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    Ever feel robbed or duped when dealing with car repairs?   Well, I have.  Many times. And as it turns out, I usually was getting duped.

    Vtec has prices below what I was quoted from other places.  They're fast. And they seem almost obsessed with making sure that the customer sees and understands what is being repaired or replaced.  

    I knew my brakes were really overdue for replacement. I brought the car in for an oil change, and on inslectiin they found my brakes were worn down and into the rotor.  

    The dealer quoted me over $700 for brakes and new rotors.
    Vtec quoted me $300, resurfaced my rotors (still well within spec and nkt needing replacement), and physjcslly showed me the pads ans rotors and everything.  AND the price inckuded an oil change.

    Highly recommended.

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    I travel a lot for work, and have eaten in many of the best cuisine cities in our country.  I use Yelp to help weed out the good places from the bad, and a majority of the time my fellow Yelpers have come through.  But sometimes there can be a few anomalies... regionally, some folks just don't know what food should taste like (especially with Mexican food).  Sometimes folks just have an affinity for their local eatery, even if it is sub-par.  And some folks are just sentimental, going to places because they used to be good, or having a craving for something with very limited options (like finding Thai food in Orlando).

    But San Diegans generally have their heads on straight and their taste buds aligned, so based on the other reviews I read about Muzita and their stellar 4.5 star rating, I was expecting to have a great experience.

    We ordered the hamli (spinach and greens) and beggie kilwa (herbed lamb) for the mains, and the timtimo (red lentils) and alitcha atakilti (stewed veggies) as side dishes.  I really enjoyed the lentils, and the flavor of the alitcha was good.  The injera was perfect, tangy and spongy without being gummy.  Unfortunately, the supporting cast was better than the headliners.

    I have eaten at half a dozen different Ethiopian places around the country, and I really love it.  In my experience Ethiopian food is about deep, intense flavors, harmonious textures, and a fair amount of heat.  Legumes are slow cooked, meats are stewed and tender, veggies are cooked and dried and chopped and spiced again... heck, even the bread is fermented to develop flavor.  Muzita definitely uses fresh ingredients, I could taste the quality of most of the components, especially the tomatoes in the kilwa... but all those fine ingredients didn't come together for our meal.  

    The collard greens and spinach were ok, but lacked depth of flavor and any semblance of heat.  And the lamb... the lamb was a disappointment on may levels.  Again, lack of developed flavor, and as tough as a cheap cut of beef (stew meat).  And while I could taste the sauce ON TOP of the meat, the meat itself was bland.  

    While I was eating, I kept thinking of Asian food.  In a lot of Asian cuisine, cuts of protein and veggies are prepared ahead of time, and depending what is ordered the chef simply grabs the protein, builds a sauce out of a few ingredients, woks it, and the meal is ready to eat.  And that works for Asian cuisines.  But in my experience, this isn't what Ethiopian/Abyssinian food should be like.  

    Was it a bad meal?  No, I can't say that it was entirely bad.  I ate most of the other dishes (and way too much injera), although I did give up on the lamb halfway through.  I needed sharper teeth to get through the chewiness.  

    I think I have to give Muzita another try to figure out what the anomaly was:  the quality of my meal, or the 4.5 star rating.  I'm hoping it was my meal.

  • 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South
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    Of all the celebrity restaurants in Vegas, I think that Mesa is the best.  I have eaten here quite a few times over the years, and I have never had a bad meal.  

    This trip I had the 22oz ribeye, and split the mashed potatoes, collard greens, and brussel sprouts.  Everything was perfectly cooked... and I am really critical about my ribeye.  All the food was perfectly seasoned, and went along with Flay's signature style.  

    The meal wasn't cheap, but I felt I got excellent value for my hard-earned dollar.

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    Great beer list.  No, amazing beer list.

    Food was tasty.  Skillet potpie was a little salty, but satisfying.  Pickles were fun, but small.  Meatloaf sandwich (a crowd favorite) was complex and delicious.

  • 10845 Rancho Bernardo Rd
    San Diego, CA 92127
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    Choosing an insurance company (or any long-term-relationship company) should be done very carefully.  I shopped around and compared options, flexibility, communication and cost, as well as honesty, directness, and integrity.

