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  • 11390 Ventura Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 91604
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    So there I was laying on the kitchen floor screaming why why why me; why do you forsake me God, have I not always done as you ask of me??

    Yep you guessed it my hard drive had crashed all that was left was a slight ticking of its lifeless heart; no problem slap a new hard drive in and use my back up drive to reload it... WTF! My auto back up shows no new files since 2012, O' come on!!! Really!!!.

    Life was officially over for me is there any point in living anymore? Do I want to sit at my desk for the next two years trying to retype all my lost data from the last two years? Last years tax records all gone too.

    I wrote a short good bye note and prepared to jump from my ground floor office window; however I made one last call in the hope I would get some comfort from someone that could tell me life was still worth living; I called a friend; he said try $300 Data Recovery they will recover it., 'sniff, really?.

    So I carefully wrapped my hard drives lifeless body in a sweet knitted blanket my grandmother had made attached a Funeral sticker to my car windscreen and set off to the Hard Drive Clinic in hope that something could be done for my lifeless plastic box.

    I walked into the clinic a small child could not have been older than 3 was crying his eyes out screaming and rolling around on the floor, his Mother struggling to get him in the pram; I gulped he lost a hard drive too??

    Then the wait 24 hours felt like forever and then I got an email; plastic box had pulled through and produced every lost file its little brain had ever seen.

    I am full of life once more thanks to $300 Data Recovery; three opposable thumbs up :D

  • 436 N Roxbury Drive
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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    After visiting a few different businesses I found Kathy Gohar's office to be the most professional and informative about new current procedures and products.

  • 11616 Ventura Blvd
    Studio City, CA 91604
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    'The Good'

    Ok I will cut to the chase order the pasta with the poached egg its delicious.

    Management should open up the inside a bit those huge partitions separating the dinning chairs closes the place off too much this place would be a lot nicer if you opened it up.

    Staff very nice and food is good; I have eaten there a few times.

    'The Bad and The Ugly'

    Fire the valet those clowns treat peoples expensive cars like they are throwing around shopping trolleys at the back of a super market. I was about to u-turn my collectors edition Jaguar that I barely ever drive around to give it the the valet when I saw another patron pull up in his Porsche the guy went inside the valet jumped in the Porsche and accelerated at 'high speed' in 'reverse' about 200 yards up the road in the dark and swung it into a gap slammed the door and ran back.

    I parked my own car get rid off this valet or keep an eye on them before they smash someones car up, people work hard for what they have they do not need some ass clown wrecking their car or blowing a transmission because he wants to snag a parking space way down the road.

  • 3787 Cahuenga Blvd
    Studio City, CA 91604
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    The Baked Potato a perfect place for the DUI Division to set up a drink driving check point.

    Paid the $20 head coverage charge at around 9:45pm even though band was only playing for about another 45 minutes but once I was inside my date and I were told we had to down two drinks each in that time frame its the Baked Potato law or you have to leave.

    So bought two poor quality badly mixed rum and cokes $15 + tippery even though neither of us wanted a drink then the waitress asked what we wanted again both our drinks were still half full and strong, I said just one more rum and coke did not even want it but got a look as if to say but but you have to buy another.

    I ignored the look jezuss I just paid $60 in the first 10 mins walking in there for 40 mins worth of show, seats that feel like I am sitting on a rock and I get a weird look for not buying a fourth drink; take it out the over tipping I just did on the last round and pour it down the sink I want to keep my drivers license.

    Tiny place I think my closet is larger than this place all the seats are so close together that it looks like the rows of people are sharing toboggans and rubbing elbows with the people to their sides.

    The only seats we could find were of course right under a speaker; which can really suck.

    Music and band was the deep deep jazzy type lot of percussion and ivory tickling; potato I saw someone chomping on like a T-Rex looked good though.

    Not too sure I want to get fleeced here again unless it is a night when there is someone I recognize playing and we are lost for something to do; I would order a baked potato as well because I luv baked potato's.

    I would guess the only reason anyone would go here is because some well known musician is playing.

    My suggestion get some pillows for those seats I felt like someone kicked me up the as@ the next day.

  • 11920 Ventura Blvd
    Studio City, CA 91604
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    Mit OpenTable gebucht

    Great Sushi; table too wide if you are with someone it feels like you have to send a butler over to their side of the table to ask them something.

    Portions seem to be abnormally small but very delicious so I will let that slide.

    Good valet very polite no wheel spinning the car up the road like some other restaurant valet's like to do.

    Pleasant hosts.

    The noise level is a bit high in there and they could do with dimming the lights a tad it's a restaurant if I wanted super bright on a Saturday night I would go to Jerry's Deli or have my dinner in the middle of a base ball pitch.

    Cannot seem to put my finger on the crowd they are trying to cater too; nice cars in the parking area but seemed to be a mixture of jeans and scruffy tshirts and some smart dressed but I would say if you are going here wear a shirt dress up a bit at the very least make the crowd wearing tshirts feel under dressed.

    Would I go again?? Yes

  • 949 E Foothill Blvd
    Upland, CA 91786
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    Ok so here it is..

    Blocked drain problem; do not think about it just call these guys.

