boxes, old toys and action figures on the shelves.  The lay out of the store is kind of like a cluttered attic with a lil' bit of everything, and it has a basement full of more hidden gems.  
    I spotted a shelf with old Kodak film cameras, and one of them was only marked $4.00...not bad.  The basement is pretty cool too.  I mostly saw records and magazines which is exactly what I like to skim through.   I found issues of Life and Saturday Evening Post, but most of them were focused on Liz Taylor!  If you are a collector of particular items like records or comics then you would definitely want to look around this store.  If you like Liz Taylor then check out the basement!

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