    State Farm provides a great product, and has a proven track record.  I chose to go with Lori because, although other agencies met my base criteria, hers was the one that impressed me most.  I find that her agents knowledge, communication, and personality all create an experience that is more than the sum of its parts.  I signed my paperwork knowing that my agent had my best interests in mind and helped me choose a product that met my goals.

    Highly recommended.

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    I have eaten a lot of Thai food... over a dozen places in San Diego, let alone around the country.  This place is close to the bottom of the list.  I suppose that deserves some recognition on it's own.

    My buddy and I grabbed a quick lunch on a Sunday and, weary of burgers and pizza, we Yelped Thai and found Lotus nearby.  We were seated quick enough, which was good.  That was about the end of the service.  Food came slow, the waiter seemed to want to be elsewhere, and it seemed a surprise we needed utensils to eat with.  
    However, the first thing that struck me was the prices... it is certainly on the high-end of Thai food.  But it's in downtown near the ballpark, so I rationalized it.  
    We ordered a som thom (green papaya salad), pad see yew chicken, and lemongrass chicken.  I have had the salad and noodles many times, and they are some of my favorite dishes.  The salad was remarkably flavorless, wasn't spicy at all, and could have been made from a pre-made packet from the local asian grocer.  The noodles were remarkably bland as well.  The lemongrass chicken was very lemongrassy... and was the best dish we had... but at 16 bucks, it seemed like a rip.

    Average food.  Lackluster service.  And high end prices.  Usually I'd give a place a second try, just to make sure it wasn't an off-day... but there are better places down the road.  Nothing here struck me as worth a second trip.

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    Had a free afternoon in the city, and wanted to get away from Reading Terminal (which I usually have to eat at when working at the PCC).  Yelped around and found Fork:etc., and between the high scores and happy reviews and tips I wanted to give it a try.
    I was not disappointed.  The atmosphere is very pleasant, almost like a coffee shop, and the smells walking in the door for breakfast were very good.  The omelet comes with a choice of three ingredients (I opted for the goat cheese, bacon, and spinach) which comes with a slice of delicious whole grain bread and jam.
    Very happy when my food arrived, as I was both looking forward to sampling the food and satisfying my hunger.  The omelet was a tad salty, which is due a combination of the bacon and the goat cheese.  After my first bite I had realized my mistake and if I could do it all over again, I'd get the goat cheese with spinach and mushrooms.  Even so, the omelet was really good, made with fresh and tasty ingredients.  Paired with the jam and toast I was quite happy.  
    There is also a few shelves of mostly imported cooking goodies like olive oils, vinegars, peppers and olives and other culinary delights.
    Like other reviewers have noted, Fork:etc cures it's own meats, bakes it's own bread, smokes it's own salmon.  With thoughtful and relatively healthy options (not that bacon is healthy on it's own, but made without nitrites and so on), this is the kind of place I could make a regular eating option.

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    Walked in from a cold winter night to find a warm, frenzy environment.  Since it was just me, I sat at the bar... was a little awkward, since the bar seats three and doesn't really look to be set up at a real bar, more like an enhanced register-station... but it did give me access to the staff, who were all very helpful.  
    I am relatively familiar with Indian food, and I know that Nepal and India share many commonalities. But I was interested in finding the differences in this meal tonight.
    Ordered the Himalayan tea, which is more peppery and a has a sharpness of ginger (and is also a bit thicker than my usual chai).  
    I ordered vegetable samosas, some fried potato and chickpea appetizers, and a dish called "Chili Chicken."
    While waiting, I noticed people kept streaming in.  Lots of laughter. Young crowd.  Mostly women... maybe their significant others were home watching NFL playoffs.

    Samosas were average... I've had better, but they certainly weren't bad.  The aloo popri (a cold salad of chickpeas, potatoes, in a spicy sweet sauce) was very tasty and refreshing.  
    The Chili Chicken is like a cross between Chinese and Indian food... little sweet, slow building heat, red and green peppers, and onions.  Although isn't what I was imagining, it was very tasty. And hot... I ordered medium spicy to be on the safe side, and it was borderline too much for me (and I like spicy).

    All in all tasty, and a fun way to explore some new cuisines.  Familiar enough to be tempting, different enough to feel rewarding.

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    Pleasant staff, fun environment.  Shared the fries, gumbo, and porkchop... all were very good.  Homemade hotsauce was also great.  Def a new favorite.

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