    I was a contractor for 20 years so I can spot a good honest worker a mile off I have employed enough of them.

    The guy that turned up his name was Matt I did not tell him I was a contractor for 20+ years I like to play a little naive see if contractors will try to blow any smoke up me.

    How ever with this guy I was pleasantly surprised not only was he polite he was thorough did not complain when my weird shaped pipe turned into a pig to snake like a trooper he just kept going.

    He left after having a problem with his drain rooter but followed up with phone calls as to scheduling got the drain router new part and drove all the way back... I was surprised I have known plumbers disappear when a job is too tough for them or not enough in it for them.

    These guys are fair thorough honest and actually care more about making the customer happy than anything else.

    I say two thumbs up and use them.

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    Ok I'll give this place a star because they can get your dry cleaning done quick.

    The down side

    I have actually been going to this place for years just out of habit but they finally really pissed me off this time enough for me to break out my quill and ink on Yelp.

    Mega expensive you think you are being resold your shirts and pants when you are presented with the bill.

    The tailors will screw up your outfits charge you and then when you take back the item the staff act like its going to come out of their wages to rectify an error or offer a 20% discount to do it again and fix the screw up at your expense so at least you get the new bill reduced from mega expensive to just very expensive.

    Off course when I objected to paying twice I was thrown in the trick bag with a well the Manager will be back in a week you can speak to him..Nice dodge; staff member obviously knows no one is going to bother coming back weeks later when something needs tailoring now and I am supposed to believe an asistant manager cannot make a powerful corporate tailoring decision on a "15 minute correction"??.

    The tailoring is about 60% more expensive than elsewhere. (Correct jacket hem tailoring previously paid for asked to pay an extra $60+tax and be told we can have it ready for you in about 15 mins)

    I had a shirt tailored that I had to take back the next day because he actually gave me a tail on the back of the shirt; they re-fixed that for free after a few seconds of looks as if to not notice the monkey like tail on the shirt, I only won that argument because the extra shirt I left with them to use as a template no where near matched.
    Still shirt was not available on the night I wanted it and off course their policy on time or its free did not kick in (Hem bottom of shirt $35).

    I had a pair of pants shortened so badly that I looked like Michael Jackson bar the white socks and patent shoes,  (Again Tailors act like they are ok). If I can see my frigging shins or knee caps when walking the pants are too short as far as I am concerned.

    My suggestion go somewhere else and avoid this over priced place; the tailoring is over priced for something they never get right the first time and the dry cleaning is billed way to high in comparison to surrounding dry cleaners.

  • 4360 Tujunga Ave
    Studio City, CA 91604
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    I luv it! At times when I get hungry and there is nothing in my refrigerator accept a couple of sorry looking tomatoes this is the perfect place to go eat if you want something quick and especially if you are on your own.

    Tip: The salads are excellent

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    OK here is the scoop...Canada Dental I Luv It!!

    Finding a good dentist in LA I always thought was pretty much impossible ...Well I found a great one!  

    I was actually tipped off to Dr Jordan at Canada Dental by a close friend that could not say enough good things about him I figured how good can this Dentist be so I called up right away for a checkup and a cleaning to see for myself..

    Well the practice was sharp clean and modern great decor all new equipment very clean and just the right music playing for a dental visit, Bee Gees Carpenters actually pretty relaxing... I was greeted by Leanne who was very accommodating and friendly she ran my x-rays using the latest software so you could see clear images on a large screen. Dr Arthur Jordan came in very friendly and took the time to explain every aspect of what he would be doing this dentist was about as thorough as you can get I was actually pretty impressed he even took digital photos of all my teeth for visual.

    Dr Jordan then started the cleaning and I have to say I have never had such a thorough cleaning as I received from this dentist he really took his time and it was with no doubt the best cleaning I have ever had, he also stopped every now and then guiding me to to certain areas that I should concentrate on when brushing and explained why and how to avoid later issues in the future.

    I not only strongly recommend you go to this dentist but if you do not you are really missing out on a great dentist that actually seems to care he is super thorough and you naturally feel his honesty, I promise you you will feel great go for a cleaning and then tell me I was right..

  • 3535 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    OK here it is I am a bit of a posh git when it comes to staying in a nice hotel when I go away but dammit if this place did not get me to stay three times so far when I could have gone to a high end casino...

    I actually call this place the Imperial Cockroach but you know what it is not like you live in the hotel when you go to Vegas at the end of the day any Vegas Hotel is simply a box with a bed in it so what is the point in staying in a $400-$500 a night hotel room unless you are with Britney Spears or Rachel Welch?

    Off course its nice to dress up like a stick of gum holding a Martini and walk around in a fancy casino like James Bond or if so inclined wear an eye patch and carry a cat.

    The Imperial is cheap its convenient and its Vegas it is right in the center of everything you can get to anywhere from it so if you have gone away with friends or even on your own its a great last minute option if you suddenly wake up and shout VEGAS!!!! ....

    It is easy to book into and does not leave a dent in your wallet from a wrecking ball.. So throw your case in the room get dressed up and walk out the front door the strip is right there.. And besides its Vegas you will not remember much the next day anyway let alone where your room was ;)

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